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Current QMO Redesign Project

  • Phase 1: Visual Design (February - March 2008)
  • Phase 2a: Content Creation (May - August 2008)
    • Outline template pages and relevant content
    • Create site sections for assignment
    • Gather QA related content links and resources
    • Review new content
    • Migrate all content to staged QMO site
  • Phase 2b: Drupal Development (June - August 2008)
    • Bidding process in April/May, decided to go with Advomatic.
    • Delay in development process due to lengthy contract negotiation with Advomatic (5/13 - 6/20)
    • Development schedule (Spec Document)
      • Drupal 6 config (July - August)
      • Theme development (August - September)
      • Module development (September)
      • Alpha testing and bug fixing (September)
      • QMO beta release (September - October)

Content & Development links

Here are some links with what's been worked on. (PaulC and Jay)

Staging Sites:

QMO2 Content Creation Assignments

  • Below are the assignment for getting data/docs together from various sources and getting them ready to import/migrate/add to QMO2 when the site is ready. Each group of people should think about what content is relevant for their area and decide where they might want to put it. Site pages and URL paths would be nice as well so we can architect the site properly.
    • BUGS: Stephen, Juan, Aakash
      • Focus: Bugzilla queries, triaging, logging, regression finding, etc
    • DATA: Sam, Al, Henrik
      • Focus: Metrics, crash analysis, hendrix feedback, bug stats, etc
    • CODE: Clint, Tomcat, Martijn, Bob
      • Focus: QA tools, applications, test automation, test development, community projects, etc
    • TEST: Marcia, Tracy, Tony
      • Focus: Test case writing, Litmus related stuff, release testing, exploratory testing, etc

General Contact for Questions:

  • Marcia: Content Creation
  • Tomcat: Technical Administration

Old Stuff

What is QMO?

Website Design

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