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Document Summary Author Last Edit
Automation A guide to QA processes governing test automation monitoring Anthony Hughes 2014-04-15
Bug Triage A guide to QA bug triage processes for release coordination Anthony Hughes IN PROGRESS
Features A guide to QA processes governing feature sign-off Anthony Hughes 2014-04-15
Iteration Development A guide to QA processes aligned with Firefox iterative development Anthony Hughes 2014-04-15
Stability A guide to QA processes governing topcrash bugs Anthony Hughes 2014-04-15
Release Coordination A guide to general timelines and testing priorities for the various Firefox branches Anthony Hughes 2014-04-15
Rapid Betas A proposal to how QA processes might change if we wanted to deliver near-daily Betas Anthony Hughes 2013-06-25
Roles & Responsibilities A guide to the various responsibilities of QA Leads, QA Contacts, and Volunteers Anthony Hughes 2014-04-14