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The team focuses on testing current and upcoming releases of Firefox. Some of our responsibilities include qualifying builds prior to a maintenance or milestone release. Some of the responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Verifying bugs using a triage strategy
  • Running basic functional tests and smoke tests - automated and manual
  • Running our automated test suites on localized builds
  • Running automated update tests across platforms, through all update paths, across localized builds
  • Making sure web content is ready for consumption

In addition to qualifying builds prior to a release, we perform ongoing tasks on the development branches to ensure no major problems get uplifted as we merge changes to the next branch. For example, on a daily basis we:

  • Confirm new unconfirmed bugs
  • Verify bugs on development branches like Aurora and Beta
  • Engage community and new volunteers in helping improve Firefox through test day events
  • Interact with developers to help them test the features they implement
  • Perform exploratory testing on new features while on the Aurora branch
  • Write test cases in Litmus for new features
  • Monitor crash-stats to assess stability
  • File and track new crasher bugs as they appear in crash-stats
  • Manage web compatibility testing through community involvement or crowdsourcing companies that help in testing hardware configurations and top-site testing

All of which help assess the quality of individual new features as well as the Firefox version as a whole.

Team Details

The team is lead by Juan Becerra who coordinate testing of their respective areas among several MoCo employees and community volunteers. Traditionally new features are tested by several MoCo QA employees, while maintenance releases are tested by Al and a handful of people depending on availability. Anyone is welcome and encouraged to participate.

Team Members and Assignments

Name Contact Availability Project Assignments
Juan Becerra 650-903-0800 x262 MoCo Employee (full time) Lead - New features testing coordination.
Anthony Hughes MoCo Employee (full time) Lead - Maintenance and security releases.
Tracy Walker Moco Employee (full time) Firefox Sync QA Lead for Desktop and Mobile
Matt Wobensmith Moco Employee (full time) Senior QA for Desktop, security and privacy
Liz Henry Moco Employee (full time) Bug Master and crash analysis. Working on Firefox 31 test plan with Anthony.
Henrik Skupin Moco Employee (full time) Lead - Firefox Automation.
Marc Schifer Moco Employee (full time) Senior Manager for Desktop QA

Staff Meetings

8:30am PDT, every Wednesday QA/Desktop_Firefox/StaffMeetings

Security Triage Team

The primary purpose of this team is to verify security fixes for Firefox releases. If you want to be someone who is committed to helping with security fix verification during the Beta release cycle, please add your name below. If you are interested in being part of this team but don't have the skills or bugzilla access, please contact Anthony Hughes.

Current Work

Release test plans

Project Test Plan Description Scope Timeframe
Firefox 34 QA activities for Firefox 34. Features in Fx34 Firefox 34
Firefox 33 QA activities for Firefox 33. Features in Fx33 Firefox 33
Firefox 32 QA activities for Firefox 32. Features in Fx32 Firefox 32
Firefox 31 QA activities for Firefox 31. Features in Fx31 Firefox 31
Firefox 30 QA activities for Firefox 30. Features in Fx30 Firefox 30
Firefox 29 QA activities for Firefox 29. Features in Fx29 Firefox 29
Firefox 28 QA activities revolving around mozilla-central in the time frame for Firefox 28 merge. Features in Fx28 Firefox 28
Firefox 27 QA activities in the time frame for Firefox 27 merge. Features in Fx27 Firefox 27
Firefox 26 QA activities in the time frame for Firefox 26 merge. Features in Fx26 Firefox 26
Firefox 25 QA activities in the time frame for Firefox 25 merge. Features in Fx25 Firefox 25
Automation Development of automated tests for Desktop Firefox features using Mozmill
Feature Ownership Testing, Planning, and Bug Triage of new and stable Firefox features

Community Contribution

Anyone can participate. There are several ways in which YOU can participate:

  • File bugs
  • Triage bugs (confirm existing bugs and assign them to the right buckets)
  • Help test new features
  • Write test cases
  • Plan new features testing
  • Help others who want to get involved.


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