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Dev requirements ideas

  • Easy to run locally (when refactoring)
  • Every commit in there should be reviewed (to be sure we are not breaking other tests, only adding good new tests)
  • Public reporting system (so that we quickly know if any branch is misbehaving)
    • Hudson takes care of it
      • Is there a way to put it on a public URL? I never use the VPN and it would be cool that anyone can access it.

Pascal's QA needs

  • images should not be deleted if they are still used by localized pages (happened in the past)
  • any CSS change to theme/content.css theme/template.css should mean a test to 3 locales (one rtl, one in cyrillic, one Indian), ideally test that on the front page
  • Any new webfont on the site should be automatically tested for compatibility with locales for obvious bugs in glyphs support
  • the biggest pain point for me are redirects set up in htaccess which often break locales or fallbacks for locales (our htaccess needs a major cleanup but that's a different issue)
  • I would need automated screenshot generation of pages on demand for non-gecko browsers, specifically IE 6/7/8/9. (I have local tools for gecko and webkit, IE is the one difficult to test)