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Web QA Overview

Through a variety of tools and approaches, Web QA aims to ensure high quality web applications, of both external and internal applications and websites.

Contact Us

I have something I need tested -- now what?

  1. We'd really appreciate it if you could sync up with the Web Production team; letting them know ahead of time on something you're working on helps us all get in-sync with the project, and shortens turnaround time
  2. Please take a look through our Support Levels document, and let's begin the discussion of what support your project needs, by when, and how we can help work towards making that a reality
  3. File a bug in Bugzilla, under the product Testing, and component "WebQA", asking us to test your site/application.  assigning to "", and I'll be sure to assign it to the right person, or make sure the team tests
  4. In the bug, please let us know of any pertinent schedules, deadlines, requirements, limitations, etc.  Also, pointing us to design documentation or specs, such as mockups/HTML cuts/wireframes, etc. would be immensely helpful
  5. Please also list any third-party developers/firms we'll have to work with, to get the potential issues we might have found, addressed.  (And please make sure they have a Bugzilla account, too.)
  6. How to get a project in automation

New Hires (useful chiefly for paid Mozilla folks)

Some useful information about getting started is available here.

Team Details

We welcome community members to join us and take on tasks and responsibilities; please see our page for more information/to engage.

Get Involved

We'd love to have your help in testing our many projects!


Community contributor documentation

Next Team Work Week

March 17th - 21st

QA PTO Calendar

Team Members and Assignments

Name Email Address Availability Project Assignments / Interests
Raymond Etornam Agbeame [withheld to avoid spam] Employee, Plugin Check, MDN
Rebecca Billings rbillings at moz Employee SUMO lead, MozTrap, QMO
Matt Brandt Employee Firefox OS, Socorro, Affiliates, Mozillians, Firefox Health Report, +automation
Zac Campbell Employee Web QA automation, Gaia automation
Stephen Donner Employee Manager
Andrei Hutusoru Contractor Automation
Viorela Ioia Contractor Automation
Krupa Raj Employee AMO/Mozilla Marketplace lead
Bob Silverberg Employee Automation
Florin Bogdan Strugariu Contractor Automation


See our Automation page for details of Web QA's automation efforts.

Road to Gaia

Gaia Testing Plan

  1. Run MarionetteJS Tests on Device, in Jenkins - bug 979077
    1. Which requires profile pushing/on-device target in the runner - bug 978884
  2. Port the existing Clock tests in Python over to JavaScript - bug 971135
    1. Done, but needs both of the above bugs finished, to be useful

The following bugs are all Marionette or Gaia issues prohibiting more reliable testing/feature-testing:

ID Summary Priority Status
972557 To address Bug 971747 - Add an exception that will report when b2g cannot be stopped -- NEW
997791 Investigate and fix tests fail to enable wifi during setup -- NEW
813561 [B2G] Buttons under lockscreen are returning as visible -- NEW
813583 [B2G] Homescreen iframe not interpreted as visible -- NEW
833761 [B2G] Marionette is switching frames even when not asked to -- NEW
846456 [B2G] Marionette Cards view elements not returning is_displayed() correctly -- NEW
859264 Click's scroll into view is too aggressive on the Select wrapper -- NEW
859748 [B2G] ElementNotVisible exception against element that is_displayed=True -- NEW
840931 [B2G] test_call_contact fails when a sleep is introduced into it -- NEW
853622 need sendNativeTouchEvent -- NEW
853878 [B2G] system-banner element returning false is_displayed() status -- NEW
860854 JavascriptException: AbortError on a run of test_kill_multiple in CI -- NEW
862167 Can neither tap nor click on the Calendar Delete event button -- NEW
863117 After running a Gaia UI Test and locking, unlocking homescreen, UI shifts dramatically and unusably -- NEW
865232 Get is_displayed() in Marionette working as well as is reasonably possible, relative to life, happiness and human mortality -- NEW
869688 Click works but tap does not on msg textarea in Messages app -- NEW
876411 Click works but tap does not on tabs on browser app -- NEW
877163 still need to scrollIntoView when using el.tap() in email app -- NEW
883279 Cannot perform move action in time picker system dialog -- NEW
887274 Mechanism for handling security dialogs with Marionette -- NEW
924912 Provide a way to determine that B2G is ready to use -- NEW
947317 MarionetteException after a tap() closes a frame - MarionetteException: {u'message': u'"toString" is read-only', u'error': u"error occurred while processing 'findElement"} -- NEW
971747 Phone freezes while starting and stopping the b2g process -- NEW
932804 Tapping on select all button doesn't work on Gmail or Outlook frame, before importing contacts P2 NEW
946130 Flick and other actions not working on System app P2 NEW
965256 Make desktopb2g socket.timeout error messages more useful P2 NEW
862156 Marionette thinks that the play button in the music app is not displayed P3 NEW
987760 [v1.4] Investigate failure -- REOPENED

Open; Resolved; Total (0% complete)


Every Thursday @ 9am PDT/PST

Meeting Notes

Team Goals

Current Projects + Webdev Processes

Test Plan Template and Project Checklist

Project (page/bug) Description Kanban Lead/contact Staging server(s) Jenkins URL
Affiliates Affiliates . Team CI
Mozillians Mozillians - the Mozilla Community Phonebook 1.0 Mozillians kanban Matt CI
Snippets Snippets Snippets kanban Raymond (Pacific) / Zac (Europe) CI
AMO Add-ons website
Krupa (trunk/master) CI
AMO Automation Add-ons Automated Tests
Team / Softvision (trunk); (branch) CI
Raymond / Bob CI
Plugin Check Plugin Check Plugin Check Raymond
Socorro Crash Stats (see for more info about the staging env) 2.4.2 Matt Brandt / Stephen (backup) (trunk/dev-staging) (release-staging)
Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) Developer Documentation, News, Tips and Tricks TestPlan Raymond CI
QMO 4.0 Test Plan Team, Rbillings CI . Team, Glenn CI
Bouncer Bouncer Team, Matt CI
Firefox OS Firefox OS Team CI
Marketplace Marketplace Team CI
Moztrap Moztrap Team CI

** Don't forget to make yourself familiar with the latest Firefox release schedules, as we might be doing work involved with them **

Web Engagement Projects

Mozwebqabot - Our IRC Bot

See our Mozwebqabot info page for details of Web QA's friendly IRC bot.


Support Levels

Please read through our support levels when proposing a new project for us.

Performance and Load-Testing Tools

Useful Tools


Infrastructure / Server Info

Tips and Pointers

Community Outreach

Interview Process + Questions

Reference Links

Presentation Slide Archives