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Web QA Overview

Through a variety of tools and approaches, Web QA aims to ensure high quality web applications, of both external and internal applications and websites.

Get Involved

We'd love to have your help in testing our many projects! Are you looking for a way to contribute?

  • How to work on Automation, details on getting set up and a list of our current projects.

Community Outreach

Contact Us



Please see our public calendar for all upcoming events and meetings.

Our regular team meeting occurs every Thursday @ 9am Pacific


Here is information on the current buildmaster, and current automation project status:

Buildmaster page

I have something I need tested -- now what?

  1. We'd really appreciate it if you could sync up with the Web Production team; letting them know ahead of time on something you're working on helps us all get in-sync with the project, and shortens turnaround time
  2. Communicate with us! Send an email directly to rbillings or stephend or the mozwebqa mailing list with your ask. Our team is a lot smaller, and we're juggling a lot of balls. This means that we need you to ask us directly for what you need, and give us some head's up. Specifically we need at least a few days notice if there is something time-sensitive that needs testing.
  3. File a bug in Bugzilla, under the product Testing, and component "WebQA", asking us to test your site/application.  assigning to "", and I'll be sure to assign it to the right person, or make sure the team tests
  4. In the bug, please let us know of any pertinent schedules, deadlines, requirements, limitations, etc.  Also, pointing us to design documentation or specs, such as mockups/HTML cuts/wireframes, etc. would be immensely helpful
  5. Please also list any third-party developers/firms we'll have to work with, to get the potential issues we might have found, addressed.  (And please make sure they have a Bugzilla account, too.)
  6. How to get a project in automation

Team Details

We welcome community members to join us and take on tasks and responsibilities; please see our page for more information/to engage.

Team Members and Assignments

Name Email Address Availability Project Assignments / Interests
Rebecca Billings Employee One and Done PM, Web Engagement projects,, SUMO, MozTrap, QMO
Matt Brandt Employee Socorro, Affiliates, Mozillians, Firefox Health Report, Plugin Check, Bouncer, +automation
Stephen Donner Employee Manager
Krupa Raj Employee AMO/Mozilla Marketplace lead
Bob Silverberg Employee Automation

Web QA Project List

Supported Projects Testing IRC Priority Lead/Contact Staging server(s) Jenkins URL
Add-ons Automation
#addons P1 Krupa CI
Marketplace Firefox OS Automation
#mozwebqa P1 Krupa CI Automation #www P1 Rebecca CI
MozTrap Automation
#moztrap P1 Team CI
MozWebQA Dashboard Automation #mozwebqa P1 team none none
QMO Only maintenance is supported #mozwebqa P1 Stephen, team CI
One and Done Automation
Project Automation
#mozwebqa P1 Rebecca, Bob CI
Socorro Automation #socorro P1 Matt / Stephen (backup) CI
SUMO Automation
#sumodev P2 Team CI

Deferred Projects Testing IRC Priority Lead/Contact Staging server(s) Jenkins URL
Affiliates Automation #affiliates N/A N/A CI
Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) Automation #mdndev N/A N/A CI
Mozillians Automation
#commtools N/A N/A CI
Plugin Check Manual #mozwebqa N/A N/A none none
QMO Automation #mozwebqa P1 Stephen, team CI
Reps Automation #remo P2 N/A CI
Webmaker Automation #webmaker N/A N/A CI Automation #mozwebqa P2 Team, Glenn Howard, Stephen Lester CI

Transferred Projects Testing IRC Priority Lead/Contact Staging server(s) Jenkins URL
Bouncer Automation #stubby N/A Team, Matt CI
Snippets Automation #snippets P2 Team CI

** Don't forget to make yourself familiar with the latest Firefox release schedules, as we might be doing work involved with them **

Current Projects + Webdev Processes

Test Plan Template and Project Checklist

Web Engagement Projects

Team Goals

Next Team Work Week

= Upcoming PTO

Please edit the Web QA PTO template and your changes will automagically appear here!

  • QA PTO Calendar
  • bsilverberg - 2015-08-03 - 2015-08-28 - PTO
  • davehunt - 2015-08-27 - PTO
  • stephend - 2015-09-04 - PTO

New Hires (useful chiefly for paid Mozilla folks)

Some useful information about getting started is available here.


Support Levels

Please read through our support levels when proposing a new project for us.


A list of Tools and Resources

Automation tools and Evaluations

Mozwebqabot - Our IRC Bot

See our Mozwebqabot info page for details of Web QA's friendly IRC bot.

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