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Beta1 release builds on the performance of Alpha2 with some additional performance work and adding the features that people expect in a web browser. This is a release where there are very few known crashes or large errors.

For Beta 1 QA expects to see:

  • daily builds for [linux-arm].
  • Talos results
  • All unit tests running on Maemo and failures documented
  • all bugs for Beta 1 verified
  • Completed test plan
  • Full set of [litmus] test cases


  • Beta1 - March 17th
    • Code Complete - Feb 20
    • Handoff to Test (B1 RC1) - Feb 23
      • Will need official maemo bits from build
      • Will need semi-official desktop bits
    • 48 hour test pass, Test Signs off - Feb 26
    • Upload and blog - Feb 27

Our 48 hour test pass includes:

  • Unit tests
  • Litmus Smoketests, BFT's
  • Manual spot checking for feature FFT's
  • Web Compatibility and Banking top sites test
  • Install and update testing
  • Bug verification

A 4 hour respin test includes:

  • Unit tests
  • Litmus Smoketests
  • Litmus BFT's for affected area(s)
  • Top 10 website spot check

Bugs QA would like fixed

Test Results

- Litmus results
- Bug verification:
- Mochitest results
- Mochitest-Chrome results
- Reftest results
- Crashtest results
- Completed test plan/documentation items
- Bugs found

Test Areas

Feature Focused Areas

Feature Area and Spec Test Plan Location Testing Notes QA Contact Dev Contact Device Needed Links
Zoom gavin M
Add-ons manager mfinkle N
Navigation mfinkle, dougt M
Panning gavin Y
Download Manager here jmaher mfinkle N
Running Firefox's mochitests here Status jmaher jmaher N
Updates N
Windows Mobile here build notes jmaher wolfe Y
Performance Low disk/mem, large pages, startup time Y
Bookmarks N
Certificate Management johnath N
Weave dolske N
Find neil Y
Browsing History gavin N

Additional References

This section is left to add any additional references relevant to the Mobile project