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Fennec - Windows Mobile test plan
  • First draft created 10-24-08 by jmaher - This is a work in progress


Windows Mobile 6 is one of the mobile platforms (OS) that we are supported for fennec 1.0. In general, this will be just testing for a different platform (like we do for firefox on windows/mac/linux).

This is a separate test plan for now as there is significant work to get this done which requires a lot of changes and special code.

Test Strategy

For Alpha 2, we are just looking for something acceptable to get out to the community to show we have a real working Fennec on Windows Mobile. Post Alpha 2, this test plan will be updated with more specific Windows Mobile integration features.

Schedule Scoping

  • In scope for Alpha 2
    • Have an official build from tinderbox with instructions for installation
    • Get clear build instructions for QA and community members to follow
    • Demonstrate basic functionality:
      • Manual browsing to top sites
      • Accessing https sites
      • Bookmarks, Awesome Bar, Download Manager
      • Basic navigation such as back, forward, scrolling, zoom in/out


  • Relevant bugs:
    • Installer for Windows Mobile: 430682
    • Windows Mobile Functional XULRunner build: 432792