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Lead: Henrik Skupin
Co-workers: n/a
Dates: No end date for tests
Documentation: Add-on Test Creation Guide
Repository Location: Add-on Tests
Tracking Bug: bug 562436


With Mozmill we are also able to run functional tests for add-ons. If you are an author of an add-on and interested in creating tests to get your add-on automatically tested, you should definitely join this project. With your contribution you can help to improve your add-on and even the quality of Firefox. Overall we want to to able to identify regressions as early as possible in the development cycle and react accordingly.

If you are interested to create tests for your add-on please get in contact with Henrik Skupin.

Project details

The project can be divided into 2 different sub projects:

  • Creation of Mozmill tests for add-ons
  • Script for Automated Add-on Test-runs

Creation of Mozmill Tests

The creation of the Mozmill tests for add-ons is basically the same work as what has to be done for all the other Mozmill tests. We have a helpful guide to get started in writing tests for add-ons.

Script for Automated Add-on Test-runs

To be able to run all the created add-on tests a single test-run script is necessary. It takes care of downloading the specified version of the add-on, installing it in a fresh profile, run the add-on specific tests, and send the results to a reporting server (supported by CouchDB).

The implementation of the script is covered in the Automated Test-run project.

Test-run Execution

In the near future the QA team will setup a machine which runs all the tests for existing extensions on a daily basis for all supported branches of Firefox and on every platform. Results will be send to a central server for investigation and analysis.