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Daily Maintenance

  1. Log into for admin interface with an admin level account
  2. Go to BP Registration Options page and view requests for new accounts.
  3. Delete obvious spammers.
  • Check each profile to see if spam links have been added.
  1. Go to Forums index page.
  2. Review posts of the last 24 hours.
  • Remove any spammers' posts
  • Click on their profile link and "Mark as spammer" there
  • Go to Users admin page and delete their account.

As Needed Maintenance

Adding Syndicated Blogs to Community

  1. Log into for admin interface
  2. Go to Syndication admin page.
  3. In "New Source" at upper left of page, enter the URL to the RSS or ATOM feed for the new blog being added and select "Add".
  4. On following page, it will present one or more options for which feed to use. Select the "Use this feed" button for the one wanted.

If you need to update a feed to get fresh posts that aren't appearing, go to the Syndication admin page, select the checkbox for the feed in the body of the page, and choose the "update checked" button.

Raising Access Level

Users default to "subscriber" level access. For users that need to create blog posts and pages, their access will need to be at least "author" and we often use "editor" so they can edit other content. To change a user's access level:

  1. Go to the User admin page.
  2. Enter the user's account name in the textbot at the upper right and select the "Search Users" button.
  3. When their account name comes up, if the mouse is moved over the account name, an "edit" link will appear. Select this.
  4. In the "Role" drop down under their name, the "author" or "editor" role can be selected.
  5. Click the "Update User" button at the bottom of the page.