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QMO is the home of Mozilla Quality Assurance.

2014 Re-design

We sought feedback on the current state of QMO (as of June 2014) on two Mozilla mailing lists: community-building and dev-quality. The ideas presented by nearly 25 community members and QA team members are summarized below.

Summary of Feedback

Purpose of QMO

  • the entrance page to QA team
  • explain what the QA work is
  • how QMO is structured for the different products in Mozilla
  • welcoming spot for our QA community
  • help the community get involved with QA activities: clear directions on how to start, depending on your skills/interests to give pointers to more advanced documentation, to promote the upcoming events.
  • surface recent news (blogs, feeds) about testing needs, accomplishments and events

Community Needs

  • a summary of how to start at QMO, for the new contributor and pinned on the home page (How I Can Help Test - should get more prominence).
  • documentation should move to Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) where the rest of Mozilla's documentation resides and is well-indexed by search engines.
  • Event Notification and better Event Calendar - upcoming events *first*
  • easy way to adding the events to the calendar (Google, Apple, Lighting and others), rather than downloading.
  • Showing the Badges for QA.
  • interaction via IRC
  • platform for QA education (open source testing tools, technical skills)
  • listing of community members and their contributions / areas of focus

QMO Home Page

  • remove the login on the top right of the home page
  • create Planet QA with the blog - syndicate feeds from team members' blogs
  • update the careers button to the correct link
  • publicize open QA meeting on Wednesdays (see for inspiration)
  • keep teams icons since they are adorable (kudos to Craig Cook for creating them!)
  • Video section - get rid of it
  • updated theme
  • mobile support

Team pages

  • Team photo on team page
  • each team member's email address for direct community interaction
  • links to highlight any specific events/news/blog posts targeting their projects
  • MDN / Wiki links on how to participate in their work.
  • link directly to the One and Done tasks already filtered for that project
  • the Desktop Firefox page should have links to Nightly/Aurora/Beta downloads


QMO is currently based on Wordpress and some plugins for additional functionality.

Communication Channels

If you want to help with this project, it's very easy to start.

Mailing List

Subscribe to our QA team mailing list and send us an e-mail presenting yourself and telling us what kind of tasks you would like to do.


You can find us at on the #qa channel. If you don't have an IRC client, simply click here to use Mibbit's online IRC client. Feel free to talk to:


Mozilla QA Work Week 2014

Parul Mathur, Mozilla community contributor held a session.


QMO Home Page


QMO Community Page


QMO Team Page

This is a template of what each QMO Team Page could potentially look like. Qmo-team-page.png