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This is an SOP that describes how Reps should report the recruitment of new Mozilla contributors and how Mentors should verify that Mozillians recently recruited are effectively active.

Recruiting a Mozillian (Reps)

When a Rep wants to report that (s)he has recruited a new contributor to the Mozilla project, the Rep needs to:

  1. Create a report from here:
  2. Select in the drop down menu "Recruited a Mozillian"
  3. Select relevant functional area(s) that Mozillian is contributing to
  4. Include in the "URL for your activity" section the URL of the Mozillian's profile page
  5. Include in the description section links to bugzilla bugs, blog posts, wiki pages or any other type of document that shows the Mozillian in question is actively contributing to the project

Verifying a recruited Mozillian is active (Mentors)

Whenever a Rep has reported the recruitment of a new Mozillian, his/her mentor is tasked to verify that the Mozillian in question is effectively active by checking the contribution links provided by the Rep in the relevant activity report.

Once the mentors is done verifying, he/she simply has to check the verification checkbox located at the bottom of the page, and then click on "Save".