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Releases/Firefox 6/Final Signoffs

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This page will track declaring the latest mozilla-beta build as the final in this cycle and starting the build off of the mozilla-release repository.

Please note that issues found in the final moments of the beta period may still require us to rebuild before release


Meeting details

  • Mozilla Mountain View: Holodeck conf room, 3rd floor
  • 650-903-0800 or 650-215-1282 x92 Conf# 8605 (US/INTL)
  • 1-800-707-2533 (pin 369) Conf# 8605 (US)
  • #planning for backchannel

Focus Areas

Tracking Details

  • bug 677510 - Looks to be a site issue that only happens on Fx8 but need confirmation
  • bug 669196 - Looks to not affect Beta but not 100% sure
  • bug 674335 - BBC font bug, worried it won't be fixed on their end and it may look like a Fx6 regression
  • bug 675645 - Known regression we are shipping with to fix a larger issue, may be more common than we think
  • bug 677095 - Extra 1px when using common web css. Investigation is still in early stages, may be graphics driver specific but still worried


Current Status

  • b5 has 1.1 million users with a crash rate of 2.128 crashes per 100 ADU -
  • Slightly higher rate than b4 but crashes up a bit across all versions - some flash hangs are rising.
  • No big concerns at this point that we feel block the release.

Outstanding Issues/Concerns

  • Haven't correlated the slight rise in hangs to anything specific yet.
  • Bug 469267 - never really determined the reason for the spike.
  • Bug 675269 - still haven't had someone look into it.

Mobile specific stability notes

  • No crash blockers on mobile at this stage.


Current Status

  • 6.0b5 has been extensively tested for regressions and landed features
  • 19 fixes verified on 6.0b5, none REOPENED
  • Good to go in QA's opinion

Outstanding Issues/Concerns

  • bug 677095 : 1px background-image miss-handling when position is fixed
    • just came in yesterday, concerned about the potential impact. Root cause is unknown
    • don't think it's a "blocker" for Firefox 6, do we want to relnote?
  • bug 677510: Video Controls buttons "Mute/unmute" and "Expand/Shrink" are lacking icons on HTML5 videos
    • unclear of how wide-spread the issue is, do we want to relnote?
  • mobile
    • bug 668288 Google webpage issues on mobile [meta bug]
    • bug 676780 Fennec is unable to load webpages and close tabs
    • bug 669289 Fennec UI is unresponsive and browser becomes unusable if a restart is triggered with a single blank tab open

Mobile Engineering

Current Status

Outstanding Issues/Concerns

  • bug 676780 finally has a trivial / safe fix. Do we want to take it with no testing and put the final build at risk?
  • bug 669289 finally has a trivial / safe fix. Do we want to take it with no testing and put the final build at risk?


Current Status

Outstanding Issues/Concerns

  • Yahoo! Toolbar will probably not make the cut. Will have better answer by end of week.


Current Status

Outstanding Issues


Current Status

Old signoffs for bg, cy, en-ZA, fa, mai, ml, sq, ta, ta-LK, th

All in slightly different buckets, but essentially, they're shipping with English about:permissions and scratchpad

Outstanding Issues/Concerns

good to go

Build Mechanics

Current Status

Good to go

Outstanding Issues/Concerns

Web Content

Current Status

On Track with a few bugs still remaining. No concerns for Tuesday.

Outstanding Issues/Concerns

Release Notes status?