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Warning signWarning: With effect from 1st September 2023, the Mozilla Reps program was closed and activities ended.

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In certain occasions, the swag that is already available from Mozilla may not be appropriate. In such case, a Rep or a regional community may want to create custom swag. Although there are elements that needs to be respected and a few cliffs to avoid.

When to create Regional Swag?

Generally Mozilla Rep can request official Mozilla swag by filling out a special form which will be reviewed by the Mozilla Reps council and approved/rejected within a week. There are some occasions, where the regional community produce its own swag for various reasons:

  • The Mozilla Community has a lot of creative talent, and community members produce stunning artwork[link:].
  • Special regional events
  • Regional community identity - some communities have made their own regional identity by creating a specific logo or mascot to represent their community internationally - Kumi of Indonesia, Foxkeh of Japan etc. -
  • Operational costs
  • Scaling the swag to number of people attending
  • Associating/Partnering with a regional organization/sponsor

Creating your own Mozilla merchandise

Mozilla Reps are welcome to produce their own customized swag, provided they follow the Mozilla's Trademark Policy and especially the section, "Logos and Merchandise" + Mozilla logo guidelines [1] to avoid some common mistakes. . And please remember, the goal with producing merchandise is to promote values, and not to make money. And also, please remember that you cannot sell any merchandise with a Mozilla trademark, even if it is to recoup costs or for raising funds. Official logos can be found here.

To find some inspiration, make sure to check out the Mozilla T-Shirt archive.

Logo Resources

As noted in the Trademark Policy, you must respect any Mozilla trademarks you might incorporate into your artwork.

You can also check the awesome new Firefox Brand page for guidelines on how to use our logos.

Creative Online Workshop

On May 7th 2009, Mozilla's Marketing Team hosted an online "Creative" workshop with useful tips and suggestions on how to create Firefox shirts, affiliate buttons and more. To download the slides of their presentation, click here.


Examples of locally produced merchandise: