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Reps from all over Indonesia met for 3 days in Jakarta, from Friday 13 February to Sunday 15 February 2015. The meetup aimed to discuss the health of the Reps program and the overall community in Indonesia and strategically plan for programs, initiatives and activities for the next 6 months.


The development of our local and regional communities are key elements in a successful participation strategy. Mozilla is re-dedicating staff to community health and growth at the local and regional level -- especially in key regions like Africa, SE Asia, S. Asia and Latin America where we are aiming for product growth.


Historically, Mozilla Indonesia has been one of Mozilla’s most dynamic and vibrant local communities, growing steadily over the past 5 years and successfully running campaigns and initiatives to help push the Mozilla project in Asia’s 3rd most populous country (after China and India). As we begin 2015, we need to double down on our efforts to connect more systematically and strategically the activities of the Indonesian community to our key product initiatives in ways that are more rewarding for both volunteers and employees.

Expected Outcome of Meetup

  • Mozilla Indonesia has even stronger confidence, excitement and motivation to push the project forward
  • New leadership roles are identified and assigned; this new leadership oversees a more sustainable, horizontal governance structure
  • New processes are put in place to streamline decision making, encourage participation, reduce bureaucracy and increase transparency
  • A robust roadmap of activities and initiatives for 2015 that tie back to product line goals is created and all participants are confident and excited about it
  • A local team to run a local Mozilla Community Space Jakarta is created
  • Creation of a Firefox OS Team, in preparation for a possible launch in 2015

Success Metrics

  • At least 85% of participants found the event productive and useful (survey)
  • 75% of invitees attend meetup
  • 2015 roadmap of activities and initiatives is created and supported by all participants
  • All Reps invited attended the meetup are 100% committed to the roadmap produced
  • Monthly check-in with 80% of goals "on track"


The meeting will have a similar format to past community meetups:

  • Day 1 (Feb 13): Participants will arrive, check-in into the hotel and an informal dinner will be organized.
  • Day 2 (Feb 14): The second day will have brief presentations on Mozilla's participation plans from staff to kick things off. Then the focus will be on encouraging debate and discussion around the Reps program in Indonesia and the overall health of the community. Specifically, the results of a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats), which will have been done a week before the event, will be shared to the group to serve as the background of the discussions and afternoon breakouts, where small groups will be formed to to craft concrete action plans around priorities identified in SWOT analysis and around Mozilla's top organizational goals.
  • Day 3 (Feb 15): The last day will focus doing a general recap and synthesis of the previous days discussion and open up on drafting a general "ReMo Roadmap" for 2014/2015 and presenting task force action plans to all participants (including remote attendees). The second half will cover discussions and project plans around mentorship and scaling the program without losing our focus.


See the full list of participants here.


See the full schedule of the event.


Stay informed about all the practicalities.

Official etherpad

General Summary and Next Steps

You can find the full report here


On a more general note we will be using #MozID extensively so join us for any questions you have.


During the meetup it is expected to heavily tweet, take pics, post on all social networks etc :) Please use #RepsIDmeetup

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