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This page is the home of the Android Sync Client project. This project is part of the re-writing of the Fennec UI using native Java rather than XUL (Fennec Native UI).


  • Jason Voll


  • Integrate correctly with existing sync clients
  • Use existing Sync API's to communicate with Sync server via HTTP
  • Reliable
  • Behave as existing Fennec sync client does (i.e. no regression)


  • AES 256 CBC
  • HMAC SHA 256
  • SHA1 for converting email to a username
APIs for communicating with Mozilla Sync Server

Implementation Details

  • Utilize a repository pattern for writing to local database on device and talking to the sync server
  • Add crypto as a middle-ware layer to the repository so it appears as if other code is just communicating with the repository object
  • Here is the beginning of a class diagram for the Sync Client. Details will be filled in as the client is designed
  • Run as a lightweight Android service so that sync data is available as soon as Fennec starts
    • Perhaps run service more aggressively when Fennec is actually running, back down when Fennec isn't running to avoid using too large of a memory footprint (Android kills background services when it is in need of more memory)
    • Ideally we'd like to write this as an Android Sync Service so that it shows up in the user's sync accounts screen and that is how they interact with it
    • Screenshots: Add Sync Account Page, Synced Accounts Page


  • October 2011: Crypto Libraries
  • November 2011
    • Week 1 - Repository framework
    • Week 2 - Communication with sync server
    • Week 3 - Setup of storage and accessing it on the client side
    • Week 4 - Work of actually syncing (make this more granular)
  • December 2011
    • Week 1 - Work of actually syncing (make this more granular)
    • Week 2 - Wrap up and hand-off
  • December 16, 2011 - Last day of Jason's internship


Initial development will be stored on github in the following repository:

Related Bugs

Feature bug: 695463


Crypto Notes