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Firefox/Data Collection

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There are four "categories" of data collection that apply to Firefox:
# ; '''Category 1 “Technical data”''' means information : Information about the machine or Firefox itself.#* Examples include OS, available memory, crashes and errors, outcome of automated processes like updates, safebrowsing, activation, version #s, and buildid. This also includes compatibility information about features and APIs used by websites, addons, and other 3rd-party software that interact with Firefox during usage.
# ; '''Category 2 “Interaction data”''' means information : Information about the user’s direct engagement with Firefox.#* Examples include how many tabs, addons, or windows a user has open; uses of specific Firefox features; session length, scrolls and clicks; and the status of discrete user preferences.
# ; '''Category 3 “Web activity data”''' means information : Information about user web browsing that could be considered sensitive.#* Examples include users’ specific web browsing history; general information about their web browsing history (such as TLDs or categories of webpages visited over time); and potentially certain types of interaction data about specific webpages visited.
# ; '''Category 4 “Highly sensitive data”''' means information : Information that directly identifies a person, or if combined with other data could identify a person.#* Examples include e-mail, usernames, identifiers such as google ad id, apple id, fxaccount, or certain cookies. It may be embedded within specific website content, such as memory contents, dumps, captures of screen data, or DOM data.
== Eligibility for Default on Data Collection ==
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