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Clippings extension

The Clippings extension helps you quickly paste text you frequently type in forums, and is a great tool for doing user support. Get it here.



Go to the address '''about:crashes''' and tell us your latest crash IDs. We can then look at the data specific to your crash and have a better idea of what is causing the problem.

Safe mode

If you go to '''Firefox > Help > Restart with Add-ons Disabled''', does the problem still occur? If not, the cause is probably an extension. See [[Troubleshooting extensions and themes]].

Test profile

Your Firefox settings and info are kept in a folder separate from the Firefox program, called your profile folder. Try creating a test profile, to see if the problem still occurs. See [[Managing profiles]]

Try clearing cache and cookies

# Open the '''Tools''' menu, then select '''Clear Recent History'''.
# In the '''Time Range to clear:''' drop-down, select '''Everything'''.
# Click the arrow next to '''Details''' to display the list of items that can be cleared.
# Select both '''Cookies''' and '''Cache'''.
# Click '''Clear Now'''.


I think you may be confusing what Firefox is. Firefox is not an email application, it's a web browser. You can use it to access websites. Some websites are email applications. 
For more info, see
What site are you using?


We'll need some more info about your Firefox setup. Go to '''Help > Troubleshooting Information''', then click '''Copy all to Clipboard'''. Open a reply to this post, and go to '''Edit > Paste''' to paste the info from your Troubleshooting Information page.


In the [[Location bar autocomplete|Location bar]], type '''about:config''' and press '''Enter'''.
** The about:config "''This might void your warranty!''" warning page may appear. '''Click I'll be careful, I promise!''', to continue to the about:config page.

Go to profile (before telling a user to delete a file)

Go to '''Help > Troubleshooting Information''', then click on '''Open Containing Folder'''. That will open Windows Explorer in your Firefox profile.

Update Flash

You're using an old version of the Flash plugin, which can cause problems. First update your installation of Flash. See [[Managing the Flash plugin]]

Possible Malware

Your issue may be caused by Malware. You can run and update the following '''free''' anti virus software:

1. Malwarebytes (Free version) -

2. Spybot Search & Destroy -

3. Spyware Terminator -

In addition, there are a number of forums you can use to help get rid of your infection. These include:




Create Master Password

# Click '''Tools''' on the top of the Firefox menu
# In the drop-down box, click '''Options'''
# Select the '''Security''' panel
# Under Passwords, check mark '''Use a master password'''
# A Change password window will pop-up. Please enter your new password twice.

Open new tabs in home page

Sounds like you want the New Tab Homage extension.

For more info about extensions, see [[Using extensions with Firefox]]