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Functionality can be classed into a set of dependency groups. Note that some functionality will need to be done over several milestones, e.g. search.

Functional groups

Group 1: independent low risk

  • Search UI
  • Basic forums: Contributor, off topic, wiki articles ("discuss")
  • Event signup system

Group 2: infrastructure

  • Admin console: Initial setup, then admin for each component will be added when the component is added.
    • User management
    • Basic forum management
    • Support forum management
    • Search
    • Template management
    • Breadcrumbs
    • Categories
    • Feedback management
    • l10n control (create new locales, appoint locale leaders, manage translations
    • Tag management
  • Users table: Needs to be kept in sync with users_users for the time being, until we are completely out of tiki
  • Feedback system (formerly CSAT)
  • API
  • Tagging

Group 3: Forum related

  • Support forum
  • Sphinx indexer for support forum

Group 4: Wiki related

  • Wiki
  • Sphinx indexer for wiki
  • Wiki l10n
  • API for wiki content

Group 5: Dashboards and reporting

  • Contributor dashboard
  • Locale leader dashboard
  • Metrics

Group 6: l10n

  • gettext setup
  • Locale leader dashboard
  • l10n workflow


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