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Note: Talkilla has now been superseded by the Loop project
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General Work

We generally work in individual repositories that are forks of the main repository. This was the team's choice when we started the project. This helps to keep the main repository clean and also avoids notifications about in-progress PRs failing tests and other issues (though we could probably handle them if we really wanted to).


-- Master Main Repo ---------------------------->
       \                                 /
        \----- Developer Fork          PR
                   \                   /
                    \-------- Developer Branch

We recommend that developers work in branches within their own forks. This way, when a PR is generated, if update is required as a result of review comments, the PR can be updated without affecting other work that is in progress.


Sometimes for larger patches, or for discussions, we want to show progress to others or allow for comments. The normal routes of pastebins and branch sharing are possible, but also we allow WIP PRs.

For a Work-In-Progress PR, prefix the PR title with "WIP: " - This provides a clear indication.

If/when the PR is ready for review, edit the title, and either move the associated card to the "To be Reviewed" column on Trello, and/or comment on the PR that it is ready for review.