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Note: Talkilla has now been superseded by the Loop project


Talkilla is a webphone that makes it easy to talk with friends or co-workers as you browse the web. Make voice and video calls, chat across one or more web sites, share files and web content as you navigate away to new websites or open new tabs. No need to install a new application or struggle back and forth with several windows.

For example, make your next holiday planning more fun

  • Click to call a phone number on the web
  • Interact more naturally with video chat
  • Comment instantly on what you see, share images and other web content
  • Share links and documents for easy reference while chatting
  • Accept incoming calls right in the browser

We've got exciting plans for the near future of Talkilla. We've got the basic features up and running; we'll be deploying more as we develop them over the coming months.

Upcoming features on our agenda include:

  • Starting conversations without even requiring an account
  • Connecting to your preferred online address book
  • Calling phone numbers

Core Team

Role Contacts
Project Champion
  • Jb Piacentino
Project Lead
  • Mark Banner
Back-end Technical Leads
  • Romain Gauthier
  • Alexis Métaireau
Front-end Leads
  • Dan Mosedale
  • Nicolas Perriault
Browser Integration Lead
  • Florian Quèze


Due to the early stages of development, we are not accepting bugs at the current time. This will change in the near future.

Pull requests will be accepted, as per the contributing guidelines.

If you have any questions, please ask on the mailing list in the communication section.


Regular Meetings

We have regular meetings each week:

  • Weekly Meetings aka Status meeting. This is a regular meeting for the engineering team to discuss issues, and pass around knowledge
  • Estimation Meetings These are weekly meetings to estimate cards in the backlog

Communication Channels