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This page is lists the presentations and discussions for the Thunderbird Virtual Summit 2020.

All talks will take place on Zoom in the Thunderbird status meeting room.

Sessions are included in the Thunderbird Events calendar as ics | as html

Thunderbird in 2020

Type: Presentation

Host/Speaker: Ryan Sipes [:ryanleesipes]

This presentation covers the changes Thunderbird underwent in 2019 and early 2020 as an organization, and our plans to make 2020 the best year for Thunderbird yet.

Date/Time: May 5, 17:00 UTC

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Taking care of the tree

Type: Presentation & Discussion

Host/Speaker: Magnus Melin [:mkmelin]?

Short presentation of how Treeherder works, how to star failures, file bugs and such.

Room for today changed too:

Date/Time: May 7, 13:00 UTC

Hey, we got designers!

Type: Presentation & Discussion

Host/Speaker: Alessandro Castellani [:aleca]

How we're working towards a consistent visual identity and improving usability through design iterations, and how we're trying to do it without upsetting you too much.

Date/Time: May 12, 17:00 UTC

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How to begin with Thunderbird Development: A guide for University students and Junior Developers

Type: Presentation & Discussion

Host/Speaker: Khushil Mistry [:khushil324]

This presentation and discussion would cover my journey as a GSoC student and Thunderbird Intern. I will talk about the difficulties I faced and how university students and junior developers can start their contribution with Thunderbird.

Date/Time: May 14, 16:00 UTC

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Why we might want to start type checking our JavaScript and how that could even work

Type: Presentation & Discussion

Host/Speaker: Paul Morris [:pmorris]

JavaScript is a dynamically typed language, but now TypeScript's tooling can be used to statically type check plain vanilla JavaScript files (with some help from JSDoc). Type checking offers various benefits that include catching certain classes of bugs sooner (before they get to users) and making code easier to understand. Tools like ESLint and Prettier have improved Thunderbird's JavaScript code and developer experience. Would type checking be a good next step and how might that work?

Date/Time: May 19, 17:00 UTC

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Developing integrated OpenPGP support

Type: Presentation & Discussion

Host/Speaker: Kai Engert [:kaie]

An update will be given on the progress of the ongoing effort to add integrated OpenPGP support to Thunderbird, about the work that is still ahead of us, and we'll discuss your questions.

Date/Time: May 21, 16:00 UTC

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The importance of white space, a UI experiment

Type: Presentation & Discussion

Host/Speaker: Alessandro Castellani [:aleca]

A little journey on how we can drastically improve the usability of Thunderbird by carefully implementing empty spaces.

Date/Time: May 26, 17:00 UTC

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An Introduction to xpiLib and ThunderKdB

Type: Presentation & Discussion

Host/Speaker: Christopher Leidigh

xpiLib is the main resource and tool in the ThunderKdB GitHub repository. It includes the code library of every Thunderbird extension registered on ATN. There is also a search function for the library. The presentation will cover all of the resources available in ThunderKdB.

Date/Time: May 27, 19:00 UTC

How to Improve Thunderbird Documentation

Type: Discussion

Host/Speaker: Ryan Sipes [:ryanleesipes]

This discussion would cover how we might improve developer and enterprise user documentation. Would also like to touch on how to make the developer documentation easier to find for new contributors.

Date/Time: May 28, 17:00 UTC

Thunderbird Vision

Type: Discussion

Host/Speaker: Ryan Sipes [:ryanleesipes]

Let's have a (respectful) discussion about what Thunderbird is and isn't - and what the future could look like.

Date/Time: June 2, 17:00 UTC

Thunderbird 78 Overview

Type: Presentation & Discussion

Host/Speaker: Magnus Melin [:mkmelin]

Thunderbird 78 is coming up in mid 2020. Overview of what we can expect to see in that.

Date/Time: June 4, 17:00 UTC