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WARNING: This document is obsolete, SUMO developed a new platform in 2011 and Thunderbird migrated to that platform in Q1 2014.

Mozilla is building a wiki platform that will be used by the Firefox and Thunderbird Knowledge Base sites (and will also eventually be used for the MDC / MDN back-end.)

This page is a wish-list of things that the Mozilla Messaging group would like to see in Mozilla's new wiki platform. Feel free to add your suggestions. Don't worry about duplicating ideas that may already be part of the MoCo plan - we'll sort that out later.

Knowledge Base site

This is a list of the problems with the current Tiki Wiki implementation of

  • Conditional content: On the current Knowledge Base site, you can specify platform-specific content using the "SHOWFOR(os=x)" markup syntax. When used, content specific to the user's platform is displayed by default. There are links to switching the content to another platform. However, people tend to miss the links. On the new wiki platform, links for conditional content should either be much more prominent and obvious or conditional content should not be implemented.
  • New page: The current wiki platform has a confusing interface for creating a new page (either specify a URL containing the desired page title or use the link on the main page).
  • Media management: When editing an article, it should be possible to upload images to an image library rather than only to the current article.
  • Search: Search results should only contain pages in the current language. (Probably. Shouldn't it?)
  • Image sizing: It should be possible to resize (thumbnail) images
  • Image upload: You shouldn't have to preview an article to upload the image.
  • Image insertion: Inserting an image in an article is completely non-intuitive. This is a big impediment to future contributors.
  • Editing layout: Under certain circumstances while editing, the edit window overlaps the navigation elements on the right side of the page.
  • Image layout: If an image is too large, the navigation elements on the right side of the page are gracelessly pushed out of the way.
  • Generate list of sub-pages: Rather than manually updating lists of pages, it would be great to be able to generate a list of pages that occur beneath the current page.
  • Lists and Images: Images in lists either indent incorrectly or you are forced to restart the list.

MDC / MDN site

  • Preview: Need to be able to preview before saving.