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I'm Soumya Deb - I prefer being called as my last name "Deb" and am also known as Debloper in FOSS community. My interests lie in open-source projects, such as Mozilla, Wikimedia, Fedora, KDE, Kernel, Videolan, LibPurple, Diaspora etc. in a descending order of priority. I have been a technology enthusiast & evangelist for a long time now.

Read along if you're interested. Please note, I lack formalities a little - you've been warned!

Soumya Deb
Soumya Deb
Personal Information
City: Balurghat
Country: India
Mozilla-specific Information
Wiki-Userame: Debloper
Mentor: User:Vineel
Miscellaneous Information
private Mail:
GPG-Key: {{{gpg}}}
Website: Soumya's Website
Twitter: deblopper {{{}}}
Jabber: {{{jabber}}}
IRC: Debloper on in
#firefox #developers #devtools #B2G #extdev


Red Hatter by day & Mozillian by night; I do a lot of web-wrangling and code-compiling day in day out. I'm a consulting-geek(!), and I do whatever it takes to keep up to it. None the less, I'm also a kinda-sorta multimedia junkie too!

Monthly reports

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August 2011Debloper report August 2011
November 2011Debloper report November 2011
October 2011Debloper report October 2011
September 2011Debloper report September 2011

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Interests and Evangelism

  • I love transparency, meritocracy, documentation, optimism and valor.
  • I like everything in it's naked/raw/pure/untouched form.
  • I keep it short and simple. I try not to repeat myself. I like to do it myself.
  • I like to share my knowledge to help others to learn from it (even my mistakes).
  • I have preferences, but not prejudices. I try not to be biased.
  • I make people understand the difference and decide, I don't try to tell them which one is better.
  • I'm surrounded with friends, all of them using Firefox as the primary browser of choice.

Involvement with Mozilla

  • I lead Mozillia India's Infrastructure, Developments & Operations
  • I fix issues, and patch Mozilla-Central on rare occasions.
  • I heavily attend open-source coding/hacking events.
  • I give talks and listen to people talking about latest technologies.
  • I am a Community Builder from South Asia
  • I help Community Diversity with embracing chaos & using critical thinking for unbiased standpoints
  • [OLD] I lead the Mozilla Community Sites (MCS) project.
  • [OLD] I've worked on the "Privacy Icon" project.
  • [OLD] I contribute to DevTools', PDF.js & B2G etc. projects.

User : Strategy and Goals

  • [Done] Get MCS get on its feet, again.
  • [Done] Get Project NeMo rolling with Mozilla Press.
  • [WiP] Optimize the Mozilla-Central, reducing code-bloats.
  • [OLD] Take initiative in BetaFarm and Mozillian projects.
  • [Done] Get more involved with ReMo and make it large for India ( more)

ReMo: Present Goals (2 years OLD)

  • Prepare and Rollout Mozilla India Site
    • Try to get hold of, instead of
      • is parked by some 3rd party, not under mozila ownership.
      • Get leads (from Paul Osman etc.), to locate the domain-manager.
    • Select the ready made mozilla-site repo, most suitable for community website & work on that.
      • Presently hosting on Drupal, community site isn't properly synced in design and operation.
      • Mozilla-Europe source looks promising - It's on PHP, and l10n friendly - mainly just rebranding & content creation required.
    • Make it to be hosted at Mozilla's WebServer (if possible).
    • Implement BrowserID for user login.
      • Working on the API, it's not *very* stable yet.
      • Not sure whether implement on the present site, or implement on the new upcoming site.
  • Update and Enhance the ReMo wiki section
    • Take editor privilege for locked pages.
      • As long my bugs are getting FIXED with my patches - I don't care for privileges.
      • Although it ain't realtime - sucks a bit.
    • Evangelize for /ReMo pages
      • Pierros says, it's tough to implement & not worth the effort.
    • Update the templates and automation system.
      • Yet again, tough to implement (mostly because it's 'not MediaWiki')
  • Enlist Mozilla India in Mozilla Asia Community Map
  • Categorize contributing ReMo-India w.r.t "Area of Expertise" and "Time Active".
    • Meeting to schedule.
  • Distribute the work between the ReMo-India, according to their skill and time-contribution.
    • Meeting to schedule.
  • Make ReMos to be connected to each other and report regularly.