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Active Projects

Area Thing Notes Links
Easing Contribution, FxOS Ecosystem, FxOS Priority Markets FxOS Contribution Challenge - Local Content Engaging developers in India & Mexico to develop apps focused on the needs of those markets.
Academic, FxOS Priority Markets OSU Senior Capstone Undergrad senior capstone program, 3 students, 3 months, working with Network team to build network-condition-aware scheduler API.
Easing Contribution + Scaling Output Papercuts + Mentored bugs Product identifies priority bugs, engineers mentor those bugs, contributors (partner, academic, volunteer) fix those bugs.
Easing Contribution + Scaling Output Projectizing the Roadmap Firefox OS product roadmap and development resource plan assumes traditional waterfall process. By representing Firefox OS goals as microprojects with clear deliverables, entities outside our employee base can help achieve those goals.
Academic U of Michigan Research Graduate research lab at University of Michigan focused on mobile network/device performance and efficiency. I'm working on integrating their findings into our architecture and technology roadmap.
Communication, Ongoing @boot2gecko Currently have Planet Firefox OS posts being autotweeted, as well as any bug that lands in FxOS product that has "feature" keyword.
Communication, Ongoing @hackb2g All Gaia commits are autotweeted through this account.
Communication, Ongoing Planet Firefox OS Putting anyone blogging about technical Firefox OS topics on there.

Finished Projects

Area Thing Notes Links
Academic PSU Capstone 2013 - Fall Five CS students from Portland State University implemented a web messaging system for Firefox OS using Firebase.,
Academic PSU Capstone 2014 - Spring Six CS students from Portland State University are implementing a network-aware zero-configuration newsreader targeted at first-time smartphone owners in markets with slow/unreliable/rare connectivity, leveraging the findings of Mozilla UR dept and the UMich graduate resource lab. Proposal slides, Project status and notes, code
Academic Open Academy Multiple universities, implementing device-to-device app sharing over NFC+Bluetooth