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Firefox OS App Challenge!

  • Details TBD

I am a Beginner

  • Create apps *right now*, no technical knowledge required, with Mozilla Appmaker.
  • Dig a bit deeper into HTML, JavaScript and CSS on MDN with these beginner tutorials.
  • Test your app in Firefox with the Firefox OS Simulator, no device required.
  • Tip: Your app is a website too - you can test your app by opening it up in Firefox, and use the Responsive Design View tool.
  • TODO: Find a good Webmaking 101 tutorial on Thimble
  • TODO: Beginner pathway to publishing and getting app on device
  • TODO: look at this github issue for some reference materials

I am an Experienced Web Developer

  • WebIDE pictorial guide - maybe in Beginner section too, instead of Simulator link?
  • RecRoom
  • Snippets
  • Templates

I am an Android or iOS Developer

  • WebIDE
  • Simulator
  • Debugger

Where can I find help?

  • Stack Overflow
  • IRC
  • Mailing lists
  • Sumo
  • Bugzilla for bugs

What about devices?

  • Not required
  • What devices are available
  • What type should I get
  • Where can I get them


  • Recroom, yeoman, famous, gaiabb, etc

Developer Tools

Template Apps

  • OS Features
    • Music app
    • Bluetooth sharing of media
    • Keyboard
    • Contacts
    • Media sharing - “different content all at once”
    • SD card
  • Local
    • Author a pictorial story
    • Author a schedule of events
    • Sliding-tile puzzle game
    • Recipe + timer

Code Snippets

  • Common tasks
    • get photo data from Camera app
    • send Music app a file to play (and URL, but that’s P2)
    • Search Contacts
  • Helpful libraries
    • PouchDB (test offline->sync)
    • localForage
    • Oauth example with Hello.js - Twitter, Facebook, any others?
  • Fancification


  • What's coming up on your holiday or religious calendar?
  • Build an app with a schedule of events in your area
  • Build an app for collecting photos and memories of the event.
  • What movies or music have recently come out?
    • Build an app with news and images about it.
    • Build a sliding-tile puzzle game out of the face of your favorite movie or music star.


  • Know your users!
  • TODO: summarize themes from the user research and market research
  • India research
    • FirefoxOS devices and content should be accessible to a range of literacy rates.
    • Apps can't be a resource strain on battery because people need their phone to work for long hours due to India’s poor infrastructure.
    • Device storage is limited, so apps must be “lighter weight.”
    • Users enjoy the ability to quickly edit and share photos and videos.
    • Local content (both in terms of geography and language) is lacking. There might be an opportunity to fill app content gaps.
  • Mexico research

Web Activities

About Web Activities

Supported Activities (TODO: version numbers, convert to table?)

  • share
  • pick
  • new
  • open
  • view
  • dial
  • configure
  • record
  • browse
  • update
  • import
  • webrtc-call
  • save-bookmark
  • remove-bookmark
  • costcontrol/balance
  • costcontrol/telephony
  • costcontrol/data_usage
  • marketplace-app
  • marketplace-search
  • nfc-ndef-discovered
  • nfc-tag-discovered
  • create-collection
  • view-collection
  • update-collection

Data and Power

Memory Use