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A Registered Wikipedia Editor

About Me

I'm mainly active in many parts of Wikipedia, although I also have some interest in the the computing, biology, languages, European/ancient history and techonolgy pages. Read my full profile below.

Wherever possible I add information to pages (with citations of course), but the vast majority of my edits are either:
• spelling corrections, basic copyedits, corrections of manual of style errors and fixing of layout errors (usually image stacking).

  • • the addition/replacement of pictures .
  • • vandalism reversions.Adding appropriate web sources

Over 3 years of commercial research experience in interactive entertainment and gaming industries.apart from this. For over a decade i have specialized in technology in education and her professional skills focus on creating rich and engaging [student centered] 21st Century Learning Environments that integrate innovative teaching strategies designed for today's digital learners. with contributions from my wife Lissa.C

My studies have helped to develop my interests in people, pop culture and social media. I love to travel and see what people all over the world find exciting and interesting. I try to practice yoga and do my own personal, creative writing in my spare time.

II'm a graduate of the Harvard.University in English Literature, Sociology and Diversity Studies. My studies have helped to develop my interests in people, pop culture and social media. I love to travel and see what people all over the world find exciting and interesting. I try to practice yoga and do my own personal, creative writing in my spare time.

My wife is a doctorate from Columbia University. She has been writing How-to Articles for Mold removal toronto & Much More on about technology since decades by focussing upon the functional capabilities of Tech 2.0.- Editor of IBM:Tech 2.0 Education & Knowledge Resources Group: founded for students/teachers to share their tech knowledge & useful resources on technology 2.0. You can make the best of the group .

I nterests: M-Commerce, Web 2.0, Business, Philosophy, Women's Studies, Environmental Sustainability, E-Commerce, Food Science, Agriculture, Tourısm, Marketing, Web Design, Semantic Web, Web Programming, Web Applications, Web Technologies, Web Services, Web 3.0, Technology, Educational Technology, Information Communication Technology, Media and Cultural Studies, Computer-Mediated Communication, Media Education, Education, Teacher Education, Higher Education, Educación, E-learning, Learning and Teaching, Online Learning, Learning And Teaching In Higher Education, Digital Media & Learning, Learning, Knowledge Management, Knowledge, Academic Writing, Creative Writing, Research Writing, Writing, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

Write for,, wikihow, howstuffworks, mashable & PC Magazine among the most prestigious magazines.

My Most Momorable Day:The Day I Flew (My Paragliding Experience)

Paragliding is unlike any other feeling in the world. You can walk up a mountain and fly off. You can carry your wing on your back and you can take it anywhere.Sam has been my ongoing instructor since I got my Novice rating, and in the 3 months I have been paragliding he has taken me all over baja to experience a variety of sites, and I am now already about to get my Intermediate rating and now i have gained the confidence needed to be a good pilot.

My Achievements: I loved the studying and learning, and I had nothing to lost and everything to gain, so I applied. At first, I thought it would take about four or five years. In the end, it took me eight years to complete my thesis. This was due to many reasons, including changing universities, applying for funding and the length of time it took to actually do my study. But it was great fun and certainly stimulating, challenging at times, and very satisfying. With any big achievement you have in life, it is part of you for life - no one can take it away.

"My PhD thesis is one of my biggest achievements. Having completed it, many doors and opportunities have opened for me. I'm still working at Ashford & St Peter’s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, but the diversity of work has changed, my opportunities have increased and my choices and horizons expanded. I love being able to say, ‘I am a nurse with a PhD, a real doctor.’ A PhD takes time, it takes commitment, but if you are lucky to choose your own area of study, as most nurses are, the opportunities available to you are limitless."

D uring the past two years, I have exposed myself to various research topics on data mining, technology in education as well as some under the supervision of Professor Ee-Peng Lim. I have also acquired a lot of important knowledge about research methodologies and methods. Under Professor Lim's guidance, I have worked on several projects on behaviour mining in online social networks. In these projects, I learn not only to identify important research problems that require new solutions, but also to evaluate the proposed solutions using carefully designed experiments. Some of these projects have even drawn upon knowledge from other disciplines including social science, psychology and political science. Through my diligent efforts and active collaboration with others, I have made some early achievements which have given me great satisfaction.

My worst day in life

I had a car accident last September in los angeles my car was in total ####, I suffered some injuries. My attorney told me that insurance will pay only 22000 and I have to pay him 33% + $4,300 for chiropractor. The attorney told me that insurance is not going to reimburse chiropractor payment because it is already include in $22,000. I told my attorney that I am not agreed with that and want to go to court to fight my case. An attorney does not like that idea and he told me that this is final offer from the insurance company and I will not get any more money from them . I fired that attorney and if yes I paid him fees also.


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