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Thunderbird 3 calendar integration

While reading Thunderbird:Thunderbird3 I came across your points for increasing TB adoption. I don't know where this is to be discussed but since your name is on top of the page I'd like to discuss it with you : Why isn't there more debate over integrating lightning? It should be obvious that this increases bloat, much like SeaMonkey/Mozilla Suite was "split up" into a separate mail client and browser I wouldn't want to have my e-mail "poluted" by a calendar. I actually use lightning on one desktop and while I think it's a top notch piece of work, I wouldn't want it on all my machines. In fact I'm still considering just switching to Sunbird.

Which brings me to the next point, wouldn't this move more or less invalidate Sunbird? Most people I know don't really use a calendar application (I found that out while advertising Sunbird and Lightning), so to them this is just bloat. Going from that it makes more sense to have an option between a mail client and an "PIM" with both mail and calendar than to have the choice between a "PIM" and just a calendaring application.

Another argument against Lightning integration is that there will be default buttons for it and if Lightning is any indication for what that would be like, it adds a whole sidebar and an extra toolbar (which I don't really see a good reason for, but it's there). That's a whole lot of screen realestate that is wasted "by default". And you know how important the "default" configuration is for first time users becoming full time users!

More appropriate choices could be a tighter integration between sunbird and thunderbird, more promotion of Lightning (possibly an option during installation much like the DOM inspector was for Firefox) and a very important feature that is well underway : A more streamlined extension finding and installation procedure. After all, making it easier to get and install Lightning is what this is all about.

I'd like to hear your thoughts on this. Rygir 22:08, 9 August 2008 (UTC)