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As a Member and President of the “Mozilla Italia - Traduzione e Supporto” Association I’ve got the chance to see all my wishes about an enjoying hobby materialized. I have such fun and satisfaction working with our Association, collaborating to build up as many specialized teams as our activities need and coordinating them in promoting Mozilla software and mission over Italy as well as possible.

I found sponsors which helped us to cover part of the expenses for hosting. Recruited volunteers who lend our dedicated team a hand in doing the QA to be always in time for releasing the Italian localization of Mozilla applications when requested.

This constant dedication pays me back a lot. During the last 4 years, in fact, I’ve seen our forum users increase from 200 to almost 16.000 and our website has now an average of 500.000 single hits per month.

Since I usually get in touch with the most important online and offline media, I have been able to accomplish an agreement with ANSA (the main Italian Press Agency) officially allowing Mozilla to use RSS feed as Live Bookmark for the Italian version of Firefox 2.0 and above.

I’ve been interviewed by two different well known Italian radio stations on the occasion of the Italian Firefox 2.0 Parties and just few month before I got the chance to make another founder of the “Mozilla Italia - Traduzione e Supporto” interviewed in Rome by RAI3 (one our three National TV stations), during a TV show episode regarding the OpenSource software.

Moreover I am often requested to answer the questions of many online dailies wishing to know more about Firefox, other Mozilla applications and related news or special events.

Summarizing, I can say that as Official Representative of “Mozilla Italia” I really enjoy the opportunity of working into the international Mozilla environment sharing knowledge and suggestions as this allows me to be more and more open-minded and greatly improve my ability to build interpersonal relationships.