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Our Teach the Web Community calls are OPEN to all.

Join us every Thursday to talk about web literacy, teaching the web and innovating in the learning space. Share what you're working on, ask for advice and work together to encourage web users to become webmakers.

Next call:

You can add notes, questions and things you'd like to share to the call agendas.

The Etherpad Naming Convention is like this:


  • We meet at 10am Eastern time.
  • That's currently 7am Pacific Standard Time | 3pm BST (GMT +1) | 4pm Central European Time | 7:30pm India Standard Time.

Confused? A calendar you can subscribe to can be found here

How to dial in

You can call this number with a phone or Skype:

Muting / Unmuting

All lines are muted by default

  • To unmute your line, press *7
  • To mute your line, press *6
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