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The following is a boilerplate for the agenda for the weekly meeting for a new website. This agenda should be copied and pasted into a wiki page specific to this meeting, such as

The Project Driver will call and run this meeting.

This the agenda and action items for the weekly check-in meeting for {Project Name}.

= General =
* Date: {Date}
* Time: {Time} 

== Project Links ==

* {link}

== Attendees ==

* {Person}

= Agenda =

== Previous Action Items ==

* {Person}:{Action} (Status)

== Status Update ==
* Each group member will give a status update of action items identified in previous meeting and identify blockers.
** Product owner
** TPM
** Designer
** Developers
** IT
** QA
** L10N
** Security
** Legal

== Standing Items == 

* Are there any upcoming events/PTO/offsite/work weeks that could cause a schedule conflict?

= Action Items =
The following action items were identified and assigned in this meeting:
* {Person}: {Action}