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New Sidebar UI and ACE editor integration


Milestone Planned Actual Notes
Thaw Tuesday, January 4 Thursday, January 6
Freeze Tuesday, February 8
Release Thursday, February 10


Summary Owner Priority References Status Notes
New package directory UI Sean P1 bug 615325 [DONE] Landed, currently in polish and bug fix mode
Create a package creation button in the global nav Sean P2 bug 619981 [DONE] Added to the global nav
Implement new, more generic docs system Piotr/TBD Front-end Dev P3 bug 612721 [DONE] Trying to get this in today
Design and implement a mechanism for displaying SDK error output Daniel P3 bug 615322 [DONE] I do not have the necessary options in the SDK Window API, I will have to hack up something custom :(
Update the application with SDK 1.0b2 TBD P2 bug 624521 [DONE] It's 1.0b2rc1. It may be upgraded before putting on production
Integrate the new version of the Skywriter editor Piotr P2 bug 628278 [DONE] Ace is integrated, still an issue with highlighting non JS files
Remove reliance on the MooTools 1.2 compatibility layer Sean P2 bug 624563 [DONE] Remove reliance on MooTools 1.2 from the app, code should adhere to 1.3 APIs only from here on.
Generate XPI files with celery Piotr P2 [DONE] Celery is now being used on trunk and the UI is in place to support it.
1.0a8 Papercuts Anyone with a pulse P3 bug 619976 [ON TRACK] Ouch! Make the hurting stop!...when you have time and the P1s and P2s are done of course ;)

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