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Add-ons Builder: End of Life April 2014


Add-ons Builder: The Mission

The Add-ons Builder enables rapid, collaborative, community-driven development of add-ons built with the Add-on SDK and third-party libraries that extend the Add-on SDK core with additional APIs and functionality.

Application Instances


  • most stable
  • always the latest tagged version


  • used primarily in release testing after code freezes
  • updated every 15 minutes from staging branch


  • continuously updated by developers, contains a variety of features from upcoming releases
  • updated every 15 minutes from master branch

Production Team

  • Product Manager: Daniel Buchner (dbuc) -
  • Lead Server-side Developer: Piotr Zalewa (zalun) -
  • Lead Client-side Developer: Sean McArthur (seanmonstar) -
  • Search and Services: Arron Schaar (arron) -
  • Developer Manager: Wil Clouser (clouserw)

Addon Builder Helper

This add-on is needed for FlightDeck to fly. The source is locate on Github here:


Revision Control System


Release Planning and Implementation


The linked document below is used for planning and development of specs for upcoming releases of the Add-ons Builder. Once a release spec is finalized on the roadmap, it will transferred to wiki format for quick reference during development cycles. (see the Releases section below)

Feature Pages

Release Process

Add-on Builder

  • Releases may go out as frequently as once per week, on Wednesday afternoons at 2PM PST
  • Prior to release, code will freeze at the beginning of the week on Monday (not withstanding any critical patches we allow)
  • The PM will interface with the Developer Manager and IT to ensure the release is properly scheduled.
  • Depending on the outcome of QA testing the release can be green-lighted and tagged on Github any time between Monday and Wednesday, but a decision to push must occur at least 1 hour prior to the scheduled release time.
  • At the time releases are taking place, all developers are required to be on hand to triage any issues that may arise on live.

Add-on Repacker Runs

  • In coordination with the Add-on SDK team, the repacker will begin test runs on the AMO dev site when a new SDK version enters the beta phase of code verification.
  • The repacker will only repackage add-ons on AMO that originated from the Add-on Builder.
  • QA will verify the repacker acted on the right set of add-ons, produced add-ons that operate as expected, and that no errors were thrown in the process from either the repacker code or SDK cfx xpi build loop.
  • A link to the repacked add-ons on the AMO development servers will be posted so add-ons devs have a chance to check and verify the repack of their add-on was successful.
  • Upon verification by the two parties above, results will be communicated to the SDK team by the Builder PM. The SDK and Builder teams will examine the results and make a joint decision if and when to begin repackaging add-ons on production.

Meeting Notes