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Keyboard shortcuts, add-on/library deletion, external resource uploads.


Milestone Planned Actual Notes
Thaw Monday, February 14
Maintenance Release Thursday, March 3
Freeze Friday, March 18
Feature Release Thursday, March 24


Summary Owner Priority References Status Notes
Ability to delete an add-on/library Piotr P1 bug 633595 [DONE] We will allow deletion of add-ons and libraries in a way that accounts for forks or dependent packages.
Create a keyboard shortcut UI & support for advanced shortcuts Sean P2 bug 633592 [DONE] UI piece is done, shortcuts are done. just need some patchs from MooTools
Allow fetching of external resources Piotr P2 bug 633589 [DONE] Users should be able to submit an external resource URL to the Builder's attachment section and have the app fetch and include that resource.
Restyle the app to resemble AMO Daniel RESCHEDULED [ON TRACK] The Builder should take its styling cues from AMO where possible
Add in-Edit library version updating Sean P1 bug 633597 [DONE] This feature is done and being actively tested in our master build
Update the application with SDK 1.0b3 Piotr P1 bug 624521 [DONE] Add support for the latest beta to remain in step with the SDK release cycle
Refreshed the Builder's tutorial page (outdated, currently disabled) Daniel P2 bug 633577 [DONE] The tutorial on the Builder contains deprecated syntax in API examples and other outdated information. It is currently disabled in the live Builder to minimize user confusion.
Generate a new logo for the Add-on Builder Marketing (Sean Martell) P1 bug 633590 [DONE] Sean and I are discussing some mocks for the new logo


  • Module collision detection
  • Verbose revision messages

Production Server Update Instructions