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January 12, 2011

1.0a8 Review

  • Feature-by-feature status update
  • Be aware of the move off reliance on the MooTools 1.2 compatibility layer, we should be coding for the 1.3 APIs only now.
  • Discuss the structure and location of various client-side assets

Other Topics

  • Quarterly goals - did you see them?
    • How many of those IDE functionality goals do we get for free with skywriter?
    • Are the skywriter devs working on any of them?
  • Finalize the February work week logistics
    • Current front runner is Feb 6th - 11th
  • IT bugs
    • 99% of things should go through clouserw please/thanks
  • New bugzilla product/component:
    • Old and busted: Mozilla Labs::Flightdeck
    • New hotness:
      • Product:
      • Component: Add-on Builder
      • QA Contact: add-on-builder@add-ons.bugs
    • What does it mean?
      • We can track milestones just like normal
      • We'll have a Q12011 milestone with quarterly goals in it and pull flightdeck stuff for the smaller milestones from there. hooray for organization.