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February 2nd, 2011

1.0a8 Review

  • Feature-by-feature status update

Goal Update

We're a third of the way through the quarter. Are we a third of the way through our goals?

  • Complete the integration and augmentation of the new ACE editor
  • Implement a new search UI for full-text/faceted search of packages
  • Finalize plans for remaining Builder/AMO integration
    • Going to have this meeting next week

February 7-10 Work Week

High priority items:

  • unresolved blockers
  • unfinished features
  • hands-on testing (the whole team)
  • ergonomics quick-wins


Monday Feb 7th

  • Last chance to bang out any unfinished larger features from our 1.0a8 deliverables.

Tuesday Feb 8th

  • For the first half of the day, we will each use the Builder to create our own simple test extensions together in the same room. As we encounter any rough edges, errors, or unexpected behaviors, each will be white-boarded. After lunch we will do an active triage/solution hackathon, I am hoping to tear through the list we generate by the end of the day.

Wednesday Feb 9th

  • This day will be all about testing and bug squashing, be ready to reduce the amount of tracebacks we throw!

Thursday Feb 10th

  • Deploy the site to live if it passes all of Ayan's test, if we get the release out this day, we will have some fun...seriously.

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