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August 24, 2011

Release Updates

  • Are all the fixes for the search-related prod bugs ready to go for our 3PM push?

Other Topics

  • 0.9.10? - Sean
  • Work with Zac to come up with a standard way of identifying DOM nodes in the pages he needs to run Selenium on. This can be IDs, custom attributes, or whatever else you feel is best.
  • From the "push new version" action on the previously discussed AMO sync mock (, what are the required inputs the user needs to make in the modal we'll show them besides picking which revision they want to push?
  • What parts of the AMO integration are working in master now? What work still needs to be done?
  • Balanced focus on several things is fine as always, but do make sure we are goal-complete and ready for release to live no later than September 21st.