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September 28, 2011

Release Updates

  • Are there any issues in advance of today's release we should discuss?

Other Topics

  • Arron starts next week, his first priority is going to be the search service and all the various app touch-points that rely upon it (such as the library modal in edit view). I'm thinking he will also take on code completion in the editor, any thoughts about these work assignments?
  • Moving to Shipyard and Jinja: where are we at, what's the next step?
  • Our "1.0" release target is now officially Q1 2012 what are the must haves?
    • Close as possible to 0 bugs on existing features
    • BrowserID integration
    • Code completion (first round, SDK modules only)
    • Shipyard & Jinja
    • Hardening
    • No lingering tracebacks (such as: "2 profiles returned!")