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Dec 17

Meeting rescheduled for 2pm PDT

  • 4.0.5 status
  • Bandwagon status
  • Community update
    • Plan on bringing PDF Download author on as an editor
    • Add-on-Con huge success
    • Contacting authors directly about Fx 3.1b2 compatibility
    • Plan to email all AMO users next Monday
    • Chatting w/ Mozilla Messaging team about expanding add-on message for TB 3.0
    • AMO queue burndown rescheduled for weekend of 1/10
  • Add-on Con summary -- Please post feedback if you have any

Dec 10


  • 4.0.4 Wrap-up
  • 4.0.5 and end of Q4
    • Plugins architecture
    • FAQ, About and Contact pages
    • Bandwagon directory, phase 2
  • Community update
  • Sanitization script
    • sanitize xml calls -- 1.5 million calls, 35 add-ons
    • is there a way to get rid of sanitization for model attributes in the model?
  • fligtar status (final exam; missing meeting)
    • posted about revised appversion policy in
    • opt-out box and updated compat dashboard will be in 4.0.4
    • 3.1 currentAppVersion change will not be in 4.0.4 due to LAST MINUTE REVIEW DENIAL!!@!
    • Thunderbird 3.0b1 uses the new Add-ons Manager with AMO API!
    • in MV the rest of this week and early next week

Dec 3

Nov 26

  • Community update
    • AMO Rotation for December 2008 is complete. Will be rotated on Sunday.
    • Conducted last two intern interviews this week and will contract the 4 Seneca editors
  • 4.0.4 status
    • will need feedback on plugin schema -- use addons table or not?
    • any bandwagon bugs we need to add? -- no
  • SAMO status - was the feeds bug QAd on preview?
    • stephend - will look at pending SAMO bugs
    • db - need to get db changes onto prod db
    • preview db changes are getting clobbered - morgamic talk to IT about making preview DB updates manual
  • Obligatory phone call to Rey's land line
  • Add-ons Con?
  • wenzel:
    • Followup to last week's "google indexing user info pages" topic: The bug is fixed, a robots.txt is in place and will make it into production with the next push (bug 457549
    • Simpletest is updated (bug 457601) and the out_select() breakage (bug 457602) removed: We can start writing tests again and fix the broken ones (don't all cheer at once! ;-) ).
    • Rewrote build script in Python (bug 451043) to do proper xml parsing. If you find any problems, please let me know.

Nov 19

  • 4.0.3 cleanup, SAMO status
  • 4.0.4 triage and scope
  • Bandwagon status and bugs
  • Community update
    • AMO queue burndown weekend of Dec 6
    • New page for FF 3.1 add-on updating (
    • Add-on Con Mozilla sessions finalized (Dec 11)
      • Shaver - Browser panel
      • MFinkle - Developer session on using mashups in add-ons
      • Xoopit - Business case study
      • Brian King - State of Add-on Development
    • Conduit toolbars reintro to AMO
    • Outreach to several sites regarding compatibility (LifeHacker, RWW, DownloadSquad, etc)
    • Chatting with CBeard & DPortillo about hiring a FT editor (trying to finalize approval)
    • Good initial discussion with AdaptiveBlue and OneRiot about how to help make them more successful. Follow-up face-to-face at Add-on Con.
    • Chatted with Legal about updated submission policies. Currently in progress but will give us more flexibility, especially in dealing with abandoned projects.
    • AMO Recommended List rotation stats gathering next week with rotation happening on 12/1
    • Emailing add-on developers
  • FYF reaction, where we go from here
    • Lots of blog activity
    • UI for creating new collections and managing existing ones
    • Come up with method of choosing featured add-ons ala Recommended List rotation
  • Some add-on devs seem to feel quite strongly about bug 446361 (make licensing info of add-ons available). I personally also think this is an important feature, allowing AMO to incubate new ideas by telling people which add-ons they may borrow code from, and what ideas they can build on. Should we do this? If so, should we triage this bug for one of the upcoming milestones? --wenzel
  • Fred already brought this up on the mailing list: "... the discussion we wanted to spawn among the community what they want to do about the user info pages (cf. A lot of people don't seem comfortable that they are indexed by Google. How should we move forward with our "robots.txt" discussion?"

Also, notes we had on the review process:

  • Write bash scripts to execute common greps
  • Determine how to automate testing for execution of remote XUL in chrome context
  • Need to be able to easily diff two versions of an add-on for nominated updates (show the diff in the review entry)
  • Need a way to link to previous issues the add-on had that made it change status
  • Not able to publish an update because file is unclickable
  • Be able to claim which add-on someone is reviewing
  • Canned responses are messed up
  • Reviewer log and dev comments have messed up escaping
  • Filter doesn't work correctly

Nov 12

  • Added vi locale!

Nov 5

  • fligtar absentee status
    • 3.1 compat dashboard developer lookup tool done, waiting for evangelism to help with copy and links
    • 3 bandwagon API bugs for 4.0.3 described in detail
    • have been working on 3.5 and 4.0.3 bugs
    • remaining 4.0.3 bugs:
      • 461089 patch done, I need to test with real log file and get reviewed
      • 443977 may slip
      • 435075 haven't started, but not code-oriented
  • 4.0.3 status update
    • Lots of bugs, what is not feasible by Monday and should be 4.0.4?
    • Questions about Bandwagon bugs?
  • Collections TODO -- what's left
    • EULA update -- wenzel
    • Schedule -- david
    • Metrics requirement needs to be added in place (bug 462814)
    • Page content to be created (needs to be ready to roll by Nov. 11)

Oct 29

  • We will have to push bandwagon and API-related (fennec) changes tomorrow night, Oct. 30
  • 4.0.3 will start Oct. 30, code freeze on Nov. 10
  • 4.0.4 will start Nov. 17, code freeze on Dec. 1
  • Blank developer pages? Rey?
  • Updates on Collections web view
    • EULA on 2nd step of installation - wenzel
    • Nov. 11, be ready to release changes on AMO (front-page)
    • Nov. 11, be ready to launch first-run page changes
    • Nov. 18, push actual (push has to happen by Nov. 17, pm - drol)
  • 3.1 compatibility
  • Brian King's presentation at MozCamp EU

Oct 22

  • 4.0.3 schedule
  • Bandwagon: stephend has started QA'ing the website
  • AMO blog and community update
  • One of the major reasons people want to delete their accounts seems to be their names showing up on Google (bug 457549). How should we address this? --wenzel
    • should be fixed in the same run: bug 371779. We are (unintentionally) requiring too many fields to be filled in. Should we go with Wladimir's suggestion and just require one name field not to be empty? --wenzel
    • Will require first OR nick (wenzel, 4.0.3)
    • Will start discussion on robots.txt
  • Do we have a list of prioritized bugs?
    • rdoherty
    • Nice to have for when volunteers want to work on unassigned bugs.
    • If you have free time, take a look at bug queue
    • Bugzilla mining session during on-site

Oct 15

  • 4.0.2 open bugs
  • Push bandwagon bugs next week, Oct 23rd, to prepare for David's event

Oct 8

  • 4.0.2 status
  • What's wrong with our session handling (bug 458763)? With JS disabled, the session ID is constantly regenerated, breaking our CSRF check. With JS enabled, it happens too, just not as often. Anyone have a clue what's happening? --wenzel Update: fixed with laura's help.

Oct 1

  • We've been getting a lot of traffic to amo-editors@ lately. afaik Basil has been handling everything other people didn't reply to right away. Do we have a plan for who will handle this stuff now? --clouserw [It should be Rey but he'll need some assistance --basil]
  • The MySQL stop word issue keeps hunting us again and again (bug 447933): Any objections to switching off the stop word list completely on the AMO DBs? --wenzel
    • wenzel, xb95, stephend to come up with a test plan then test this Thursday during window, wenzel to file bug, cc: xb95 -- done: bug 458110
  • AMO Stats update
  • 4.0.2 bugs that are stuck or can't get done by Monday