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CSUN Information

  • Title: "Technology & Persons with Disabilities Conference"
  • AKA: "CSUN"
  • Dates: March 11-15, 2008
  • Official Website
  • Background: Mozilla rocked at CSUN 2007.

This year we plan to have both the developer room (MozPit) and a hands-on lab.


Please put your name here if you would like to help with the Mozilla Foundation booth or the open source hands on lab.

Name Project Hands-on lab commitments Seeking sponsorship?
Aaron Leventhal Mozilla accessibility module owner, IBM no
Frank Hecker Executive Director of Mozilla Foundation no
Tim Riley Director of QA for Mozilla Corporation no
Marco Zehe Mozilla Corporation accessibility QA Firefox and Thunderbird w/ screen readers no
Michael Curran NVDA open source Windows screen reader Show NVDA yes
James Teh NVDA open source Windows screen reader Show NVDA yes
David Bolter Thunderbird, ARIA, and GNOME a11y Show accessible web apps no
Simon Bates Dojo accessibility Show accessible web apps no
Joanie Diggs Orca screen reader Show Orca; other duties as assigned :-) yes
Steve Lee Jambu open source on screen keyboard project yes
Eitan Isaacson Orca screen reader, Pyatspi, Accerciser yes
Christopher Leung Project:Possibility a11y projects and programs Can demo various projects yes

MozPit: Meeting Room and Technical Presentation Schedule

Not booked yet.


  1. cd should include 'Please copy and give to all your friends' on the label.
  2. If it's a LiveCD then update checks must be disabled to avoid messages.
  3. Booth duty sign up sheet. Including a "lunch grabber" role perhaps.
  4. Keep the MozPit! But, I'm torn as to whether it should be bigger or not. Keeping it smallish would help keep it interactive I think.
  5. Book a block of hotel rooms early. I don't think we get dinged if we cancel a day before.
  6. Prepare and maintain an succinct electronic LA/CSUN info kit for newcomers. Maps, bus/trolley, reasonable places to eat, facts to use at the booth etc.
  7. MozPit signup sheet with topics/tasks. e.g. "Hack on Jambu"


Task Name Status Description Owners Notes
CD 0% A CD of A11y Firefox stuff
CSUN MozA11y Team member kit 0% Insiders info on how to "do" CSUN and represent MozA11y.
Defining 2008 MozA11y Team 30% Who is going?
Booking 0% Hotel rooms, MozPit, Hands-on lab