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Reporter User:Ahsan.net
Date December 2011
Recruits 5
Past Items 1. Mozilla featured by ATN News – “Young Nite”: [10th December, Friday night: 1:15am] BD Time and [10th December, Sat noon: 1:15pm] BD Time. i attended eASiA 2011 with ISOC and serving lighting talk about Mozilla and ISOC. Many visitors and participants of eAsia2011 were interested to know more about Mozilla. i try to give them the glimpse of ongoing Mozilla projects and technology. When preaching to the university students about Mozilla, dated 3rd Dec 2011, a video feed was taken and featured by ATN News – “Young Nite”. i talk about Mozilla projects, how people can get involved with Mozilla projects, contributor engagement programs, our past events, proposed upcoming programs. Mozilla Firefox badge, mozillareps.org website is highlighted with my name and designation. Among the listeners, a lady's feedback is added after my conversation with the host. http://youtu.be/G1vI80TVGsk 2. Invited to the aamra Open House Party 2011, held on 12th Dec 2011 at its Office premise. i meet a couple of decision makers (AGM tech, deputy Mkt manager) from aamra and discussed about IT business, open source and how we might do some win win tie ups. 3. Conversation with different print media [ example: The Independent (a local eng. daily Newspaper)] for media coverage. 4. Create list of of Students Reps/ contributors for reconnect. 5. Create Template PR Drafts, Mozilla Bangladesh Community overview layout and Mozilla Bangladesh event/ activities log at a glimpse in 2011. http://www.hottipsblog.com/2011/09/14/mozilla-bangladesh-community/
Next Items 1. BASIS SOFTEXPO 2012. 2. Mozilla Community Meetup 3. Media coverage. 4. University Campus Campaign Tour. 5. Coordinating for more people interested in Mozilla and Open Web.