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Welcome to the Automation and Tools Projects Page.

We are the people who write the code that enables all our automated test systems (correctness, performance etc) to run. We are continually expanding, upgrading, and inventing new and better ways to do automated quality analysis at Mozilla. Most of our systems run on a per-checkin basis, and at the time of this writing we do roughly 300 checkins a day, and we run hundreds of thousands of tests per checkin, so you can imagine how many times our code gets run. If you like the idea of that kind of a challenge, we could use your help on some of the projects below. If you don't know how to get started, feel free to hop on irc (, into the channel #ateam and ask some questions.

The Goals

See our goals page.

Other Projects

Every quarter there are more things we'd like to do than we have time for. Below are some of these projects, broken down by areas and technologies so that you can find something that gets you excited.


Work in progress effort to create an index for all existing/WIP automation tools - Here.

Firefox for Android

The Firefox for Android project is a continual expansion of our test harnesses to better support the Android platform. Currently we only release Firefox on that platform (aka Fennec), but we might also begin testing web apps there in the near future. Familiarity with Android and a great knowledge of Python is very useful here.

  • Help expand our reach to x86 Android systems by aiding us in debugging and fixing test failures on that platform: see the collection of bugs beneath bug 891959

Firefox Desktop and General Automation Support

The desktop web browser Firefox continues to be our flagship product, and there is always ongoing work needed to ensure that we continue to support the new features that regularly land in Firefox. Many of the bugs here are more tractable simply because the test harnesses and tests involved are older code. This is a good spot for first-time contributors. These will involve Python knowledge and some JavaScript, depending on the bug.


The a-team maintains many of the systems and code that perform per-checkin testing on performance. There are many performance automation systems at Mozilla, and one of our current efforts is to pull them under one high-level dashboard, called Perfherder. A working knowledge of the web, Python, JavaScript, statistics, and great debugging skills would be helpful.

Tools & Dashboards

We create web-based tools and dashboards to help illustrate how our automation is doing. Datazilla is a performance dashboarding system, and Treeherder surfaces the status of our automation runs. We also maintain and continually improve Mozilla's Bugzilla installation, often contributing patches to the upstream general Bugzilla project. Python, JavaScript, and, in Bugzilla's case, Perl, are all used here, along with both relational and NoSQL databases.

ATeam Handbook

The ATeam Handbook is meant to be the definitive source of information on how we do things in the ateam, useful for new and old contributors alike. Currently in the planning phase.

Mentored Bugs

These bugs are things that we have identified as great starter bugs. Each bug contains a focused technology that is required and a mentor who has volunteered to help out people starting to work on the issue. If you've done a few mentored bugs, talk to your mentors about becoming a mentor yourself!

Full Query
ID Summary Priority Status Bug mentor
328110 [client] should set up WAY_TOO_MUCH_GC testing for tinderbox P5 REOPENED No bug_mentor
366932 Transfer-Encoding: chunked on incoming requests -- NEW No bug_mentor
371075 should reftest use CheckLoadURI? -- NEW No bug_mentor
371329 XPI_NAME-built extensions not available to make check -- NEW No bug_mentor
372452 reftest should be able to compare with reference image, not just reference html -- NEW No bug_mentor
376628 reftest manifest listing reference as data URI should match -- NEW No bug_mentor
378526 Requirements for a comprehensive download link checker to use before release P3 REOPENED No bug_mentor
384631 reftest gets confused about which testcases it's comparing -- NEW No bug_mentor
385869 reftest comparing dataURI to identical dataURI does not pass equality test -- REOPENED No bug_mentor
390971 should be automatedly invokable and give more output -- NEW No bug_mentor
393063 Add ability to add rewrite handler to httpd.js -- NEW No bug_mentor
397854 need leak tests for measuring kernel, gdi, and user handles -- REOPENED No bug_mentor
398118 MochiKit's isArrayLike needs to deal with windows -- REOPENED No bug_mentor
409406 Mechanism for reftests which must manipulate window size -- NEW No bug_mentor
413659 Testing framework for sanitize (and later private browsing) -- NEW No bug_mentor
421474 mochitest: display "file n of N" at the top when executing tests, add a "stop tests" button -- REOPENED No bug_mentor
421720 Add ability to run unit and mochi tests that should fire an assertion -- NEW No bug_mentor
423497 logging doesn't work for chrome tests -- NEW No bug_mentor
424483 Need way to run mochitests in their own chrome packages -- NEW No bug_mentor
424484 Need way to run mochitests from file:// -- REOPENED No bug_mentor
428037 Need ability to reftest "print-selection" feature -- NEW No bug_mentor
434365 Add a commandline option to run Mochitest in a separate X server on Linux -- NEW No bug_mentor
435915 Need tests for mochitest-plain to ensure that cycle collected windows die when we expect -- REOPENED No bug_mentor
448617 Automated tests involving alert windows -- NEW No bug_mentor
448863 3 strict warnings in <test_default_index_handler.js> -- NEW No bug_mentor
449240 |make check|: 30 tests report the same 6 leaked objects (plus others) -- ASSIGNED No bug_mentor
451630 Chrome mochitests don't actually run as chrome -- NEW No bug_mentor
453302 New framework: relic (license text checker) -- UNCONFIRMED No bug_mentor
453901 browser chrome mochitests need head/cleanup functionality like xpcshell has -- NEW No bug_mentor
454349 reftests should test whether repaint paints opaque color over the entire viewport -- REOPENED No bug_mentor
454351 An improved reftest analysis tool (alternative to reftest-analyzer.xhtml) -- NEW No bug_mentor
455782 Should tests be independent from each other? -- NEW No bug_mentor
456414 Implement (Tinderbox) leak tracking for reftest P3 NEW No bug_mentor
462365 List available tests and allow running a single one -- NEW No bug_mentor
466524 allow ssl in xpcshell tests -- NEW No bug_mentor
467448 [meta] General Performance Testing Harness -- NEW No bug_mentor
468137 printing reftests cut of part of the content -- NEW No bug_mentor
469228 Support keep-alive connections in httpd.js P3 NEW No bug_mentor
469527 allow filtering test results (show only failures, passes, etc.) -- NEW No bug_mentor
470475 Add testing framework for widget/cocoa (maybe OCUnit?) -- NEW No bug_mentor
472007 force tests to not rely on external resources -- NEW No bug_mentor
473154 Warning when trying to run a local HttpServer with MozMill: undefined property Ci.nsIHttpServer -- NEW No bug_mentor
474800 leaktest logs include unknown event types -- NEW No bug_mentor
476642 want a semantically better alternative to fails-if -- NEW No bug_mentor
476860 HTTP reftests depend on profile HTTP cache -- NEW No bug_mentor
477250 chrome test ignores exceptions, could give false positives -- NEW No bug_mentor
477409 make reftest check its own timeout invariants -- NEW No bug_mentor
484385 TEST_PATH causes "make mochitest-chrome" to not auto-run tests -- NEW No bug_mentor
488611 Determine why Windows is stupid and reenable test_start_stop.js there -- NEW No bug_mentor
490147 xpcshell-tests: replace head files by setup functions & imports? -- UNCONFIRMED No bug_mentor
490223 Build CPP_UNIT_TESTS into <_tests/check> directory -- NEW No bug_mentor
495877 Implement request handlers which can process input incrementally -- NEW No bug_mentor
499577 '--chrome --test-path' without '--autorun' doesn't log to file -- NEW No bug_mentor
507195 reftest should show file name in titlebar -- NEW No bug_mentor
508689 Talos tests that don't involve the page set should be part of the main tree -- NEW No bug_mentor
510581 setState doesn't seem to persist for geolocation tests -- NEW No bug_mentor
511611 reftest "script" keyword should have a sanity test -- NEW No bug_mentor
512481 Some reftest forcibly unminimizes the reftest window -- NEW No bug_mentor
514067 [meta] Running tests locally is painful -- NEW No bug_mentor
519568 Create new Talos suite: metrics for plugins -- NEW No bug_mentor
519572 Ensure test frameworks expect subprocesses -- NEW No bug_mentor
521233 waitForFocus(callback) times out in browser chrome tests -- REOPENED No bug_mentor
523864 reftest harness should trap missing file exceptions and continue -- NEW No bug_mentor
524130 running tests from packaged builds should be easier -- NEW No bug_mentor
526675 Need to report if the test suite is unloaded when running a test -- NEW No bug_mentor
529330 can't compile a compiled-code unit test for internal-only static function in netwerk -- NEW No bug_mentor
541392 ssltunnel should have more detailed errors -- NEW No bug_mentor
543886 Run most/all normal reftests in print mode, too -- NEW No bug_mentor
543896 Add a SERVER_ROOT object-state mapping to the reftest harness for use from SJS files -- NEW No bug_mentor
544138 Please print-preview and print pages during topsite tests -- NEW No bug_mentor
544443 Tool for comparing rendering of websites between Firefox versions -- NEW No bug_mentor
550500 synthesizeMouse function needs to be adjusted to more reflect reality when double/triple-clicking -- REOPENED No bug_mentor
551856 JavaScript type errors in JS components should be treated as errors inside the browser chrome test suite -- NEW No bug_mentor
552852 Tweak httpd.js APIs and mochitest uses of them as noted in bug 544097 comment 43 -- NEW No bug_mentor
556730 reftest should provide its own browser.chromeURL -- REOPENED No bug_mentor
558412 Mochitest should have a way to hook into dialogs -- NEW No bug_mentor
562747 There should be a better way to mark tests as "slow" in jstests.list -- NEW No bug_mentor
563718 Implement universal manifest format for Mozilla test tools -- NEW No bug_mentor
563722 Implement universal manifest format for reftest -- NEW No bug_mentor
564081 Implement support for Request-Lines containing an authority rather than abs_path/absoluteURI -- NEW No bug_mentor
564276 Rename waitForFocus to something better -- NEW No bug_mentor
573306 stdout and stderr get tangled on Windows (when using -- NEW No bug_mentor
573803 Add support for SSL WebSocket tests to mochitest -- NEW No bug_mentor
574305 Generalize and refactor httpd.js wrappers into stand alone utility -- NEW No bug_mentor
586655 test_bug511075.html fails on Fennec -- REOPENED No bug_mentor
590257 Weird Leak in mochitest -- NEW No bug_mentor
594902 httpd.js should support If-Modified-Since -- NEW No bug_mentor
597572 allow reftest conditions to contain whitespace -- NEW No bug_mentor
598879 Create reftest-style framework for comparing <browser> and <browser remote> rendering -- NEW No bug_mentor
600559 Improve documentation for EventUtils.synthesizeMouse() -- NEW No bug_mentor
600736 Need to modify twistd patch on all Win32 slaves to properly manage processes -- NEW No bug_mentor
601012 Allow reftests to request that timed SMIL samples be disabled -- NEW No bug_mentor
603234 chrome-harness.js: code issue, documentation nits -- NEW No bug_mentor
603764 JS warning: variable basePath redeclares argument in chrome-harness.js:112 -- NEW No bug_mentor
608175 Reftest does not crash when it should -- NEW No bug_mentor
611548 refactor harness code to avoid dependency on result reporting window -- NEW No bug_mentor
612796 1.9.1 regression: Chrome file doesn't exist: $OBJDIR/_tests/reftest/reftest/chrome/reftest/content/autoconf.js -- UNCONFIRMED No bug_mentor
613023 Add line numbers to the log messages generated by the browser chrome harness -- NEW No bug_mentor
613534 Reftest harness should be more helpful when a file is missing ("timed out waiting for onload to fire" is misleading for that case) -- REOPENED No bug_mentor
615786 Print test failures in manifest format -- NEW No bug_mentor
622221 Make jstestbrowser work in <browser remote> -- NEW No bug_mentor
622395 unify and improve calls -- NEW No bug_mentor
633670 Need testing support for leaks that do not persist through shutdown -- NEW No bug_mentor
635550 Reftest harness charges assertions to the wrong test when assertion occurs on bfcache eviction -- NEW No bug_mentor
637132 Testing httpd can't serve requests in different order -- NEW No bug_mentor
638815 reftest seems to have no way to do a green run on android -- NEW No bug_mentor
647990 Several crashtests are still (incorrectly?) marked as skip-if(Android) -- NEW No bug_mentor
649454 If a test suite is running under a debugger, don't time out the test suite -- NEW No bug_mentor
649563 Convert all existing uses of nsIPrefBranch to use SpecialPowers -- NEW No bug_mentor
649776 enable color correction for reftests -- NEW No bug_mentor
654218 reftest harness prints only one images for tests which pass unexpectedly -- NEW No bug_mentor
655622 Add SpecialPowers for reftests to use -- NEW No bug_mentor
657738 Help detect orange randomness -- NEW No bug_mentor
658710 Document new todo_check_foo functions -- NEW No bug_mentor
660419 Enable Reftest to print a test "elapsed time" summary -- NEW No bug_mentor
661043 Testing frame work should handle event listener in itself -- NEW No bug_mentor
666064 Need a way to run tests occasionally but not for every build -- NEW No bug_mentor
668306 Investigate not copying xpcshell tests around during build, run from srcdir -- NEW No bug_mentor
669020 Mechanism for reftests which depend on spell checking to be complete -- NEW No bug_mentor
669251 Mochitests should not load SimpleTest.js into secondary windows -- NEW No bug_mentor
669954 Enable SpecialPowers for reftest harness -- NEW No bug_mentor
670229 [Tracking bug] Determine which mochitests are 'slow' -- NEW No bug_mentor
670918 make package-tests includes many .cpp and mochitests in reftest/tests/ folder -- NEW No bug_mentor
672015 Runing dom-level1-core, dom-level2-core, and dom-level2-html in the same chunk causes timeouts -- NEW No bug_mentor
673001 Show commands to run failing unittests, after the TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL -- NEW No bug_mentor
678560 Add a getFile method to SpecialPowers -- NEW No bug_mentor
681392 window opened with does not have SpecialPowers object -- REOPENED No bug_mentor
682337 Do not set --close-when-done by default when running mochitests through make when using TEST_PATH -- NEW No bug_mentor
682347 use onreadystatechange in TestRunner -- NEW No bug_mentor
682901 catch the case where .finish() gets called before waitForExplicitFinish() -- NEW No bug_mentor
683648 Prevent mochitests from overwriting each other's test results -- NEW No bug_mentor
684022 Passing an invalid TEST_PATH to make mochitest-chrome yields no useful error message -- NEW No bug_mentor
687977 JavaScript errors undetected during test run -- NEW No bug_mentor
688052 Perma-orange Android TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | /tests/Harness_sanity/test_sanityEventUtils.html | Test timed out. (followed by >100 more failures) -- NEW No bug_mentor
689980 Mochitest-browser-chrome tests should display progress P5 NEW No bug_mentor
699277 Revert changes to ssltunnel and convert test from bug 599295 to xpcshell -- NEW No bug_mentor
702050 remove ignoreAllUncaughtExceptions from SimpleTest.js and browser-test.js -- NEW No bug_mentor
703618 create reftest variable for Windows XP -- NEW No bug_mentor
706169 Need automated Off-main-thread composition test harness P4 NEW No bug_mentor
708165 reftests with expected plugin crashes should remove browser dump files -- NEW No bug_mentor
710991 Possible unsafe sprintf in AdjustWebSocketHost() -- NEW No bug_mentor
718205 Investigate catching uncaught JS exceptions through window.onerror in iframes (or child windows) of (plain) mochitests -- NEW No bug_mentor
718543 SpecialPowers wrapper should preserve identity -- REOPENED No bug_mentor
720198 Windows 7 reftest-no-accel failed tests annotated as fails-if(/^Windows\x20NT\x206\.1/.test(http.oscpu)&&!layersGPUAccelerated) -- NEW No bug_mentor
721859 [meta] Add complete WebDriver support -- NEW No bug_mentor
724578 Add optional ability to fail if the number of tests run are not the same as expected -- NEW No bug_mentor
725805 Stop packaging test harness files which are now in mochikit.jar -- REOPENED No bug_mentor
725948 mochitest-browser-chrome: stop special-casing StopIteration exception in browser-test.js P4 NEW No bug_mentor
730800 Apply per-OS threshold for shutdown leaks -- NEW No bug_mentor
732494 Tracking Bug to Document and Fix reftests on Android platforms -- NEW No bug_mentor
734560 Implement a build-time check for orphaned reftest.list files -- NEW No bug_mentor
740127 Add "GeckoConsole" logcat output to the tinderbox logs P3 NEW No bug_mentor
741838 Integrate Marionette with mochitest-browser-chrome -- NEW No bug_mentor
742830 Teach the reftest/crashtest harness to verify that the test which ends is the same one that we expect it to be -- NEW No bug_mentor
745814 Discontinue echoing of test screenshot to stdout -- NEW No bug_mentor
748248 Pass ringmark test suite -- REOPENED No bug_mentor
750347 [meta] Record JavaScript code coverage of automated tests -- NEW No bug_mentor
755955 The reftest framework runs the test and the reference with random :hover state - causing random orange -- NEW No bug_mentor
762492 [Meta] SpecialPowers.wrap tracking bug -- NEW No bug_mentor
763847 SpecialPowers.wrap having a hard time wrapping an object -- NEW No bug_mentor
764205 MozReftestInvalidate doesn't reliably test invalidation in first reftest (Full-window-repaint due to focus-in after MozReftestInvalidate) -- NEW No bug_mentor
765224 [Meta] Make job logs less verbose for non-failures -- NEW No bug_mentor
766166 Have a service protocol to communicate with ssltunnel -- NEW No bug_mentor
766646 Add an easy make command to rerun reftests that failed the last time (reftest-rerun-failures) -- NEW No bug_mentor
769659 adding some new reftests can break following tests due to "stuck" canvases -- NEW No bug_mentor
771884 Run the WebSocket server for xpcshell-tests to allow tests related to WS P3 NEW No bug_mentor
773770 Android Reftest just exits, doesn't warn if it can't connect to the host -- NEW No bug_mentor
778493 Add accessibility coverage for Windows tp tests on mc P2 NEW No bug_mentor
778688 [Meta] Tracker for failures where the error summary and/or bug suggestions are suboptimal -- NEW No bug_mentor
779692 Unable to connect to reftest.list file on remote reftest -- NEW No bug_mentor
787587 Running a single Chrome mochitest takes a looooong time to startup -- NEW No bug_mentor
789567 Move mozbase to python/ P5 REOPENED No bug_mentor
798300 [mozprocess] mozprocess intermingles stdout/stderr poorly on Windows -- NEW No bug_mentor
800566 |make reftest-remote| with adb manager stopped working recently -- NEW No bug_mentor
804648 Dump buffered output on timeout -- NEW No bug_mentor
807471 Document how third parties can run reftest packages, and ensure it's as easy as possible -- NEW No bug_mentor
808267 Stackwalk for crashes in mochitest -chrome is missing on OSX (at least) -- NEW No bug_mentor
810350 Mochitests should continue after a browser crash -- REOPENED No bug_mentor
811078 Capture JavaScript strict warnings during xpcshell harness execution -- NEW No bug_mentor
812281 Shut up the media volume when running tests -- NEW No bug_mentor
813742 Parallelize the reftest and crashtest suites -- NEW No bug_mentor
819547 [mozprocess] rework mozprocess API -- NEW No bug_mentor
821210 reftest takes low resolution screen shots when run on a high DPI display -- NEW No bug_mentor
822652 mochitest-remote now fails using on non-rooted devices using adb on /data/local/tests when TEST_PATH is set to a directory or tests require SpecialPowers -- NEW No bug_mentor
824760 generate core dumps when we have a crash on android P3 NEW No bug_mentor
832413 Use ReportHooks to replace MS CRT assert dialogs in xpcshell P3 NEW No bug_mentor
834725 tracking bug for failures on ubuntu ec2 VMs -- NEW No bug_mentor
836410 Ability to remote debug xpcshell tests -- NEW No bug_mentor
841138 should create a "mirror to puppetagain" bug -- NEW No bug_mentor
843071 Add mach commands for reftest-ipc and friends. -- NEW No bug_mentor
843522 Don't allow specifying multiple types in -- NEW No bug_mentor
843952 Add a mochitest-plugins mach command -- NEW No bug_mentor
844279 Integrate GTest with TestHarness.h -- NEW No bug_mentor
845854 Find a way to conditionally execute Robocop tests depending on phone/device/os P3 NEW No bug_mentor
847275 make assertions cause test failures in mochitest-browser-chrome -- NEW No bug_mentor
847276 switch from an interstitial http: page back to a data: URL -- NEW No bug_mentor
849900 remove hacks to enable mozbase from the automation code when we are running all tests in a virtualenv -- NEW No bug_mentor
850035 Assertions after "TEST-START | Shutdown" should turn the test orange -- NEW No bug_mentor
850040 make -C jstestbrowser work -- NEW No bug_mentor
855530 Report xpcshell crash -- NEW No bug_mentor
857081 Test harness should report error for misspelled manifest conditions P3 NEW No bug_mentor
858197 Python API for receiving test progress -- NEW No bug_mentor
861271 [mozfile] Add support for very long paths and add tests P5 REOPENED No bug_mentor
861951 [mozprocess] investigate mozprocess for "PIPE is your enemy" bug and potentially write test -- NEW No bug_mentor
862265 Print a better error message if $DISPLAY is not set -- NEW No bug_mentor
862626 expose ChromeUtils as a global symbol in browser chrome, avoid re-loading chrome-harness.js for every test -- NEW No bug_mentor
863838 figure out a sanity suite of tests we could run as a smoke test -- NEW No bug_mentor
866237 xpcshell tests should really quit when a test calls do_throw -- ASSIGNED No bug_mentor
867571 [mozcrash] produce Socorro-compatible crash signatures -- NEW No bug_mentor
875177 Add reftest failure summary to mach -- NEW No bug_mentor
875388 mochitest runner should exit with non-0 status code if tests failed -- NEW No bug_mentor
878870 check in mochitest bisector scripts -- NEW No bug_mentor
880178 Mochitest should warn for preferences that are not cleaned up by tests -- NEW No bug_mentor
880387 Allow stopping of a batch of (mochi)tests on first failure -- NEW No bug_mentor
881421 [mozprocess] mozprocess refactor, round 1 -- NEW No bug_mentor
886225 Ci is not defined in SpecialPowersObserverAPI -- NEW No bug_mentor
886260 SpecialPowers.setComplexValue and tests -- NEW No bug_mentor
886520 Use xnest for running reftests -- NEW No bug_mentor
887971 Reliable printf alternative for test debugging -- NEW No bug_mentor
888748 crashinject.exe is unreliable; firefox.exe lives on and keeps waiting for it P3 NEW No bug_mentor
889449 remove pre python 2.6 cruft from makeTestConfig -- NEW No bug_mentor
891475 Add a convenience method to get the url at which the server can be accessed -- NEW No bug_mentor
894559 WebRTC multi-host NAT traversal test automation -- NEW No bug_mentor
895225 Investigate why there are multiple gigabytes of write I/O during xpcshell tests -- NEW No bug_mentor
896840 Find cause of reftests sometimes failing with "load failed: null", on Android at least -- NEW No bug_mentor
899283 Remote reftest server should allow arbitrary document root -- NEW No bug_mentor
899889 Move package-tests out of -- NEW No bug_mentor
900508 Add mozszip module to support using szip to extract libraries for Android testing. -- NEW No bug_mentor
901201 Allow mochitest --run-until-failure to run forever -- NEW No bug_mentor
901648 Split webgl reftests out into their own reftest-gl -- NEW No bug_mentor
902592 Manifestparser should throw useful exceptions in strict mode -- NEW No bug_mentor
906232 Remove all "diagnostic messages" from xpcshell tests P5 NEW No bug_mentor
906572 Verify that binaries have been uploaded to PyPi when running P3 REOPENED No bug_mentor
906623 When run individually a test should be marked as fail when there is an assert -- NEW No bug_mentor
907496 Mochitest should provide some help running from test package -- NEW No bug_mentor
909202 Run reftests in HiDPI mode -- NEW No bug_mentor
910614 [meta] Improve the SnR of the log error summaries by reducing spurious errors in the log -- NEW No bug_mentor
911048 [mozinstall] Add support to install Firefox via the stub installer P3 NEW No bug_mentor
914865 dom/tests/mochitest/localstorage/test_localStorageQuota.html has failures when running standalone -- NEW No bug_mentor
915212 Intermittent mochitest "TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | | Timed out while waiting for server startup." -- NEW No bug_mentor
916271 Implement a library for common operations required for processing structured messages from another source -- NEW No bug_mentor
916295 Tracking bug to deploy structured logging to mozilla systems -- NEW No bug_mentor
916359 Get mochitests running cleanly on debug emulators -- NEW No bug_mentor
917578 Robocop will declare success in the face of complete failure -- NEW No bug_mentor
917842 possible false positives in isPidAlive -- NEW No bug_mentor
918097 [mozprofile] If no path for profile given mozprofile should include non-ascii characters into the path -- NEW No bug_mentor
918110 Better integration for e10s xpcshell tests -- NEW No bug_mentor
918921 Retry failing tests in Mochitest -- NEW No bug_mentor
918922 Retry failing tests in Reftest -- NEW No bug_mentor
919300 mochitest sets profile object on self which imposes an undocumented workflow -- NEW No bug_mentor
919315 add mochitest server options to CLI options -- NEW No bug_mentor
919619 [tracking] Dashboard to display performance projects, activities and other useful metrics -- NEW No bug_mentor
920191 JS exceptions aren't being propagated to several of the test harness' onerror handlers -- NEW No bug_mentor
920706 In crashtest runs, the SpecialPowers addon isn't installed if you use a custom filename for your manifest -- NEW No bug_mentor
921252 XPCShell tests don't work with ChromeWorkers -- NEW No bug_mentor
924941 ./mach mochitest-plain --run-until-failure --repeat 999999 fails -- NEW No bug_mentor
926464 Manifest parser should recognize capitalized constants: skip-if = True doesn't work, skip-if = true does -- REOPENED No bug_mentor
928034 mozrunner.wait() can return before mozprocess.start() has finished processing the output -- NEW No bug_mentor
928175 Using mochitest with a debugger hangs in -- NEW No bug_mentor
928425 Remove MockObjects.js from the tree -- NEW No bug_mentor
931087 [meta] Amazing parallel test runner (and metrics, etc..) -- NEW No bug_mentor
933444 Add an --install-extension option to mach mochitests -- NEW No bug_mentor
933706 stackFixerProcess interacts badly with test hangs -- NEW No bug_mentor
934304 Syntax errors in test manifests may be silently ignored -- NEW No bug_mentor
934642 [mozprofile] Add an Addon class to AddonManager for better add-on handling -- NEW No bug_mentor
936166 [mozprofile] Backup logic should not assume that the already installed add-on is of the same type (file vs. directory) -- NEW No bug_mentor
936528 [mozprofile] AddonManager should only make backups of original add-ons from a pre-existing profile -- NEW No bug_mentor
938581 if fails in chrome-harness, fail test immediately rather than time out -- NEW No bug_mentor
939755 With httpd.js we sometimes don't get the most recent version of the file -- NEW No bug_mentor
940930 --debugger=lldb doesn't work with reftests -- NEW No bug_mentor
941402 Support intentional MOZ_RELEASE_ASSERT in the test harness -- NEW No bug_mentor
941729 GeckoConsole: [JavaScript Warning: "Use of Mutation Events is deprecated. Use MutationObserver instead." {file: "chrome://reftest/content/reftest-content.js" line: 526}] -- NEW No bug_mentor
942543 Mochitest failures claiming that a test which has finished timed out four times, followed by "4 test timeouts, giving up" -- NEW No bug_mentor
944177 [mozlog] mozlog's getLogger throws exception in what seems like a normal use case -- REOPENED No bug_mentor
948641 Temporary profiles should be named more descriptively (and possibly deleted on abnormal shutdown) -- NEW No bug_mentor
949700 Disable stack walking for NS_ASSERTION in mochitests -- NEW No bug_mentor
951138 [mozprofile] Cleaning the profile completely empties all permissions but only selectively clears preferences -- NEW No bug_mentor
951272 Convert SpecialPowers.addPermission usage to SpecialPowers.pushPermissions -- NEW No bug_mentor
952211 --debugger=lldb doesn't work with xpcshell tests -- REOPENED No bug_mentor
956474 ManifestDestiny parser doesn't fail on unknown conditions -- REOPENED No bug_mentor
957642 add native support for <link rel="match"> and <link rel="mismatch"> to reftest harness -- NEW No bug_mentor
958147 Choose one of run-if or skip-if and get rid of the other -- NEW No bug_mentor
958277 add --debugger option to mach mochitest-remote -- NEW No bug_mentor
958475 [mozrunner] Add support for --debugger=lldb -- NEW No bug_mentor
958812 Intermittent mozinstall | Failed to install .../Installer-Stubs/firefox.dmg -- NEW No bug_mentor
959670 BZ ETL (meta) -- NEW No bug_mentor
960436 add a register_exception_handler function to P3 NEW No bug_mentor
960972 [mochitest] provide testcase startup/teardown script registration, like xpcshell head/tail -- NEW No bug_mentor
961234 "REFTEST TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | | EXCEPTION: No tests to run" when running parallel reftests in a directory with few tests -- NEW No bug_mentor
962245 add --debugger option to mach cppunittest -- NEW No bug_mentor
962472 doesn't output details about skipped/disabled tests via the manifest -- NEW No bug_mentor
962662 add support for dumping CC logs after each mochitest -- NEW No bug_mentor
964448 many JS strings build up during browser-chrome tests -- NEW No bug_mentor
964723 Run single reftest at emulator -- NEW No bug_mentor
967311 Need a way to run reftest-print with shrink-to-fit P4 NEW No bug_mentor
968446 [mozprocess] Update poll() and wait() methods to return a better value if the process hasn't been started yet -- NEW No bug_mentor
969073 Wifi power manager turns off wifi during a mochitest on device test run -- NEW No bug_mentor
969334 mozinstall should not magically try to find the mount point of the DMG -- NEW No bug_mentor
969605 Add --run-until-failure to xpcshell-test command -- NEW No bug_mentor
971810 Have send email when there is a regression -- NEW No bug_mentor
972099 A preference gfx.color_management.force_srgb needs to move from .js to .py -- REOPENED No bug_mentor
974111 xpcshell doesn't continue with other tests after one test times out -- NEW No bug_mentor
975560 Missing xpchell.ini manifest files should be considered to be a test failure. -- NEW No bug_mentor
976869 It's not possible to run reftests under the debugger any more -- NEW No bug_mentor
977130 Running a single test with --dump-about-memory-after-test and --run-until-failure keeps overwriting the same file -- NEW No bug_mentor
977240 Run valgrind tests on test slaves -- NEW No bug_mentor
977354 Move to PostgreSQL -- NEW No bug_mentor
977541 Fix extensions browser-chrome tests to not be so hacky -- NEW No bug_mentor
978055 Evaluate if it's possible to use different browser overlays for different applications when running mochitest-browser-chrome -- NEW No bug_mentor
978091 Would like dev.tree-management to get alerted when global test runtime decreases/increases significantly -- NEW No bug_mentor
979017 Ensure content process crashes in e10s mochitests are handled appropriately -- NEW No bug_mentor
979683 Valgrind-on-TBPL: improve coverage -- NEW No bug_mentor
979960 Consider changing exists default for manifest's filter_tests() P3 NEW No bug_mentor
980970 Output a screenshot to the test log on Android when a test fails -- NEW No bug_mentor
981417 Talos declares "talosError: timeout" when run across spring DST change P5 NEW No bug_mentor
981630 JavaScript strict warning: chrome://mochikit/content/tests/SimpleTest/specialpowersAPI.js, line 170: reference to undefined property x.SpecialPowers_wrappedObject -- NEW No bug_mentor
981969 plugin infobar saying 'Allow (null) to run "Test"?' left visible by a chrome mochitest -- NEW No bug_mentor
982105 Improve ASAN and LSAN TBPL output -- NEW No bug_mentor
982649 Impossible to run jsreftest under a debugger -- NEW No bug_mentor
982674 Support subtests in manifest parser -- NEW No bug_mentor
982691 manifestparser doesn't support auto-updating manifests -- NEW No bug_mentor
983430 Add an executeAfterIPCRoundtrip function -- NEW No bug_mentor
983862 should have the capability to filter tests by path -- NEW No bug_mentor
983867 mochitest.ini files contain lots of non-tests -- NEW No bug_mentor
984002 test_zmedia_cleanup.html appears twice in test manifests -- NEW No bug_mentor
984620 First emulator-jb mochitest always times out -- NEW No bug_mentor
984911 Look into sorting of mochitest manifests -- NEW No bug_mentor
987743 Test subsuites will fail for non-chrome tests -- NEW No bug_mentor
988497 Don't allow by default hardcoded ports in httpd.js -- NEW No bug_mentor
988766 Reftest fails - layout/reftests/transform-3d/preserve3d-1a.html -- NEW No bug_mentor
988767 Reftest fails - layout/reftests/transform-3d/preserve3d-5a.html -- NEW No bug_mentor
989855 mach mochitest-plain doesn't understand symlinks -- NEW No bug_mentor
990303 SimpleTest buffered logging is broken since we don't clear the buffered messages in time -- NEW No bug_mentor
990354 xpcshell should fail tests on uncaught exception -- NEW No bug_mentor
991155 Teach mach to respect Ctrl+C -- NEW No bug_mentor
991595 "Call to xpconnect wrapped JSObject produced this error" should cause test failures -- NEW No bug_mentor
993100 Harness should output *something* if a manifest file isn't going to be run P3 NEW No bug_mentor
995463 Better handle changed preferences during tests -- NEW No bug_mentor
995639 [meta] Fix tests that don't pass when test execution order is shuffled -- NEW No bug_mentor
996504 [Meta] Retool our harnesses and scripts to allow for more reliable tests -- NEW No bug_mentor
997228 Renaming flags will destroy bug history for those flag values -- NEW No bug_mentor
997395 Allow installing addons from a nightly location -- NEW No bug_mentor
997525 Add --timeout option to mach's mochitest-plain target -- NEW No bug_mentor
997674 Mechanism to land patches that have checkin-needed -- NEW No bug_mentor
997744 Mochitest should inform if the target test suite and the suite of the test being executed is not the same. -- NEW No bug_mentor
998463 Want a way to run disabled tests without having to re-enable them -- NEW No bug_mentor
998861 Only display filename (not full path) of tests on browser-chrome TEST-PASS and TEST-INFO lines -- NEW No bug_mentor
999011 [mozprocess] Windows "IO Completion Port unexpectedly closed" error -- NEW No bug_mentor
999551 mach mochitest bits should infer what mach options there are from MochitestOptions (XPCShellOptions, etc.) -- NEW No bug_mentor
1000995 Write Android Debug assertions to main test log -- NEW No bug_mentor
1002826 Log output for test timeouts should include the last TEST-PASS to allow for differentiation of unrelated timeouts in the same test -- NEW No bug_mentor
1004021 Add ASAN testing on Android -- NEW No bug_mentor
1004393 JS warnings in specialpowersAPI.js -- NEW No bug_mentor
1009229 Do not treat a file whose name begins with "test_" as a test unless it's listed in mochitest.ini -- NEW No bug_mentor
1010285 Can we disable test_ipc tests in favor of mochitest-e10s? -- NEW No bug_mentor
1014583 mozrunner.RemoteRunner cleanup steps leave device unable to connect to WiFi -- NEW No bug_mentor
1017588 Create a python tool for dumping the state of test manifests for a given revision -- NEW No bug_mentor
1018079 [mozdevice] Provide a list of valid storage paths on the device -- NEW No bug_mentor
1018435 Enable LeakSanitizer on TBPL Reftests -- NEW No bug_mentor
1019500 Add websockets handler for structured logging and browser-based client -- NEW No bug_mentor
1020875 Define, consolidate and fix Assert.jsm's deepEqual() method -- NEW No bug_mentor
1022683 Create template mochitest-plain/browser/chrome that actually run and a mach command to add new tests based on the templates -- NEW No bug_mentor
1023023 M1 is 3 times slower than the other plain Mochitests -- NEW No bug_mentor
1023598 Manifestparser documentation should be reworked -- NEW No bug_mentor
1025051 Mozrunner's device runner shouldn't add test harness specific handlers -- NEW No bug_mentor
1026663 Enable LeakSanitizer on TBPL cppunit tests -- NEW No bug_mentor
1027859 Dump slowest test time when mochitests time out -- NEW No bug_mentor
1028107 Disable repeat failed test behaviour when running locally -- NEW No bug_mentor
1028319 mach integration for mochitest-plugins -- NEW No bug_mentor
1028399 JS Debugger crashes under mochitests -- NEW No bug_mentor
1028895 Mouseover triggered in mochitest-browser & dt according to position of mouse cursor on test box -- NEW No bug_mentor
1029107 ASan runs of cppunit tests should turn orange when the symbolizer fails -- NEW No bug_mentor
1029348 Integrate reftest statistic into ReftestManifest -- NEW No bug_mentor
1030228 [mozlog] Result.html doesn't contain the 'message' string for web-platform-test failures -- NEW No bug_mentor
1030474 Steeplechase log files are missing timestamps -- NEW No bug_mentor
1030657 Browser mochitests use SpecialPowers.wrap() for no reason -- NEW No bug_mentor
1032335 steeplechase leaves processes running on test timeout -- NEW No bug_mentor
1033545 [meta] Mysterious reftest failures that shows no difference in the test/reference snapshots -- NEW No bug_mentor
1034063 query-encoding tests are very unstable -- NEW No bug_mentor
1034278 Integrate Structured Logging with jit tests -- NEW No bug_mentor
1034624 --debugger=gdb sets an incorrect working directory for chrome mochitests -- NEW No bug_mentor
1035274 Update tests to make them aware of OSX overlay scrollbars -- NEW No bug_mentor
1035848 [tracking bug] New tests to be added in Q3 2014 -- NEW No bug_mentor
1036089 Consolidate waitForEvent implementations in the test harness -- NEW No bug_mentor
1036328 Support bisection in case of timeout/crash -- NEW No bug_mentor
1036329 Enable Bisection for failing tests on android -- NEW No bug_mentor
1036372 [meta] Implement and utilize in job bisection -- NEW No bug_mentor
1036936 [mozprofile] should be able to handle navigator.mozSettings files -- NEW No bug_mentor
1037777 [steeplechase] verify if signaling server URL is reachable -- NEW No bug_mentor
1040066 [mozrunner] clean_profile argument is not currently used -- NEW No bug_mentor
1042035 Refactor test_ipc tests to avoid code duplication -- REOPENED No bug_mentor
1042193 [UI] Alert Manager - some times the revision is not displayed properly on the default view -- NEW No bug_mentor
1042306 stack fixer running mochitest-plain gives UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode character u'\ufffd' in position 90: ordinal not in range(128) -- NEW No bug_mentor
1045205 mochitest performance regression from structure logging on tests with large numbers of assertions -- NEW No bug_mentor
1045316 Add end-to-end testing of our leak checking infrastructure -- NEW No bug_mentor
1045861 Android mochitest logcat dominated by hard to read GeckoDump messages -- NEW No bug_mentor
1046011 Support passing DMD options for mochitest -- NEW No bug_mentor
1047652 Add options to Steeplechase to keep existing profile on the Negatus client, if it exists P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1048775 [Meta] Tracker for jobs that contained failures but were marked as successful -- NEW No bug_mentor
1048880 [mozdevice.adb] Convert ADBProcess to act as a context manager -- NEW No bug_mentor
1049939 [mozprofile] --prefs CLI option causes duplicated pref entries in user.js -- NEW No bug_mentor
1050205 Expose OS to mochitest -- NEW No bug_mentor
1050530 using "mach mochitest-plain" to run a single test fails most of the time -- NEW No bug_mentor
1051229 Need a way to ensure that correct amount of subtests are run every time -- REOPENED No bug_mentor
1052399 [mozrunner] Mozrunner model is very process-based and doesn't map well to remote devices -- NEW No bug_mentor
1055094 Give tests that use overlays a special flag rather than using a long if condition to check the test type -- NEW No bug_mentor
1055258 Set services.push.serverURL to a local server in tests to avoid hitting the network -- NEW No bug_mentor
1055293 CPP unit tests should use structured logging for crash reporting -- NEW No bug_mentor
1055863 server.js logs printed to stdout when running mochitests -- NEW No bug_mentor
1057210 [mozlog] Mozlog should have a thorough set of tests establishing desired properties for its formatters -- NEW No bug_mentor
1057499 Run mochitests with pref browser.sessionhistory.max_total_viewers=0 and see if there are tests that need fixing -- NEW No bug_mentor
1057526 The 'fails' and 'fuzzy' annotations do not interact correctly -- NEW No bug_mentor
1058354 [meta] e10s test harness issues -- NEW No bug_mentor
1058800 Remove Mochitest's LogController.js -- NEW No bug_mentor
1059900 Re build mozbase readthedocs automatically on update -- NEW No bug_mentor
1060189 Mochitests should only use the tbplformatter for automation P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1060390 XPCShell's selftests should refer to raw log data, not strings produced by formatters -- NEW No bug_mentor
1060439 Mochitest should only call suite_start once for a run -- REOPENED No bug_mentor
1060716 No longer possible to edit/rerun a mochitest reliably without restarting the harness -- NEW No bug_mentor
1062918 testharness.js logs a timeout that doesn't contribute to job status -- NEW No bug_mentor
1064253 Developer tools tests should be run against a variety of platforms -- NEW No bug_mentor
1064916 [mozprofile] AddonManager.clean() should also clean blocklist.xml -- NEW No bug_mentor
1065583 Mach / Mozharness should execute Mozrunner unit tests with a real binary -- REOPENED No bug_mentor
1066158 Running (and rerunning) single tests in the full-up harness is pretty slow -- NEW No bug_mentor
1066161 [mozlog] Mozlog should be able to interpret test expectations from test manifests -- NEW No bug_mentor
1066728 Investigate xpcshell retry/cleanup issues on windows -- NEW No bug_mentor
1067696 Coverage reports for mozbase unittests -- NEW No bug_mentor
1068726 Re-enable | test_all_printable_keys test P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1068728 Re-enable test_numeric_shift_keys P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1068733 WebDriver:SendKeysToElement fails in adding a white-space for Keys.SPACE P2 NEW No bug_mentor
1068735 Re-enable test_uppercase_alpha_keys test P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1068951 Mochitests may be reported as timing out, when they actually completed >20 seconds shy of the limit. (possibly "timing out" due to a post-test-completion GC) -- NEW No bug_mentor
1070669 [mozlog] Make test_end track the status of its subtests -- NEW No bug_mentor
1071093 Update MOZ_DISABLE_NONLOCAL_CONNECTIONS description -- NEW No bug_mentor
1072912 Remove makefile targets for running tests from -- NEW No bug_mentor
1073140 [mozlog] overwrites user specified 'mach' formatter if no sys.stdout loggers found -- NEW No bug_mentor
1073552 Expose a general purpose formatter for formatting test results in the browser ui -- NEW No bug_mentor
1074049 Assert.deepEqual does not work properly with NaN values -- NEW No bug_mentor
1075144 LSan mochitest test harness code does not parse (anonymous namespace) correctly P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1075710 Once bug 1072417 makes it to release, remove use of 'browser.tabs.remote' in automation tools -- NEW No bug_mentor
1077361 replace-malloc needs testing -- NEW No bug_mentor
1078330 [steeplechase] Push app to clients in parallel -- NEW No bug_mentor
1078720 testing/xpcshell/head.js, line 386: TypeError: _log_message_with_stack is not a function -- NEW No bug_mentor
1078894 Create example test of do_await_remote_message -- NEW No bug_mentor
1079866 [manifestparser] should allow consumers to use arbitrary 'conditional' keys -- NEW No bug_mentor
1079890 mozrunner should allow to start the binary in 32bit or 64bit mode on OS X -- NEW No bug_mentor
1080457 We need a standard way to fail tests from non-test code -- NEW No bug_mentor
1080804 Port to use mozbase -- NEW No bug_mentor
1081048 Calling code marked as deprecated (with Deprecated.jsm) should cause xpcshell failures -- NEW No bug_mentor
1081049 Calling code marked as deprecated (with Deprecated.jsm) should cause mochitest failures -- NEW No bug_mentor
1081096 Known failures should be displayed more prominently -- NEW No bug_mentor
1082193 Remove code to disable sandbox in -- NEW No bug_mentor
1082609 Add the ability to request a longer timeout at manifest level P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1082989 qa_rebus:exception observed P3 UNCONFIRMED No bug_mentor
1083700 mozprofile.poll() returns None aftre process has died -- NEW No bug_mentor
1084189 Cannot use IME on Nightly builds which are launched by mozregression -- NEW No bug_mentor
1087373 Allow mochitests that run reftests to handle reftest "<failure-type>" conditions -- NEW No bug_mentor
1087474 Consolidate common code from Mochitest/Reftest into moztest -- NEW No bug_mentor
1087558 Assert when a mochitest manifest entry is 'not a valid test' -- NEW No bug_mentor
1087575 Task-based xpcshell driver breaks if a test rejects a promise with 'undefined' or 'null' -- NEW No bug_mentor
1088287 Don't print character encoding warnings during reftests -- REOPENED No bug_mentor
1089661 Add more in-depth documentation on the various strategies of marionette.find_element() P5 NEW No bug_mentor
1089898 Rewrite find_roots in JS, make log information when we leak a window until shutdown -- NEW No bug_mentor
1091188 improve test chunk running and visibility -- NEW No bug_mentor
1091191 Improve test logging on treeherder -- NEW No bug_mentor
1091833 html/dom/documents/dom-tree-accessors/document.forms.html will fail when Gecko 36 merges to Aurora -- NEW No bug_mentor
1091913 mach mochitest-plain dom/media/test also runs tests in dom/media/tests -- NEW No bug_mentor
1094860 Windows development: ./mach mochitest-browser gets stuck after test runs -- NEW No bug_mentor
1094988 Check that LSan runs actually produce a report -- NEW No bug_mentor
1098508 Run Android jit-tests -- REOPENED No bug_mentor
1098592 [mozlog] Stop using old mozlog API in other mozbase modules? -- NEW No bug_mentor
1099842 titanic backfill fails to generate builds after a few minutes -- NEW No bug_mentor
1100404 session restore tab is persistent on nightly builds and the power testing setup -- NEW No bug_mentor
1104005 Can't run "./mach test browser/devtools/webconsole/test/browser_webconsole_block_mixedcontent_securityerrors.js" because of python issues in -- NEW No bug_mentor
1105713 Fix warnings "Chrome file doesn't exist head.js" in debug test runs -- UNCONFIRMED No bug_mentor
1105769 Crashing xpcshell child processes don't have stack traces recorded in logs -- NEW No bug_mentor
1105930 Intermittent Test runner failed to initialise correctly; shutting down -- NEW No bug_mentor
1106080 Better integrate cppunit manifest files into build system -- NEW No bug_mentor
1107562 [Backend] Alert Manager - add support for e10s to alert manager -- NEW No bug_mentor
1110636 ./mach test gtest && ./mach gtest test-pathes is not work || ./mach test test-pathes will not invoke gtest -- NEW No bug_mentor
1110957 Replace 10min update interval with Pulse messages from Bugzilla -- NEW No bug_mentor
1112322 Improve error reporting on xpcshell ASAN failures -- NEW No bug_mentor
1113644 Make manifestparser expose included manifests -- NEW No bug_mentor
1114790 SimpleTest assertion functions implemented in terms of other global SimpleTest assertion function names are not logged correctly for browser mochitests -- NEW No bug_mentor
1116203 Can't run devtools browser-chrome tests by passing in a test path -- NEW No bug_mentor
1116426 [mozdebug] --debugger valgrind assumes memcheck -- NEW No bug_mentor
1116731 potential use of unitialized exception_type, exception_location in mozcrash.check_for_java_exception -- NEW No bug_mentor
1116972 Intermittent Linux-32 reftest failures where data: URLs are string-equal but image comparison says they're not -- NEW No bug_mentor
1117025 run try builds locally from mach -- NEW No bug_mentor
1117750 Look into generating the testing profile certificate databases at certificate generation time or build-time -- NEW No bug_mentor
1118175 C-C WinXP debug XPCShell tests fail, and people incorrectly think that: WindowsError: [Error 5] Access is denied is the problem -- NEW No bug_mentor
1119407 [mozlog] Allow setting a default stdout logger through an environment variable or other persistent config mechanism -- NEW No bug_mentor
1121837 Reftest & crashtest timeouts & crashes are displayed as orange on Windows, despite being red on Linux/Mac -- NEW No bug_mentor
1123182 Consider using system certutil when building --with-system-nss -- NEW No bug_mentor
1124182 [Tracking] Fine grained test selection -- NEW No bug_mentor
1125300 silent failures packaging up reftests -- NEW No bug_mentor
1125904 Blocked/blocked_by/depends_on is too confusing -- NEW No bug_mentor
1126772 Add function to EventUtils.js that wraps sendNativeMouseEvent -- NEW No bug_mentor
1127368 synthesizeKey does not work with VK_CONTEXT_MENU -- NEW No bug_mentor
1128211 Reduce the reftest resolution on all platforms -- NEW No bug_mentor
1128714 reftest harness should fail tests that try to window.location.reload() -- NEW No bug_mentor
1129713 Preferences defined via --pref or --preferences are enforced at each application restart P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1129936 add_task() and waitForExplicitFinish() should be exclusive -- NEW No bug_mentor
1132717 Make the leak-until-shutdown leak detector work when a content process shuts down early -- NEW No bug_mentor
1134779 Please allow a way ( automation/script ) to trigger a build based off the most recent gecko/gaia for a branch -- NEW No bug_mentor
1135267 No option to use --symbols-path with ./mach marionette-test P3 REOPENED No bug_mentor
1135956 Detect DOMWINDOW and DOCSHELL leaks-until-shutdown in content processes in non-e10s runs -- NEW No bug_mentor
1135958 Fail when a process does not produce a ShutdownLeaks message -- NEW No bug_mentor
1137691 SpecialPowers.getFocusedElementForWindow is misnamed -- NEW No bug_mentor
1141558 MarionetteTestCase.tearDown() can fail to call CommonTestCase.tearDown() in case of an exception P5 NEW No bug_mentor
1142064 BaseMarionetteArguments.verify_usage() should call all registered verify_usage_handlers first P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1142189 ./mach web-platform-tests fails -- NEW No bug_mentor
1142396 Upgrade gtest and gmock both to 1.7.0 -- NEW No bug_mentor
1143807 Add an API to get a reference to the URL of a test helper file with a specified origin -- NEW No bug_mentor
1145385 Test package should not include files that come directly from the source tree -- NEW No bug_mentor
1145404 Add a public `do_quit` to head.js instead of `_quit` -- UNCONFIRMED No bug_mentor
1145419 Add a public `do_wrap_in_quotes_if_necessary` to head.js -- UNCONFIRMED No bug_mentor
1145422 Add a public `do_setupDebuggerServer` to head.js -- UNCONFIRMED No bug_mentor
1145729 it shouldn't be possible to run reftests locally if they aren't hooked up to the master manifest -- NEW No bug_mentor
1146885 Make marionette use manifestparser's chunking algorithm P5 NEW No bug_mentor
1147421 Do some manual prototyping of capturing intermittent failures using rr -- NEW No bug_mentor
1147841 Remove ipc.json -- NEW No bug_mentor
1148404 [manifestparser] remove assumption that test objects need to have a path -- NEW No bug_mentor
1148508 Do not throw the logcat logs into the trash when running tests ;) -- NEW No bug_mentor
1148801 ASAN reftest and crashtest builds do not symbolify the AddressSanitizer assertion stacks -- NEW No bug_mentor
1149374 [META] Support gmp-clearkey in Mochitest on Android P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1149695 |mach test| should run tests with given tag across all suites that support --tag -- NEW No bug_mentor
1150091 [manifestparser] Adding support-files under tests overwrites DEFAULT instead of appending -- UNCONFIRMED No bug_mentor
1150606 Page load tests (Talos, eideticker) hit connection limits -- NEW No bug_mentor
1152342 Make SpecialPowers.pushPermissions work in browser-chrome -- REOPENED No bug_mentor
1153126 Need to load mozinfo.json into mochitest -- NEW No bug_mentor
1153833 Cleanup browser-test.js by using fat arrow functions -- NEW No bug_mentor
1155231 Re-implement mach mochitest's --rerun-failures argument -- NEW No bug_mentor
1155324 EventUtils click / touch event synthesis should warn if the element is out of view. -- NEW No bug_mentor
1155895 Add mach command for disabling tests -- NEW No bug_mentor
1157192 Make the listener an object P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1157352 Change how we run the mozInstall tests to use the installers generated by the build system -- NEW No bug_mentor
1157414 Add X window manager name to mozinfo keys in Mochitest -- NEW No bug_mentor
1157743 Allow skipping of the file-change detection when running tests (repeated xpcshell test runs are too slow) -- NEW No bug_mentor
1158234 Negative leaks failure message should print out the name of the classes -- NEW No bug_mentor
1158235 leakcheck: print an error message when unexpected lines fail to match the regexp -- NEW No bug_mentor
1159108 Assertions for single test need to be factored out as a utility method in -- NEW No bug_mentor
1159395 [manifestparser] Ability to round trip read/write -- NEW No bug_mentor
1161268 Generate feed of new, frequent intermittents -- NEW No bug_mentor
1162308 Add a reftest-only mozAnimationComplete event to allow reftests involving animated images -- NEW No bug_mentor
1163755 XPCShell mach command should use same argument parser as the test harness -- NEW No bug_mentor
1163793 Reftest mach command should use same argument parser as the test harness -- NEW No bug_mentor
1164443 Mozinstall should only install in an empty dir P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1164459 Find a more graceful solution to restricting when getInfo.html can shut down the main browser process P5 NEW No bug_mentor
1166576 test_collapse.html is perma-fail but the mochitest summary shows 0 fails -- NEW No bug_mentor
1167079 frequently does very short waits -- NEW No bug_mentor
1167680 [Tracking] Easy to read and understand test output without losing ability to view the full log -- NEW No bug_mentor
1167861 Get rid of do_check_throws_nsIException -- NEW No bug_mentor
1168178 xpcshell tests aren't being run with the firefox prefs - prefs in firefox.js don't take effect -- REOPENED No bug_mentor
1170664 Include stack traces for process crashes -- NEW No bug_mentor
1171109 no lib.xul symbols for crash stack -- NEW No bug_mentor
1172048 add additional data to SETA to denote which test files fail in addition to the job -- NEW No bug_mentor
1172514 check_for_crashes() and check_for_java_exception() should return results -- NEW No bug_mentor
1172660 Make it easier to debug ContentTask.spawn scripts -- NEW No bug_mentor
1173904 After a build with --disable-compile-environment, running mochitests against a different executable using --appname doesn't work -- NEW No bug_mentor
1175693 [mozinstall] On Windows Firefox gets installed into an additional subfolder called `core` -- NEW No bug_mentor
1175871 `leaked 1 window(s) until shutdown` is not actionable -- NEW No bug_mentor
1176036 Implement a something better for generating suite specific test archives -- NEW No bug_mentor
1176639 mozlog.structured.commandline imports a lot of modules, slows down mach -- NEW No bug_mentor
1177336 mozfile.remove uses excessive system calls -- NEW No bug_mentor
1177938 Allow the iframe containing mochitest document to be scrollable -- NEW No bug_mentor
1178158 properly package mochitest -- NEW No bug_mentor
1178522 [tracker] Treeherder enhancements for sheriffs -- NEW No bug_mentor
1178554 Make screenshot-on-fail work for Android emulator mochitests -- NEW No bug_mentor
1178959 Disable browser_fail_unexpectedTimeout.js and browser_fail_timeout.js -- NEW No bug_mentor
1179553 Detect and fail tests that leave browser windows behind -- NEW No bug_mentor
1180292 User gets notified of regression for push that should not be a regression -- NEW No bug_mentor
1180714 MockObjectRegisterer does not replace XPCOM interfaces P5 NEW No bug_mentor
1180732 [tracker] Automatic backfilling -- NEW No bug_mentor
1180758 "Harness status: OK" + failing tests when running "resource-timing.https.html" test -- NEW No bug_mentor
1182298 [meta] Start running OrrangeHunterr -- NEW No bug_mentor
1183144 When running tests on Try with --tag option, chunking behaviour is not predictable and makes no sense -- NEW No bug_mentor
1183185 Handle old permissions database schemas better in mozprofile -- NEW No bug_mentor
1184637 xpcshell tests shouldn't be able to call do_test_finished more than do_test_pending was called -- NEW No bug_mentor
1184687 ok() should fail when you pass more than 2 arguments to it -- NEW No bug_mentor
1185298 PLDHashTableTest.GrowToMaxCapacity fails when run on a Windows XP test machine -- NEW No bug_mentor
1185299 GeckoMediaPlugins.RemoveAndDeleteForcedInUse times out when run on a Windows XP test machine -- NEW No bug_mentor
1186231 |mach xpcshell-test| doesn't expose options from runxpcshelltests -- NEW No bug_mentor
1186511 MozProfile's Permissions system should use hostperm.1 instead of writing directly to the permissions database -- NEW No bug_mentor
1187774 Make keyboard shortcuts discoverable in reftest analyzer -- NEW No bug_mentor
1188021 Enable our harnesses to be run in production with unicode characters in the profile path -- NEW No bug_mentor
1188863 [mozprocess] mozprocess fail sometimes to kill a process under windows (OSError: Could not terminate process ) -- NEW No bug_mentor
1189456 Mochitest should alert you if the test you're running is disabled -- NEW No bug_mentor
1189561 Parse error when attempt to use mach mochitest without a directory name -- NEW No bug_mentor
1189642 "Harness status: Timeout" when running "clients-matchall-include-uncontrolled.https.html" test -- NEW No bug_mentor
1190334 [Tracking] clean up mozbase dependencies -- NEW No bug_mentor
1191134 Spurious load event from test harness in e10s -- NEW No bug_mentor
1191373 [mozrunner] should we make mozdevice an optional dependency of mozrunner ? -- NEW No bug_mentor
1191446 Create a mach command for rerunning failed jobs on a previous push using new code -- NEW No bug_mentor
1191514 AddressSanitizer should suppress log output for intentional crash (" AddressSanitizer: SEGV .../js/src/ctypes/CTypes.cpp:2741 js::ctypes::ConvertToJS(...)") P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1191871 Add option to mochitest to end test on first unexpected result, for ease of bisecting -- NEW No bug_mentor
1192285 Allow way to not auto-retrigger win10 jobs -- NEW No bug_mentor
1192357 Mochitest sometimes logs tests called "(SimpleTest/TestRunner.js)" in the structured log -- NEW No bug_mentor
1192488 mozregression GUI installer needs admin privileges -- NEW No bug_mentor
1192866 Throw an exception when a non-top-level window is passed to synthesizeKey -- NEW No bug_mentor
1193249 Feed of never-failed tests -- NEW No bug_mentor
1193752 Make trigger-bot trigger jobs on waves -- NEW No bug_mentor
1194693 Intermittent test_add_task_stack_trace.js,test_child_assertions.js | Test timed out -- NEW No bug_mentor
1195443 Put reftest preferences into an external file. -- NEW No bug_mentor
1195484 Process cppunittest output as it occurs -- NEW No bug_mentor
1195851 Automatic backfilling should not trigger jobs for a pool when it is heavely back logged -- REOPENED No bug_mentor
1195892 web-platform-tests runner messes with the terminal when --debugger is specified -- NEW No bug_mentor
1196326 xpcshell doesn't support --appname -- NEW No bug_mentor
1196447 Fix mozbase version conflicts in case of incompatible API changes -- NEW No bug_mentor
1197106 Add some non regression tests for mozregression -- NEW No bug_mentor
1197130 Convert listener commands to use new dispatching technique P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1197318 Move the filtering part from mochitest/xpcshell harness to manifestparser for chunk-finder -- NEW No bug_mentor
1197813 [BZ ETL] Tracking flags changed corrupt bug history -- NEW No bug_mentor
1198219 Remove MozBuildObject dependent logic from reftest harness -- NEW No bug_mentor
1198432 marionette.screenshot can't get hold of popups P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1199700 add feature to make collecting nspr logs easier in reftest -- NEW No bug_mentor
1200908 Run mochitest-oth-e10s in automation -- NEW No bug_mentor
1201064 cf_blocking_loop dropped (renamed), not reflected in history -- NEW No bug_mentor
1203082 ui.caretBlinkTime in reftests should be set to 0 -- REOPENED No bug_mentor
1203141 Teach automatic backfilling to use Treeherder as a source of jobs (instead of BuildApi) -- NEW No bug_mentor
1203207 Automatic backfilling fails on some jobs which don't have 'status' -- NEW No bug_mentor
1203917 wpt /html/editing/focus/focus-management/focus-events.html test unstable on linux/e10s -- NEW No bug_mentor
1204662 running cpp tests from manifests leads to unexpectedly broken code and/or tests -- NEW No bug_mentor
1205342 make LSan work with xpcshell ASan testing -- NEW No bug_mentor
1205593 mozlog is still versioned 3.0 but does not match version 3.0 on pypi -- NEW No bug_mentor
1205847 We need a regression test that launches Firefox and fails if any exceptions are logged -- UNCONFIRMED No bug_mentor
1205849 seta could use more polish -- NEW No bug_mentor
1206409 Some really long subtest names -- NEW No bug_mentor
1207756 Need a way to avoid running multiple test suites -- NEW No bug_mentor
1207980 "./mach reftest [or crashtest] --filter <foo>" seems to be broken -- NEW No bug_mentor
1208791 Fail mochitests that have "unreachable code after return statement" -- NEW No bug_mentor
1208823 [mozcrash] kill_and_get_minidump fail on windows when dump_directory is not specified -- NEW No bug_mentor
1209932 Disable all 32-bit linux testing -- REOPENED No bug_mentor
1210046 Android builds should always behave the same way when doing A/B testing -- NEW No bug_mentor
1210213 Expand test selection modes in the TestResolver -- NEW No bug_mentor
1210696 Reftest should probably support hidden pref -- NEW No bug_mentor
1212002 Produce our own allthethings.json -- REOPENED No bug_mentor
1212050 tracking bug for making our test harnesses fail faster -- NEW No bug_mentor
1212051 reduce the timeout in testrunner.js to 60 seconds -- NEW No bug_mentor
1212053 evaluate all the requestLongerTimeout calls and ensure they are valid and still useful -- NEW No bug_mentor
1212055 mochitest python harness has a default timeout of 330 seconds, this could be reduced -- NEW No bug_mentor
1212690 Enable tests which were disabled for e10s because of unreliable waitForFocus -- NEW No bug_mentor
1212799 dt1 timeout takes 30+ minutes to fail- we need to fail faster -- NEW No bug_mentor
1212945 Make XMLHttpRequest/send-entity-body-document.htm perform strict equality where possible -- NEW No bug_mentor
1213002 Exception raised by Wait.until() should include message about condition and its input value P5 NEW No bug_mentor
1213004 [tracker] known test set up issues -- NEW No bug_mentor
1214113 Unsuppress mochitest option --fatal-assertions -- NEW No bug_mentor
1214235 Intermittent IO error: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'dependentlibs.list.gtest' -- NEW No bug_mentor
1214486 No usable stack from CPP crashes on TC -- NEW No bug_mentor
1215129 Handling of syntax errors and toplevel exceptions is not great -- NEW No bug_mentor
1215325 Need an option to suppress stack traces when test fails -- NEW No bug_mentor
1215378 Remove per-test appdir configurability -- NEW No bug_mentor
1215449 increase timeout from 10s -- NEW No bug_mentor
1215709 Package reftest and wpt manifest parsers for use on hg servers -- NEW No bug_mentor
1216377 The docs still point to --no-check-clean -- NEW No bug_mentor
1216541 BrowserTestUtils.sendChar should fire key events in parent process -- NEW No bug_mentor
1216814 note how to run a test suite locally when clicking on it in treeherder -- NEW No bug_mentor
1216821 Make "--log-tbpl -" the default -- NEW No bug_mentor
1217097 Investigate how to run tests on Gecko for iOS -- NEW No bug_mentor
1217443 using the skip feature is quite confusing -- NEW No bug_mentor
1219969 [e10s] marionette.navigate() raises IOError when the corresponding top-level request is canceled. P5 REOPENED No bug_mentor
1220108 Provide wheel distributions for mozbase packages on PyPI -- NEW No bug_mentor
1220256 Running mochitest with --debugger should disable the timeout -- NEW No bug_mentor
1221025 Create a special flavor of mochitests for tests that don't expect to run in content processes -- NEW No bug_mentor
1221138 Make it easy to run add_task's in isolation -- NEW No bug_mentor
1221612 Stand up a TaskCluster job to verify the build-docs target -- NEW No bug_mentor
1221704 Option to save a heap snapshot when a mochitest leaks -- NEW No bug_mentor
1223731 allow URL parameters to be passed to mochitests -- NEW No bug_mentor
1224627 If I use --tag and some mochitest subsuite doesn't run any tests because of that, the subsuite should pass, not fail -- NEW No bug_mentor
1226295 Final Passed: summary count incorrect when mach mochitest run with --run-until-failure -- NEW No bug_mentor
1227370 Replace most uses of compareSnapshots with assertSnapshots -- NEW No bug_mentor
1228647 [mozcrash] minidump files are not saved to MINIDUMP_SAVE_PATH if symbols cannot be downloaded -- NEW No bug_mentor
1228651 [mozcrash] Downloaded symbols should be cached -- NEW No bug_mentor
1228679 ini files in meta/* are not ini files -- NEW No bug_mentor
1229355 Make running Linux64 jobs easily for developers -- NEW No bug_mentor
1229549 [meta] a try run of a change that crashes on startup doesn't produce useful diagnostics -- NEW No bug_mentor
1229578 run basic automated tests of our test infrastructure -- NEW No bug_mentor
1229602 Evaluate clang SanitizerCover for gathering coverage of Firefox tests -- NEW No bug_mentor
1230862 Remove mozhttpd -- NEW No bug_mentor
1231002 Intermittent test_SpecialPowersPushPermissions.html | unexpired permission should be allowed! -- NEW No bug_mentor
1231725 Make it possible to debug xpcshell tests with xcode -- NEW No bug_mentor
1231950 Ship (or use Desktop Fx) Android ADB with mozregression -- NEW No bug_mentor
1232037 Output results in machine-readable format (json?) -- NEW No bug_mentor
1232690 test_packages.json should allow specifying subdirectory in which to unzip contents -- NEW No bug_mentor
1232877 Option to check a date range prior to a certain build -- NEW No bug_mentor
1233339 We may need a panel to show which build has been downloaded -- NEW No bug_mentor
1233909 mozregression should go back further than one year for some 64-bit debug js shells -- NEW No bug_mentor
1234029 use debug builds from archives.m.o -- NEW No bug_mentor
1235020 [gui] final result log output worthless -- NEW No bug_mentor
1235127 [gui] Mozregression sometimes fails to continue bisection in mozilla-inbound builds -- UNCONFIRMED No bug_mentor
1235260 [gui] Mozregression incorrectly sets day if I paste date string after selecting text from end to beginning -- REOPENED No bug_mentor
1235746 |mach android-emulator| shuts down the emulator after a few minutes on Windows -- NEW No bug_mentor
1236101 [meta] Bugs that block autoBisect from using mozregression -- NEW No bug_mentor
1236952 Do not terminate the HTTP server serving the tests when a debugger is being attached -- NEW No bug_mentor
1237024 tracking bug for tests which act differently on single core vs multi core in a docker environment -- NEW No bug_mentor
1237057 Have a link to the mozregression-gui.exe binary on the mozregression homepage P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1239150 Support dynamic extend reproduce range -- UNCONFIRMED No bug_mentor
1239343 Treeherder summary failing to notice fatal plugin assertion -- NEW No bug_mentor
1239736 test manifest support-files containing '@' are silently ignored -- NEW No bug_mentor
1240052 BrowserTestUtils.synthesizeMouse should fire in the parent process -- NEW No bug_mentor
1240062 Fix desktop tests (mainly reftests) to work with enabled anti-aliasing -- NEW No bug_mentor
1240830 [meta] Use system allocated port for Marionette server P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1240971 Leak is detected when running less than 5 reftests -- NEW No bug_mentor
1241072 fix xpcshell harness to run single threaded for each test, even if we are running many tests in parallel -- NEW No bug_mentor
1241358 [gui] remember "bits" choose, or take the default value ​​from the configuration file -- NEW No bug_mentor
1241365 [gui] show ~* steps left on interface -- NEW No bug_mentor
1241376 [gui] Progress list should scroll to the last item when it overflows -- NEW No bug_mentor
1241380 [GUI] be able to load and display a previous run -- NEW No bug_mentor
1241914 Make specifying test harness chunks slightly more convenient -- NEW No bug_mentor
1241919 HTTP proxy support -- NEW No bug_mentor
1241943 Reenable webgl tests in web-platform-tests -- UNCONFIRMED No bug_mentor
1242726 Leak check should report a more starrable failure when leaking multiple windows -- NEW No bug_mentor
1242836 Intermittent browser_bookmarkProperties_editTagContainer.js | application timed out after 330 seconds with no output (after the test finished) -- NEW No bug_mentor
1243080 Use --chunk-by-runtime in order to rebalance runtimes for mochitest-plain chunks -- NEW No bug_mentor
1243519 find a method for determining method/function names in the js debugger api code coverage toolchain -- NEW No bug_mentor
1244739 Figure out how to fit reftest assertions into the structured log model -- NEW No bug_mentor
1245283 mozregression and mozregression-gui aren't using the requested profile on windows 10 -- NEW No bug_mentor
1245587 Make Android API changes simpler for mozregression to handle -- NEW No bug_mentor
1246086 [gui] Preselect profiles folder when you click on 'browse' -- NEW No bug_mentor
1246142 The --pref command line parameter goes silently ignored in some cases -- NEW No bug_mentor
1246284 MozProfile only writes user.js if I explicitly call Preferences.write() -- NEW No bug_mentor
1246383 [gui] Mark downloaded package on Build verdict window ('skip' action) -- NEW No bug_mentor
1246891 [gui] Allow set days of ApproxPersistChooser in Run a single build -- NEW No bug_mentor
1246903 Add a 'go to build...' action to other menu -- UNCONFIRMED No bug_mentor
1247061 Reusing connections to improve performance P5 UNCONFIRMED No bug_mentor
1248138 [gui] Allow redownload if download is interrupted or "ERROR : Unable to install" -- NEW No bug_mentor
1248239 [GUI] allow to check the builds of the initial range, as we do in the CLI -- NEW No bug_mentor
1248636 [gui] Options description is hard to find in Global preferences -- NEW No bug_mentor
1248690 [gui] View the parameters in "Bisecting on" details -- UNCONFIRMED No bug_mentor
1248767 [gui] Current build closes after 3 minutes if I restart browser (in different e10s state or with add-ons disabled/enabled) -- NEW No bug_mentor
1249339 --keep-open should actually keep the browser open after running test -- NEW No bug_mentor
1249737 Mozregression lost when a build fails to start -- NEW No bug_mentor
1250290 Make performance timeline data available via WebDriver P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1251141 loadChromeScript's sendAsyncMessage actually uses _sendSyncMessage -- NEW No bug_mentor
1251489 mach web-platform-tests-create is really slow and kind of nonsensical -- NEW No bug_mentor
1251633 Investigate installing bootstrapped extensions in testing/mochitest/extensions as temporary addons -- NEW No bug_mentor
1252056 /html/editing/focus/focus-management/focus-event-targets-simple.html unstable -- NEW No bug_mentor
1252648 remove obsolete MochitestServer.testPrefix property -- NEW No bug_mentor
1253524 Can't run web-platform-tests-update on Windows, assert state.tests_path.startswith("/") fails -- NEW No bug_mentor
1253742 Make SpecialPowers.setTestPluginEnabledState() more usable -- NEW No bug_mentor
1254628 Assess MozAfterPaint/isMozAfterPaintPending usage in talos P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1254802 mach mochitest doesn't have a '--debug' option -- NEW No bug_mentor
1255095 Make mochitest chrome produce an error when run with --e10s -- NEW No bug_mentor
1255179 Use the chrome map data to re-write jsdcov coverage output -- NEW No bug_mentor
1255260 Incorrect number of keyDown events when using modifiers in SendKeysToElement P2 NEW No bug_mentor
1255549 Intermittent org.mozilla.fennec still alive after SIGABRT: waiting... | blaming passing test -- NEW No bug_mentor
1255649 SpecialPowers should provide a way to set a pref from content and be notified when the pref is synced to content -- NEW No bug_mentor
1255652 Cannot run ./mach reftest "IOError: Add-on path does not exist." -- NEW No bug_mentor
1255802 Reftests don't produce stable test ids in structured logs -- NEW No bug_mentor
1255815 [mozinfo] Move |update_mozinfo| from mochitest to mozinfo -- NEW No bug_mentor
1256276 Integrate reftest-analyzer directly into the html report -- NEW No bug_mentor
1256317 Error while trying to bisect fennec builds -- NEW No bug_mentor
1256351 SimpleTest.showReport should fail clearly when there's no body -- NEW No bug_mentor
1256379 Automatic bug number selection chose the wrong bug from an inbound range with a backout -- NEW No bug_mentor
1256445 mozregression does not allow to execute other mach commands -- NEW No bug_mentor
1256580 Support importing support files from directories other than "support" for reftests from csswg test repo -- NEW No bug_mentor
1257368 MockFilePicker doesn't support returning multiple returnFiles -- NEW No bug_mentor
1257518 Find a substitute for Linux 32 JavaScript test suites. -- NEW No bug_mentor
1257719 Accept IPv6 connections to Marionette P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1258166 [gui] Support save as default and clear button to custom preferences and custom addons -- UNCONFIRMED No bug_mentor
1258688 [gui] Mozregression doesn't store values of some fields ("profile", "search for fix") when I switch back and forth between forms -- NEW No bug_mentor
1258831 [gui] Mozregression displays crash error when I try to close single build (clone-first) using X button -- NEW No bug_mentor
1259178 Add --repeat flag, similar to mochitests -- NEW No bug_mentor
1260502 Fix preference handling of enforce_gecko_prefs() and do a safe shutdown P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1260985 Update Linux debug jsshell earliest known working builds to 2015-07-31 -- NEW No bug_mentor
1261053 wpt runner automatically quits after ~7 minutes when debugging a single test -- NEW No bug_mentor
1261142 Create a mach command to facilitate signing addons -- NEW No bug_mentor
1261180 Add --debugger [gdb|lldb|rr|...] flag to marionette runner and mach P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1261461 No support for xpcshell firefox-appdir on Android -- NEW No bug_mentor
1261493 Intermittent test_request_line_split_in_two_packets.js | Test timed out -- NEW No bug_mentor
1261823 Dual e10s/non-e10s mode in test harnesses -- NEW No bug_mentor
1261953 Formalize a new job priority system for getting early feedback on test results -- NEW No bug_mentor
1262127 Live stream rich format for structured logs -- NEW No bug_mentor
1262147 [mozlog] Create rich html log format designed with live streaming in mind -- NEW No bug_mentor
1262260 [Tracking] Workflow to run debuggers directly on interactive workers -- NEW No bug_mentor
1262412 [mozlog] Make output for disabled tests more obvious -- NEW No bug_mentor
1262834 [Tracking] Hyper-chunk the test tasks -- NEW No bug_mentor
1262955 unused defined in some of our automation code -- NEW No bug_mentor
1263185 Create an algorithm to get fastest and most frequently failing tests from ActiveData -- NEW No bug_mentor
1263233 verify all harnesses are running in e10s or not, fail the harness early if incorrect flags set -- NEW No bug_mentor
1263361 Exception in thread when hitting error ResourceNotFound 404 -- REOPENED No bug_mentor
1263568 Make dbaron happier about wptrunner's reftest support -- NEW No bug_mentor
1264269 ini files containing only pref settings lost -- NEW No bug_mentor
1266009 Check for missing tests in testing/cppunittest.ini -- NEW No bug_mentor
1266103 Unable to run some reftests using |mach reftest| -- NEW No bug_mentor
1266428 mochitest-media,mochitest-media-e10s in try string doesn't work on android -- NEW No bug_mentor
1268216 tab paint on osx is so noisy it is pointless to run P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1268908 deferred.reject() produces unrelated failure message -- NEW No bug_mentor
1268970 All mochitests fail with: IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: u'c:/t1/hg/comm-central/mozilla/obj-i686-pc-mingw32\\_tests\\testing\\mochitest\\' P2 NEW No bug_mentor
1269716 Mixed content tests use a video that doesn't play on XP? -- NEW No bug_mentor
1270204 Something weird is going on with the form-tag tests to produce ERROR output in the log when the test actually times out -- NEW No bug_mentor
1270893 mozregression "To resume, run..." command goes nuts if it finds nested double/single quotes -- NEW No bug_mentor
1271190 Intermittent test_SpecialPowersPushPermissions.html | Test timed out. -- NEW No bug_mentor
1271648 TEST-UNEXPECTED-CRASH should print a top frame from the crashing thread as well -- NEW No bug_mentor
1272042 Consider scheduling reftests only when necessary -- NEW No bug_mentor
1272118 "__webDriverArguments is not defined" exception while trying to run extensions/spellcheck/tests/mochitest/test_bug1170484.html on OS X -- NEW No bug_mentor
1273241 Several CSP web platform tests are failing after the latest update from bug 1273176 -- NEW No bug_mentor
1273253 mochitest does not support --mode -- NEW No bug_mentor
1273470 Intermittent Test harness output was not a valid structured log message: | EnvironmentError: http server on port 8000 failed to start -- REOPENED No bug_mentor
1273986 Run reftests in random order in automation -- NEW No bug_mentor
1274018 talos tp5n nonmain_startup_fileio is posting odd data for try server vs in-tree P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1274251 Provide JSON serialisation of Window and Frame P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1274958 Usage of BrowserTestUtils.removeTab()/switchTab() needs to be made clearer -- NEW No bug_mentor
1275499 TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for -: '' and 'datetime.datetime' -- NEW No bug_mentor
1275549 Non-nightly mochitest-screenshots jobs should fail early (or output a log message) since they are not expected to upload screenshots -- REOPENED No bug_mentor
1275692 cleanup old crash reports before running talos tests P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1275847 Disabling tests in ini files debug flag should not be first order -- NEW No bug_mentor
1276457 [Reftest] Provide ability to control the timing of snapshot for direct media file playback -- NEW No bug_mentor
1276619 many tests depend on files from other directories- editing manifests can remove those support files -- NEW No bug_mentor
1277888 mozregression --build-type fennec doesn't work -- NEW No bug_mentor
1278147 EXPECT_DEATH_IF_SUPPORTED won't work on most platforms. P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1278153 Consider adding a method to record step information which can be shown when timeout -- NEW No bug_mentor
1278370 support https tests in .ini files and harnesses P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1278393 [meta] tracking code coverage related work -- NEW No bug_mentor
1278680 [Tracking] Reduce end to end times on try P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1278998 When running a single mochitest, can't change URL to point to another mochitest -- NEW No bug_mentor
1280275 idlharness should be able to detect multiple types property -- NEW No bug_mentor
1280414 Unclear what the different cycling options do P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1280448 Support implicit navigation with basic auth credentials P2 NEW No bug_mentor
1280517 opening additional window/tab switches OS focus P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1280961 We should run our tests in a locale with ',' as decimal separator P5 NEW No bug_mentor
1281790 mozregression shouldn't output bug numbers when there are too many possibilities -- NEW No bug_mentor
1282586 [mozrunner] Device.cleanup changes file ownership and permissions when restoring backed-up files like profiles.ini P5 NEW No bug_mentor
1282862 [meta] Intermittent failure, PR_ASSERT during xpcshell shutdown on Mac P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1283216 Allow Marionette client object to be constructed with the build from the local environment as the default P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1283846 Upload system symbols to Socorro from Taskcluster desktop test image P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1283889 mach mochitest should have an option for turning off recursion into test subdirectories -- NEW No bug_mentor
1284864 [mozprocess] Use MOZ_PROCESS_LOG environment variable to track detached processes P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1284882 [tracker] Artifact builds on automation P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1284884 [mozprocess] Add test for detached processes (bug 1176758) P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1284930 mozalloc_abort stderr message not shown in log for xpcshell job P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1284960 Infer emulator options for ./mach marionette-test and verify that conditions are met P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1284998 Create tests for interactive debugging workflows P2 NEW No bug_mentor
1286294 xpcshell invocation during startupcache precompile does not symbolicate crash stacks P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1286893 Web Platform Test timeout is accompanied by "JavaScript error: tests/web-platform/tests/tools/wptrunner/wptrunner/executors/, line 80: TypeError: is not a function" P3 REOPENED No bug_mentor
1286900 Run wpt tests from source checkout P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1286962 BrowserTestUtils.synthesizeMouseAtCenter should throw an error if no target is found -- NEW No bug_mentor
1287026 [mozlog] Support pop-up reftest analyzer in html report P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1288336 [meta] Improve chrome context support for webdriver compatiblity -- NEW No bug_mentor
1288551 browser.reader settings intermittently ignored P3 UNCONFIRMED No bug_mentor
1289897 Mouse hover inspection not working in reftest-analyzer on Linux -- NEW No bug_mentor
1289905 Use a better mechanism for messaging for TalosPowers P3 REOPENED No bug_mentor
1290357 [mozcrash] Add logging for uptime of the application P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1290963 Mixed case attribute values P5 UNCONFIRMED No bug_mentor
1291696 -p $PLATFORM builds should include static analysis builds by default P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1292178 [meta] Implement actions API that conform to WebDriver in Marionette -- NEW No bug_mentor
1292670 Reftests shouldn't say "LOAD ONLY" in the logs -- NEW No bug_mentor
1293270 [mozcrash] Improve crash information output for e10s mode (content processes) P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1294568 Support changing the Windows system theme (e.g. to high contrast mode) in mozscreenshots for automation P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1294652 [mozlog] HTMLFormmater does not handle for subtests(test_status) log P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1294706 "Mochitest other" chunk on win7 debug slow and often last to complete -- NEW No bug_mentor
1295988 when running mach mochitest <dir> with a single test the browser doesn't close automatically -- NEW No bug_mentor
1299325 fuzzy-if shouldn't beat skip-if when combining includes and test conditions -- NEW No bug_mentor
1299441 Marionette should setup test environment based on mozrunner.utils.test_environment() P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1299572 specialpowersAPI.js is copied to object dir instead of symlinked (doesn't update without new mach build) -- NEW No bug_mentor
1299589 Don't wait for dead browsers in BrowserTestUtils.windowClosed P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1299884 determine what environment to run mochitest-media tests on P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1300819 Notification of changes in expectation values for tests in wpt -- NEW No bug_mentor
1301170 [META] Tracking bug for GCOV code coverage collection. (Linux64-ccov build) -- NEW No bug_mentor
1301174 [META] Tracking bug for JS Debugger code coverage collection. (Disabled linux64-jsdcov build) -- NEW No bug_mentor
1301177 Marionette harness tests run locally with mach should have same logs as in automation P5 NEW No bug_mentor
1301182 Add test result summary to Marionette harness test logs P5 NEW No bug_mentor
1302518 Support running cppunittests from an interactive worker -- NEW No bug_mentor
1302519 Support running gtest from an interactive worker -- NEW No bug_mentor
1302520 Support running jittest from an interactive worker P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1302629 Make it easy to run tests in two modes based on manifest -- NEW No bug_mentor
1302650 Investigate stretched timeouts based on type of build or cpu load P5 NEW No bug_mentor
1303021 Intermittent ASAN-TC gtest | test failed with return code 1 due to "AddressSanitizer failed to allocate 0x10000 (65536) bytes of stack depot (error code: 12)" -- NEW No bug_mentor
1303031 Support running Android xpcshell tests on interactive loaners P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1305205 Stop using mozharness to run web platform tests -- NEW No bug_mentor
1305583 reftest logs missing test result -- NEW No bug_mentor
1305795 Use fewer files from in web-platform-tests -- NEW No bug_mentor
1306133 mach mochitest fails when --debugger is specified -- NEW No bug_mentor
1306510 Intermittent browser/components/downloads/test/browser/browser_libraryDrop.js | Test timed out - P5 REOPENED No bug_mentor
1306661 doesn't recover from temporary interruptions to Internet connection -- UNCONFIRMED No bug_mentor
1307197 [meta] tracking bug related to tools and improvements required for reducing intermittent oranges (project Stockwell) P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1308028 out of disk space not handled well (ambiguous error, no way to recover or retry) -- UNCONFIRMED No bug_mentor
1308417 Mozregression drops bookend integration revisions on the floor -- NEW No bug_mentor
1308513 Support running wpt mach command without an objdir present. -- NEW No bug_mentor
1309250 [moztest] does not always return test results P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1310160 Weird async/sync mix-up in special powers -- NEW No bug_mentor
1311173 MOZ_ASSERT not always fully resolving symbols in crash dump -- NEW No bug_mentor
1311429 Reftest harness should use mozcrash.kill_and_get_minidump -- NEW No bug_mentor
1311474 Mozregression fails to run with pkg_resources.DistributionNotFound: colorama -- NEW No bug_mentor
1311580 Fix mozinfo os_version / linux_distro on Linux P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1312189 Permanent false-positive wpt IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory in every run of XMLHttpRequest tests -- NEW No bug_mentor
1312679 WebDriver:Navigate should give failure details if loading a page was not successful P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1314007 marionette args ends up with a long list of urls as we keep appending for each dir -- NEW No bug_mentor
1314462 WebDriver:ElementClick on element in <iframe> that is out of the viewport doesn’t scroll into view the frame P2 NEW No bug_mentor
1315030 Determine how many try pushes could benefit from using artifact builds P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1315036 Write tests for --artifact in try syntax P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1315526 wpt failure during Daylight Time change: /XMLHttpRequest/responsexml-document-properties.htm | lastModified set to time of response if no HTTP header provided - assert_less_than_equal: expected a number less than or equal to 1478422023 but got 1478425623 -- NEW No bug_mentor
1316089 Create service that allows monitoring pulse queues OR allow Pulse Guardian queue alerting to be customized P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1316113 tracking bug for tests which fail to run solo or repeat successfully -- NEW No bug_mentor
1316122 Add docs for mozinstall command line P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1316123 Add docs for mozrunner command line P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1318221 Enable resource-selection-pointer-insert-source.html, resource-selection-pointer-remove-source.html resource-selection-source-media.html -- REOPENED No bug_mentor
1319054 Stack trace not reported on assertion failure in web platform tests -- NEW No bug_mentor
1319943 Add a means for determining the owner of code P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1320322 mozregression should know about earliest Thunderbird build -- NEW No bug_mentor
1321049 Unhide Mochitests on Valgrind once they're green -- NEW No bug_mentor
1321280 Improve process handling for non-Marionette managed processes P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1322433 Make it easier to retrigger a job with failing test with extra logging and debugging options P3 REOPENED No bug_mentor
1323008 when the gecko decision tasks runs- log the SETA data as an artifact P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1323445 Mozregression should not identify a specific commit if there are multiple commits in the final range -- NEW No bug_mentor
1323779 flushPrefEnv (called at end of mochitest) hangs indefinitely if a pref env restore would restore a pref to a value it already has -- NEW No bug_mentor
1325207 Reftest harness doesn't report fuzzy passes as unexpected when reftest also has fails-if -- REOPENED No bug_mentor
1325403 SETA - Allow configuring settings for each repository separately P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1325683 Many treeherder logs are missing crash stacks P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1326124 Intermittent TestCrashInTearDown.test_crash_in_teardown | AssertionError: "Process crashed" does not match "Process killed because the connection to Marionette server is lost P5 REOPENED No bug_mentor
1326126 Run tests in safe mode P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1326227 TestScreenCaptureChrome.test_capture_flags fails on Linux P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1326281 wd jobs don't test anything, just a bunch of internal errors -- NEW No bug_mentor
1327319 "crashfirefox.exe" doesn't reliably crash firefox P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1327383 Mozregression GUI doesn't withstand disabling internet connection with background downloads enabled -- NEW No bug_mentor
1327595 Mozregression GUI somehow can't subtract date from buildID during bisection -- NEW No bug_mentor
1327596 Mozregression can't bisect some bugs, because builds are stored on the server in a wrong way P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1327668 [gui] If I doubleclick on "Bad" button in Mozregression - it marks BOTH builds as bad -- NEW No bug_mentor
1327669 [gui] It's possible to accidentally start background download after quick cancellation -- NEW No bug_mentor
1328407 Run on CI -- NEW No bug_mentor
1329781 On Linux64 debug crashtest runs, shutdown crashes are incorrrectly reported as having happened during the final crashtest ("REFTEST PROCESS-CRASH | [test-filename] | application terminated ...") -- NEW No bug_mentor
1329833 [wdspec] Add tests for parsing of actions messages P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1329838 Add an option to mochitest to skip dumping failures at the end of test -- NEW No bug_mentor
1329939 Popup notifications are not displayed if Firefox is not the foremost application P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1330085 Window/docshell leak detector does not work with --repeat P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1330309 Investigate command modularisation for Marionette server P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1331614 testing/mochitest/MochiKit/Controls.js has invalid JavaScript code -- NEW No bug_mentor
1332263 add_task with skip_if=true causes test to fail. P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1332274 callback-timeout-with-raf.html test is unstable -- REOPENED No bug_mentor
1332352 Last test seen not part of gtest timeout message -- NEW No bug_mentor
1333109 Possible leaks with track element test -- NEW No bug_mentor
1333430 ImportError: No module named marionette.runner.base when trying to run 'marionette-test' on an interactive loaner P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1333433 Consider making the wpt manifest a product of the build system -- NEW No bug_mentor
1333458 [meta] Improve page load algorithm of Marionette -- NEW No bug_mentor
1333786 [manifestparser] should use ConfigObj as a backend instead of implementing a custom ini parser P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1333907 Consider an equivalent to trigger-bot functionality in TaskCluster P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1334164 Running /FileAPI/idlharness.worker.html doesn't work with full path -- NEW No bug_mentor
1334206 Try to automatically determine --flavor and --subsuite when running mochitests in a one-click-loaner P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1334297 mach web-platform-tests-create is horribly broken -- NEW No bug_mentor
1334811 manifest lint makes updating web platform tests a total minefield -- NEW No bug_mentor
1334853 mozregression --launch BUILDID used near-build instead of exact -- UNCONFIRMED No bug_mentor
1334856 mozregression can't handle restarted firefox -- UNCONFIRMED No bug_mentor
1336191 location-protocol-setter-non-broken.html has weird timeouts in gecko -- NEW No bug_mentor
1336408 Use instead of http in mozbase P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1336422 Upstream wpt commits as they land in m-c -- NEW No bug_mentor
1336953 Remove usage of socket timeout from the client P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1337013 Make gtest mach command invoke -- NEW No bug_mentor
1337839 consider logging all information from test logs now that we are on taskcluster -- NEW No bug_mentor
1337844 make reproducing test failures in context of automation much easier -- NEW No bug_mentor
1337906 Allow developers to watch directories for changed/get notified, e.g. by RSS feed, email (hgchanges replacement) P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1337977 Display failure frequency in Treeherder P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1338070 I can't seem to be able to create a *.any.js file that ends up with substitutions in the usual something.sub.html way -- NEW No bug_mentor
1338205 move testing/web-platform/tests/test_keys_wdspec.html -> testing/web-platform/tests/webdriver/ directory -- NEW No bug_mentor
1339103 Python client unable to stringify error messages with Unicode characters (like "…") and fails to print exception details: TimeoutException: <unprintable TimeoutException object> P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1339492 Mozregression fails to launch OSX builds older than 2016-07-12 -- NEW No bug_mentor
1339614 Add ability to get browser logs via Marionette P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1341092 Make sure everything in layout/reftests/ib-split/ is upstreamed to the CSSWG wpt reftests -- NEW No bug_mentor
1341685 Leaks in wpt service worker test /service-workers/service-worker/fetch-event-redirect.https.html -- NEW No bug_mentor
1341961 Turn on leak checking in xpcshell tests P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1342422 Mozscreenshots: controlCenter_singlePermission shows all permissions -- NEW No bug_mentor
1342449 determine if media-test and media-tests[-youtube|-twitch] can be run as e10s P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1344186 mochitest.ini has references to toolkit=='android' and os=='android', we should standardize this -- NEW No bug_mentor
1344267 Marionette test files for chrome scope should not be shipped with Firefox P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1344268 faster m-c test feedback loop for github-hosted repos P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1345093 Windows reftest timeouts after "JavaScript error: chrome://reftest/content/reftest.jsm, line 1741: NS_ERROR_FAILURE:" -- NEW No bug_mentor
1345718 Add a "crash-if" flag to reftest -- NEW No bug_mentor
1345942 Have `./mach test` run relevant tests when given a source file P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1346692 Reftest failure type may overwrite each other -- NEW No bug_mentor
1347696 Add support for retriggering xpcshell tests in automation with extra debugging options P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1348049 When retriggering individual reftests, should attempt comparison regardless of skip-if directives in manifest -- NEW No bug_mentor
1348266 Coverage builds should never be artifact builds P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1348833 Add support for retriggering web platform tests in automation with extra options -- NEW No bug_mentor
1348961 Mn needs to properly symbolicate assertion stacks P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1349851 Implicitly wait in switching frame P3 UNCONFIRMED No bug_mentor
1349858 Split mozrunner.utils.test_environment to remove duplicate code P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1350527 DownloadInterrupt should be processed -- NEW No bug_mentor
1350530 'Retest' button on past items -- NEW No bug_mentor
1350608 Windows 7 VM content process crash in e10s bc7 did not get symbolicated -- NEW No bug_mentor
1350935 "mach mochitest --appname dist" gives a not very useful error message when the build hasn't been packaged yet -- NEW No bug_mentor
1350948 Support setting of unknown prefs for reftests -- NEW No bug_mentor
1351253 mach test should support the --appname parameter P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1351290 Bisecting mozilla-release with dates 2016-03-19 -> 2017-03-19 doesn't seem to work on (at least) win32 -- NEW No bug_mentor
1351369 Init failing generates an error -- NEW No bug_mentor
1351778 testing/web-platform/ says to use nonexistent command line option --no-check-clean -- NEW No bug_mentor
1352134 Fail job if any extension bootstrap method, or top-level bootstrap load, throws an error -- NEW No bug_mentor
1352310 We don't seem to have a way to get XPCOM_DEBUG_BREAK=trap behavior with crashtest -- NEW No bug_mentor
1352360 Warning during wptrunner shutdown -- NEW No bug_mentor
1352495 ./mach subcommand to print tests categorized by bugzilla components P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1353635 JavaScript error: chrome://marionette/content/proxy.js, line 195: NS_ERROR_ILLEGAL_VALUE: Component returned failure code: 0x80070057 (sendAsync) P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1353696 Protect __webDriverComplete global from web content introspection P2 NEW No bug_mentor
1354042 ensure pending crash dumps are removed between tests P3 REOPENED No bug_mentor
1354201 Make Is Element Enabled command WebDriver conforming P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1354203 [meta] Remove Selenium atoms from Marionette -- NEW No bug_mentor
1355087 WPT lint missed a problem where manifest references a non-existent test -- NEW No bug_mentor
1355545 consider running microsoft's BrowserEfficiencyTest in automation P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1355568 Correlate tests and bug components to Orange Factor frequent intermittent test failures P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1355929 Document TalosPowersContent.getStartupInfo() P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1356086 mozregression --launch not working as expected P3 UNCONFIRMED No bug_mentor
1357513 [meta] New/modified test verification P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1358434 Obscure error when registering path handler without prefix / P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1360200 Make "rerun chunk with test X" as close to a one-click operation as possible P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1360489 Reftest would hang/be blocked with e10s with Linux -- NEW No bug_mentor
1362013 Code coverage build should run SpiderMonkey tests -- NEW No bug_mentor
1362127 Add option for just getting commit range for two dates without downloading / testing builds -- NEW No bug_mentor
1362155 Intermittent Linux "reftest | application timed out after 330 seconds with no output" due to default browser screen taking focus -- NEW No bug_mentor
1363143 TestBackForwardNavigation.test_certificate_error | AssertionError: InsecureCertificateException not raised P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1363418 LoadListener doesn't take redirects ("http-equiv=refresh" and "301" response) into account (affects all navigation requests) P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1363530 Add awsy tests to talos group P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1364426 WebDriver:ElementSendKeys has to set caret for content-editable elements after any child content P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1365311 We should generate some sort of "new failure report" on wpt import -- NEW No bug_mentor
1365479 [gui] List recent used downloaded builds for Run a single build -- NEW No bug_mentor
1365591 [meta] ETL Pipeline work -- NEW No bug_mentor
1366035 Timeout when navigating to a URL with an unknown MIME type P2 NEW No bug_mentor
1366570 mozregression installers and executables for windows and mac are not signed -- NEW No bug_mentor
1366686 SimpleTest.waitForFocus() might fail handling load or focus state -- NEW No bug_mentor
1367544 crashtest crash in e10s just hangs the crashtest harness P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1367848 gtest reports bogus stacks -- NEW No bug_mentor
1368132 Reflow tests should account for flushes that occur within timers, idle callbacks, and thread dispatches -- NEW No bug_mentor
1369596 svg tests not working in the wpt harness -- NEW No bug_mentor
1369783 Investigate relazification of functions without destroying coverage information. -- NEW No bug_mentor
1369785 Investigate if there is a way to collect JSVM coverage in purposely failing tests. -- NEW No bug_mentor
1370683 Allow installing web extensions (i.e. gecko profiler) through the --install-extension option -- NEW No bug_mentor
1370959 Hardening proxy capability parsing P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1370992 extra spaces in reftest output breaks reftest-analyzer.xhtml -- NEW No bug_mentor
1371347 it looks as if we can sometimes get a screenshot of the 'next test' instead of the failure when it happens (in browser chrome at least) -- NEW No bug_mentor
1371436 Support release_or_beta in expectation data -- NEW No bug_mentor
1371709 Pass profile data into wdspec tests -- NEW No bug_mentor
1372211 Collect coverage for Firefox startup (?and shutdown?) -- NEW No bug_mentor
1372312 Make sure AWSY tests the script preloader P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1372394 Make tabpaint use navigationStart instead of fetchStart when computing paint delta P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1372565 [mozlog] When using log_raw, we don't ensure state for test_start, test_end or test_status actions P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1372582 [meta] Make Marionette cookie service WebDriver conforming P2 NEW No bug_mentor
1372587 [meta] Release geckodriver from TaskCluster -- NEW No bug_mentor
1372862 create easier method to parse xperf filenames P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1373606 When --jsdebugging is supplied, make it so that firefox-appdir doesn't need to be in the xpcshell.ini file P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1374080 Intermittent mochitest command timed out: 1800 seconds without output, attempting to kill on Windows 8 x64 pgo -- NEW No bug_mentor
1374133 Intermittent /html/browsers/windows/browsing-context-names/choose-_blank-003.html | Unable to locate window: 4294967297 -- NEW No bug_mentor
1374283 Clicking an element like a link fails if child fully overlays area due to: "ElementNotInteractableException: Element could not be scrolled into view" P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1374456 if last reftest in test run crashes, harness restarts and reports 'REFTEST ERROR | EXCEPTION: No tests to run' -- NEW No bug_mentor
1374746 Interactive loaner allows selecting an option before the envionment is ready P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1374968 Reftests unstable on OSX -- NEW No bug_mentor
1375009 drawimage tests unstable on Windows -- NEW No bug_mentor
1375011 Disable /mathml/relations/html5-tree/href-click-2.html for instability -- NEW No bug_mentor
1375126 Runtime warnings about undefined CSS variables should turn the tree orange -- NEW No bug_mentor
1375469 Add ability to download installers, test archives and other artifacts to mozbase (given a build url) P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1375867 Run mochitest selftests on windows and osx -- NEW No bug_mentor
1375958 Simplify talos startup test results parsing code P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1376288 Talos test unexpected exit is not reflected on treeherder talos job P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1376773 Intermittent TestCrash.test_crash_chrome_process | AssertionError: "Process crashed" does not match "Process killed because the connection to Marionette server is lost P5 REOPENED No bug_mentor
1376900 Resolve the profile path in mozprofile to it's real name P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1377529 Move e10s checks and logging to proper places to avoid an extra restart of Firefox P5 NEW No bug_mentor
1377564 Can't run mochitest with "--tag" -- NEW No bug_mentor
1377998 Intermittent TestMemoryUsage.test_open_tabs | TimeoutException: Timeout loading page after 300000ms P5 NEW No bug_mentor
1378174 [mozlog] Create a "sugar" formatter based on pytest-sugar P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1378743 Set MOZ_CRASHREPORTER_SHUTDOWN in e10s tests -- NEW No bug_mentor
1380189 Investigate if there is a way to prevent linux64-ccov from running on nightly/cron pushes. -- NEW No bug_mentor
1380750 Should we ignore third party paths in code coverage reports? -- NEW No bug_mentor
1381183 running all tests in browser/components/preferences-in-content-new/tests doesn't report most subtest results -- NEW No bug_mentor
1381319 [gui] Unreadable text depending on system theme -- UNCONFIRMED No bug_mentor
1382926 Make safer DNS choices for testing URLs P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1383251 Create lint check to prevent test files that aren't listed in any manifests P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1383464 Intermittent wpt internal server errors (500) trying to download symbols after crash P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1383515 web-platform-test expected crashes don't show nearly enough indications that they are expected -- NEW No bug_mentor
1385895 WebDriver:ElementSendKeys selects wrong <option> when dispatching text to <select> P2 NEW No bug_mentor
1386694 disable jetpack test job P3 REOPENED No bug_mentor
1386764 ./mach crashtest --run-until-failure is broken -- NEW No bug_mentor
1386810 Allow for tests to define extra environment variables to be exported prior to launching Firefox P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1387279 Intermittent /hr-time/timeOrigin.html | Window timeOrigin is close to when there is no system clock adjustment. - assert_less_than: should be close to window timeOrigin. expected a number less than 500 but got 620.243408203125 P5 NEW No bug_mentor
1387304 Add fuzzy auto-completion of directories / flavors to |mach test| (and other test commands) P5 NEW No bug_mentor
1387337 Add support for not yet restored tabs after a restart of Firefox (sessionstore enabled) P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1389234 Deprecate SimpleTest.requestFlakyTimeout in favor of the mozilla/no-arbitrary-setTimeout eslint rule -- NEW No bug_mentor
1390451 All test harnesses should support a/the --binary flag P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1390884 Chaos mode makes test verification unreliable P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1391085 Re-factor subsuite lookup for test verification P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1392308 XPCShell-generated profile path should contain non-ascii characters P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1392313 Reduce size of geckodriver executable P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1392465 add paint flashing-like mode to reftest harness for another way to test invalidation P5 NEW No bug_mentor
1393670 Optionally upload CC/GC log along with about:memory report for AWSY test P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1394339 Click on autocomplete entry always clicks on first element P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1394911 Add option to not launch Firefox -- NEW No bug_mentor
1394919 Add option to download binaries from final release -- NEW No bug_mentor
1395414 mochitest profile paths should contain non-ascii characters P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1395424 AddressSanitizer isn't using symbols P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1395628 Upload raw log artifact for python unittests -- NEW No bug_mentor
1395696 Consider adding a commit hook for tests.yml changes P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1395739 Documentation for auto-generating new expectations data for WPT is wrong -- NEW No bug_mentor
1395829 webrtc test ini's contains lots of dupes -- NEW No bug_mentor
1395831 Expectation data for po-disconnect.any.html seems to be broken -- NEW No bug_mentor
1395864 Intermittent AttributeError: 'BrowserManager' object has no attribute 'command_queue' P5 NEW No bug_mentor
1395886 Add support for proxy authentication (username / password) P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1395905 Allow reusing builds which were used recently -- NEW No bug_mentor
1396125 --no-pause-after-test should be the default behavior when running with MOZ_HEADLESS=1 -- NEW No bug_mentor
1396901 Add self tests for --verify P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1397437 [Tracking] Convert all python unittests to the pytest format -- NEW No bug_mentor
1397493 Support dumping/resetting coverage counters for LLVM builds -- NEW No bug_mentor
1397970 Verify tests for path/manifest when manifest updated P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1398040 mach awsy-test should default to the same number of iterations as CI P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1398260 Descriptions for test platforms P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1398730 Should have a configuration for private windows P2 NEW No bug_mentor
1398903 Provide standalone APK version of mozregression GUI and mozregression for Android -- NEW No bug_mentor
1399032 WebDriver:SwitchToParentFrame causes hang due to "TypeError: can't access dead object" P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1399135 Unresponsive script blocks execution of new commands P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1399139 [manifestparser] Built-in support for 'reason' and 'bugs' keys P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1399394 Support code coverage builds on Mac -- NEW No bug_mentor
1399396 Support code coverage builds on Android -- NEW No bug_mentor
1399441 Hide Firefox stdout/stderr if log level is info level or higher P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1399993 Change log level for MOZ_CRASH lines from INFO to ERROR -- NEW No bug_mentor
1400919 crashes during xpcshell tests don't get crash stacks P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1401047 Investigate adding some compiler options to linux64-ccov build -- NEW No bug_mentor
1401131 Crash during command execution results in "Internal Server Error: Failed to decode response from marionette" P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1401163 Pointer Interactable checks not used when implicitly waiting for elements in Element Interaction commands P2 NEW No bug_mentor
1401503 Launcher error in mozregression GUI 0.9.13 -- NEW No bug_mentor
1401570 Intermittent Loading initial page https://web-platform.test:8443/testharness_runner.html failed. Ensure that the there are no other programs bound to this port and that your firewall rules or network setup does not prevent access.\eTraceback P5 REOPENED No bug_mentor
1401687 Mach environment on one-click-loaners is broken on linux 18.04 image P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1401764 Reduce content process leak threshold to 0 P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1402306 onunload event listener not removed after script evaluation P2 NEW No bug_mentor
1402533 Look for commits that change .pb.h or files without also changing a .proto file P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1403510 Try to close session but always return success on Delete Session P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1403672 Error messages prefixed with numbers when running mochitests through mach -- NEW No bug_mentor
1403677 [meta] Implement support for cropping of screenshots -- NEW No bug_mentor
1403689 Allow to pass a PID to Marionette client if it doesn't manage the instance itself P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1405209 make crashtest/reftest/jstestbrowser all fail -- NEW No bug_mentor
1405967 Remove legacy clickElement code P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1406071 Add ability to run only certain pytest subtests to |mach python-test| -- NEW No bug_mentor
1406295 UIAutomation doesn't find any page elements in Firefox 57 on Windows 7 P3 UNCONFIRMED No bug_mentor
1407089 Add support for reading prefs from a JS file -- NEW No bug_mentor
1407293 Mochitest output not in valid Treeherder format ("ERROR <test name> logged result after SimpleTest.finish(): showAlertNotification() succeeded. Waiting for notification...") -- NEW No bug_mentor
1407430 Unable to find regression range between two specific date -- NEW No bug_mentor
1408098 Talos could optionaly provide JS code coverage P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1408107 Add placeholders for not-covered files. -- NEW No bug_mentor
1408147 mochitest-browser-chrome prints incorrect test summaries to tinderbox -- NEW No bug_mentor
1408208 web-platform-tests don't fail when failing to run the HTTP server for the tests -- NEW No bug_mentor
1408221 assertSnapshots should outputs the reftest format failure strings into test log instead of just dump -- NEW No bug_mentor
1408453 Killing mochitest leaves behind Firefox process on Windows -- NEW No bug_mentor
1408696 mozregression can't verify the revisions it itself produced -- NEW No bug_mentor
1408754 Add configuration to send page to about:tabcrashed -- NEW No bug_mentor
1409002 Teaching tp5o page loader test to load multiple pages in parallel P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1410495 ./mach mochitest doesn't work under windows 10 WSL linux environment -- NEW No bug_mentor
1410649 Allow WebDriver:TakeScreenshot command to take web elements P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1410838 Error message from capabilities parsing lacks necessary granularity P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1411358 Intermittent [taskcluster:error] Task timeout after 3600 seconds. Force killing container. / [taskcluster:error] Task timeout after 5400 seconds. Force killing container. / [taskcluster:error] Task timeout after 7200 seconds. Force killing container. P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1411634 Adopt the devtools inspector’s pretty-printing algorithm for DOM nodes P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1412817 tests are failing in mochitest but there is no TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL and it isn't obvious where the failures is -- NEW No bug_mentor
1412925 testing/web-platform/tests/content-security-policy/connect-src/connect-src-eventsource-blocked.sub.html lacks script end tag -- NEW No bug_mentor
1413730 Add leak testing that logs URLs of leaked documents P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1414495 Intermittent non-asan TEST-UNEXPECTED-TIMEOUT | | application timed out after 370 seconds with no output (Waiting for browser...) P5 NEW No bug_mentor
1414739 [meta] Intermittent inconsistencies in screenshot tests P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1414744 Stop using Activity Stream in mozscreenshots -- NEW No bug_mentor
1414749 URL bar text intermittently appears cut off / below the identity block -- NEW No bug_mentor
1414754 Tab intermittently not showing favicon on some control center screenshots -- NEW No bug_mentor
1414757 URL bar text is intermittently not scrolled to the beginning -- NEW No bug_mentor
1415008 Android's reftest will fire blur event on reference test -- NEW No bug_mentor
1415113 [META] Remove test duplication between WPT and mochitest -- NEW No bug_mentor
1415281 Create a common test harness argument parser P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1415558 Develop a fuzzer to test for visual invalidation issues (VisFuzz) P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1415819 [meta] Delete dead code using the files with zero coverage report -- NEW No bug_mentor
1415824 [meta] Write tests for files with zero coverage -- NEW No bug_mentor
1415840 Unify how we detect if a build is a code coverage build -- NEW No bug_mentor
1416216 Extend click + page load to wait for `form.submit` event, if clicked element is a submit button P2 NEW No bug_mentor
1417251 Have the reftest harness use nsIWebNavigation.LOAD_FLAGS_BYPASS_CACHE to load URIs differing only by hash -- REOPENED No bug_mentor
1417314 Android's remote xpcshell test doesn't support --debugger and --debugger-args command line option P5 NEW No bug_mentor
1417925 [meta] Make Element Send Keys webdriver spec conformant P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1418055 Add wdspec tests for proxy capabilities P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1418273 WebDriver:Navigate hangs when surfing to a page that is blocked by an extension P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1418363 test-verify-wpt could make better determination of tests changed P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1418375 test-verify-wpt improvements for mass file changes / imports P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1418858 Determine whether JSDCov coverage collector should be finalized after each manifest or all tests. -- NEW No bug_mentor
1418979 Marionette/Puppeteer should use something other than a builtin about: page to have a "stable" page to load P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1418995 WebDriver:ElementSendKeys to use action primitives P2 NEW No bug_mentor
1419106 investigate specialpowers.pushprefenv as there are some reports of it not behaving properly P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1419135 Run mochitests in parallel in headless mode -- NEW No bug_mentor
1419394 WebDriver:ElementSendKeys synthesizes an extra "select" event even without any selection being made P2 NEW No bug_mentor
1419490 Crash @ ProcessExecutableMemory::release() in Talos g2 with Windows coverage build -- NEW No bug_mentor
1419491 Intermittent ASSERTION: shouldn't have observed an animation being removed twice: 'Not Reached' in browser_animation_controller_exposes_document_currentTime.js -- NEW No bug_mentor
1419494 Intermittent leak at the end of mochitest chrome (c1) in Windows coverage builds -- NEW No bug_mentor
1419703 generate an artifact from the bugzilla source job to indicate which files are test files P3 ASSIGNED No bug_mentor
1420372 Marionette client has to check for a valid pid of Firefox as returned with the capabilities P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1420640 Permanent failure in /webrtc/RTCDTMFSender-ontonechange-long.https.html caused by bug 1493012 P5 REOPENED No bug_mentor
1420888 WebDriver:SendKeysToElement support for <input type=date> and <input type=color> P2 NEW No bug_mentor
1420923 window globals not exposed to injected script P2 NEW No bug_mentor
1421289 [mozprocess] mozprocess ProcessReader waits for stdout/stderr threads after timeout P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1421316 More versatile error handling in server.TCPConnection P5 NEW No bug_mentor
1421388 Drop folders outside of source code repository from file paths in log summary P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1421628 Page load listener returns too early due to `popstate` event P2 NEW No bug_mentor
1421633 is missing out on some file:/// paths -- NEW No bug_mentor
1421662 Consider removing BrowserTestUtils.addTab -- NEW No bug_mentor
1421978 Hide first xpcshell failure line for test (xpcshell return code: 0) if there are more failure messages for that test (= more detailed) P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1422004 [Tracking] Provide some TLC for |mach test| P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1422006 Support running gtest with |mach test| -- NEW No bug_mentor
1422011 Crashtests don't get picked up by |mach test <path>| -- NEW No bug_mentor
1422012 Unable to run jsreftests or js-api tests with |mach test| P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1422048 Exception logs not useful when an httpd method called from handleResponse throws P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1422707 Save screenshots to a file that's uploaded rather than outputting base64 encoded to the log P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1422857 server-locations.txt doesn't support WebSockets locations P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1422965 Hide ignored permafailures in cross-browser test suites like web-platform-tests (wpt) -- NEW No bug_mentor
1423325 Element.scrollIntoView() fails to scroll horizontally P2 NEW No bug_mentor
1425103 [meta] tracking bug for making --geckoProfile awesome for developers locally and on try server P2 NEW No bug_mentor
1425255 Clamp screenshots to the available screen size -- NEW No bug_mentor
1425305 [Meta] Fail tests in case of unexpected TypeError, ReferenceError, SyntaxError P2 NEW No bug_mentor
1425341 Fail xpcshell tests in case of unexpected TypeError, ReferenceError, SyntaxError P3 ASSIGNED No bug_mentor
1425382 failure to generate message with difference count for pixels P5 NEW No bug_mentor
1425531 Unable to run mochitests by chunk on windows (twisted requires MSVC++ 9.0) -- NEW No bug_mentor
1425564 Running multiple tests in a debugger doesn't work well -- NEW No bug_mentor
1425572 Consider flushing I/O as part of running Talos tests P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1425595 Missing coverage on opt-web-platform-tests-wdspec-e10s (Wd) -- NEW No bug_mentor
1425706 Document best practices for deploying geckodriver in README P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1426133 Populate IMPACTED_TESTS for Marionette P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1426145 Fail mochitests tests in case of unexpected TypeError, ReferenceError, SyntaxError P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1426208 WebDriver:SwitchToWindow lets you switch to chrome windows from content context P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1426406 mach wpt exits with 0 when webrtc web-platform-tests encounter unexpected results -- NEW No bug_mentor
1427371 mozregression just ran entirely the wrong build for me! -- NEW No bug_mentor
1427596 IMPACTED_TESTS does not work with git P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1427703 TypeError: run_python_tests() got an unexpected keyword argument 'log' -- NEW No bug_mentor
1427807 WebDriver:GetCookies does not return cookies from frames P2 NEW No bug_mentor
1427990 Disabled status for subtests in web-platform-tests is not obeyed P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1428304 mozfile.remove() incorrectly removes the contents of symlinked directories on Windows P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1428363 [mozlog] Reduce number of unused dependencies for log-parsing-only consumers of mozlog P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1428458 [meta] - tracking work for 2018/Q1 mobile testing improvements P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1428779 `is` fail to compare Symbols -- NEW No bug_mentor
1428814 WebDriver:GetWindowHandle incorrectly checks selected window for content browser in content context P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1428828 [meta] - tracking bug for stockwell work in 2018 Q1 P2 NEW No bug_mentor
1428853 migrate to owner triaged the top 50 bugzilla components with high frequency failures P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1428910 --keep-open and/or --jsdebugger don't work properly with --verify -- NEW No bug_mentor
1428929 testing/mochitest is not rebuilt as part of ./mach build faster -- NEW No bug_mentor
1429387 Intermittent failure to start test suite - Exit Code: 3221225781 -- NEW No bug_mentor
1429403 Descendants of <optgroup disabled> should not be clickable P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1429461 Use TUIDs in code coverage - requires defining, ingestion, and mapping -- NEW No bug_mentor
1429478 [meta] 2018 Q1 Work Items for Dashboarding P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1429500 Migrate MoDevMetrics dashboards to new cluster P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1429559 make active-data-recipes support longer term trends P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1429583 Investigate container tabs for running tests in parallel P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1429907 Invalid usage of args can deadlock wptrunner -- NEW No bug_mentor
1430064 Firefox does not exit when geckodriver is terminated P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1430180 run tests by component instead of test suite P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1430679 Any way to get notifications of new WPT failures? -- NEW No bug_mentor
1430851 Check click event target to decide whether to synthesize a dblclick P2 NEW No bug_mentor
1430946 fail-if=1 unexpected-pass confusingly logs ok(true, ) as TEST-FAILED P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1431125 Test verification of long-running tests may exceed task timeout P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1431133 ./mach web-platform-tests stalls and does not run without /etc/hosts entries on windows -- NEW No bug_mentor
1432287 [meta] Run tests from source checkouts in CI P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1432456 Custom Marionette harness skip decorators shouldn't trigger setUp() and tearDown() for skipped tests P5 NEW No bug_mentor
1432690 SimpleTest.registerCleanupFunction silently doesn't work in mochitest browser-chrome (bare registerCleanupFunction works) P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1432914 manifestparser glues together skip-if from manifest header and test sections, sometimes producing unparseable results P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1433438 Update win10 version for mochitest-chrome [and other tests: wpt, reftests, etc] to the Fall Creators Update release or later P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1433495 Save minidump files if MINIDUMP_SAVE_PATH is set to preserve crash dumps P2 NEW No bug_mentor
1434313 Full screenshot captures document element, but should include initial viewport dimensions P3 REOPENED No bug_mentor
1434373 Add SpecialPowers.ChromeUtils, and migrate SpecialPowers.Cu.import to use that -- NEW No bug_mentor
1434382 Add --headless flag to wptrunner -- NEW No bug_mentor
1434785 WebDriver:Fullscreen might want to wait for the next tick after receiving sizemodechange event P2 NEW No bug_mentor
1434878 [mozprocess] Allow tracking of processes which fork themselves and leave zombie processes behind P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1434914 Figure out how to chunk "mach try coverage" -- NEW No bug_mentor
1434975 Consider compressing artifacts with xz instead of zip -- NEW No bug_mentor
1435097 Mochitest harness failure -- NEW No bug_mentor
1435276 Use new prefs parser in mozprofile Rust port P5 NEW No bug_mentor
1435677 Talos shouldn't extract its data into the source tree P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1435697 JS Debugger code coverage has no coverable lines -- NEW No bug_mentor
1436298 Add user home on NFS mount to QA tests P3 UNCONFIRMED No bug_mentor
1436401 AttributeError: 'Talos' object has no attribute 'suite' when trying to run talos locally P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1436406 [wpt-sync] PR 8955 - Add IDL tests for Web App Manifest -- UNCONFIRMED No bug_mentor
1436410 [wpt-sync] PR 9420 - WebKit export of -- UNCONFIRMED No bug_mentor
1436564 wpt-sync bugs should have the URL field set to the WPT PR -- NEW No bug_mentor
1436654 SpecialPowers.loadChromeScript assertion failures don't fail tests -- NEW No bug_mentor
1437649 wpt lint triggers on setTimeout() in a comment -- NEW No bug_mentor
1437749 [wpt-sync] PR 9490 - [Gecko Bug 1437255] Use a null prototype for @@unscopables objects in the DOM. -- NEW No bug_mentor
1437823 selenium ide is not installed in highest version P3 UNCONFIRMED No bug_mentor
1438009 [mozprocess] Prevent returning an exit code of 259 (STILL_ACTIVE) when calling GetExitCodeProcess P2 NEW No bug_mentor
1438283 [wpt-sync] PR 9521 - Add type annotations to wptrunner -- NEW No bug_mentor
1438343 Local mochitest run hangs for a long time after the test has finished running, before exiting -- NEW No bug_mentor
1438366 [wpt-sync] PR 9529 - Adding tests with DRY coding technique -- NEW No bug_mentor
1438461 [mozprofile] Profile path always lower-case even for case-sensitive filesystems P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1438500 Investigate using code coverage data to prioritize intermittent tests -- NEW No bug_mentor
1438581 [wpt-sync] PR 9541 - Fix an error in -- NEW No bug_mentor
1438643 Missing head file when running Form Autofill tests P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1439319 ./mach reftest --repeat does not repeat test at all -- NEW No bug_mentor
1439414 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 9571 - [Gecko Bug 1431095] Change Content-Type-Options: nosniff allowed script MIME types to match the spec. P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1439591 test-verify: run tests affected by modified support files P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1439887 On small initial window, input verification is skipped -- NEW No bug_mentor
1440161 Intermittent CRITICAL - Test harness output was not a valid structured log message - code 400 -- REOPENED No bug_mentor
1440185 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 9621 - Revert "Revert "[css-typed-om] Ensure StylePropertyMapReadonly IDL matches spec."" P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1440197 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 9623 - Revert "[css-typed-om] Ensure StylePropertyMapReadonly IDL matches spec." P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1440214 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 9625 - Revert "Port another set of sticky tests to JS rather than reftests" P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1440300 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 9629 - Revert "Support VTTCue.positionAlign and lineAlign for WebVTT" P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1440307 Stop using wrappedJSObject in executormarionette -- NEW No bug_mentor
1440312 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 9630 - Prepare 3 ref layout tests for Skia DAA rebaseline P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1440557 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 9642 - Test SpeechSynthesisUtterance volume attribute P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1440726 Starting fixture servers takes a long time on Windows P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1440752 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 9650 - Revert "Switch external_host to host_ip. (#9258)" P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1440755 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 9651 - Switch external_host to host_ip. P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1440924 testfailed on windows10-64-ccov debug Reftests with e10s test-windows10-64-ccov/debug-reftest-e10s-1 R-e10s(R1) -- NEW No bug_mentor
1441078 Intermittent dom/tests/mochitest/ajax/mochikit/test_Mochikit.html | application crashed [@ + 0x1e524] -- REOPENED No bug_mentor
1441199 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 9677 - DO NOT MERGE P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1441276 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 9365 - Fix local-url-inherit-controll.https.html not to timeout on chrome. P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1441285 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 9392 - Don't download gecko prefs file if it's reasonably new P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1441288 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 9318 - [Picture-in-Picture] Add leavepictureinpicture video event P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1441347 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 9399 - webdriver: fix typo when raising exception for unparseable HTTP respo… P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1441461 Intermittent windows10 reftest timeout on startup due to closed connection -- NEW No bug_mentor
1441718 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 9697 - Revert "webauthn: support the appid extension." P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1441721 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 9698 - Revert "webauthn: support the appid extension." P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1441724 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 9700 - Revert "Revert "webauthn: support the appid extension."" P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1441768 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 9708 - getCapabilities() should not have range properties without valid values P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1441850 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 9715 - Change initiatorType for navigation preload to "navigation" P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1441924 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 9718 - Remove duplicated fonts and put them under /fonts/ P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1441930 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 9719 - Fixed updating reftest graph when node changes to other type P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1442455 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 9737 - Revert "Fix #7142: Change manifest update process" P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1442558 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 9745 - Revert "ServiceWorker: Add WPT to check if CSP sandbox is respected" P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1442645 [mozlog] mozlog.structuredlog: Failure calling log handler, due to KeyError: 'subtest' P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1442798 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 9790 - Teach idlharness.js to avoid invoking iterable-related members P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1442808 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 9791 - Update gyroscope IDL file P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1442810 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 9793 - Update magnetometer IDL file P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1443199 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 9818 - Additional fonts. Includes the CSSTest folder that was under /css P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1443327 mochitest-browser-chrome tests do not set MOZ_CRASHREPORTER_SHUTDOWN P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1443482 contextmenu emitted before mouseup P2 NEW No bug_mentor
1443488 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 9873 - Sop P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1443720 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 9894 - Revert "Update orientation-sensor IDL file" P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1443724 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 9894 - Revert "Update orientation-sensor IDL file" P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1443773 create ./mach try intermittent, that would take a bug id or test name and push to try the most frequently failing configs and try to reproduce P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1443824 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 9899 - [encrypted-media] Correctly call isInitDataTypeSupported. P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1443844 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 9901 - Use force flag on git add operations during syncing P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1443922 Use toolkit.asyncshutdown.crash_timout as shutdown monitor base value P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1444014 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 9915 - Catch up the rename of white-space-collapse to text-space-collapse P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1444212 update tp5 pageset - ideally replace with tp6 and better record/replay tooling P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1444360 "ShutdownLeaks | process() called before end of test suite" should be shown after real test failures or not at all -- NEW No bug_mentor
1444498 Additionally run tests with activity stream new tab disabled/blank P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1444647 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 9959 - add "short" harness timeout value P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1444714 Intermittent mochitest failure - Result: IDLENESS_LIMIT_EXCEEDED -- NEW No bug_mentor
1444903 "load" reftests should wait for composition to complete -- NEW No bug_mentor
1445182 Inconsistent "WebDriver:ElementClick" behavior for dropdowns and React driven websites P2 NEW No bug_mentor
1445209 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 9994 - Test format updated to match latest i18n test suite files. P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1445227 getPointerInteractablePaintTree does not return elements in a shadow DOM P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1445273 Convert xpcom/idl-parser/xpidl/ to run with 'pytest' -- NEW No bug_mentor
1445315 Remove "--code-coverage" mozharness option and always use MOZ_CODE_COVERAGE -- NEW No bug_mentor
1445642 windows10-64-ccov debug test fail -- REOPENED No bug_mentor
1445674 Need tests for command line parameters (private-window, etc). P5 NEW No bug_mentor
1446182 Add a test that opens and closes browser windows (as opposed to tabs) P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1446350 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 10073 - [Sensor] Add feature detection P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1446554 Assert.jsm eagerly JSON.stringifies values (recursively) which triggers undesired behaviour P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1446965 [mozlog] Buffer all test logs in 'mach' formatter and flush on failure P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1447024 Focussed browsing context is not target for commands P2 NEW No bug_mentor
1447179 Make test-verify also verify tests that cover changed code -- NEW No bug_mentor
1447708 Ability to skip individual wdspec subtests -- NEW No bug_mentor
1447852 web-platform-tests tasks should take screenshot on first failure like other tests -- NEW No bug_mentor
1447857 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 10129 - Revert "Web Platform Tests: add /interfaces/webaudio.idl and corresponding test" P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1447878 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 10133 - bluetooth: FakeBluetoothChooserServerClient impl. P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1448000 Improve --debugger experience with reftest run-by-manifest and MOZ_DEBUG_CHILD_PROCESS -- NEW No bug_mentor
1448038 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 10145 - Dummy idlharness.js change to debug #10144 P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1448114 Implement functions for mostly_is() and mostly_ok() for intermittent oranges -- NEW No bug_mentor
1448308 Log whether Firefox was terminated by signal P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1448340 Empty style attribute added to clicked element P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1448532 [mozlog] Mach log formatter can cause log output to be really slow P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1448668 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 9929 - Prevent spawning WebSocketDaemon when ws_doc_root is null P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1448825 element.isInView() fails for <tr> nodes with multiple cells P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1448955 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 10181 - Implement snapping for scroll with intended direction and end position. P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1449065 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 10186 - wptrunner: Always restart on test error P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1449098 Automatically remove "/test-oop-extensions" part from the path specified for "./mach test" P2 NEW No bug_mentor
1449133 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 10195 - Bfo css backgrounds fix P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1449201 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 10197 - Generic executor that uses WebDriver protocol directly P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1449315 Add missing automated tests P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1449353 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 10200 - Enable ConsumeGestureOnNavigation by default P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1449482 Rewrite to use multiprocessing.Queue instead of multiprocess.Pipe P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1449576 Missing crash stack from intermittent timeout in bug 1441580 -- NEW No bug_mentor
1449766 Log action primitivies P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1450380 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 10260 - Reland "bluetooth: FakeBluetoothChooser impl." P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1450876 click and page load aborts too early if target URL loads too slowly (delayed pagehide event) P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1451105 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 10289 - Add support for // META: spec=url to satisfy MISSING-LINK P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1451121 Add leak checks for Marionette jobs P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1451163 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 10297 - Provide thumbnails in DownloadUIAdapter P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1451465 "mach marionette-test --emulator" fails with "TypeError: coercing to Unicode: need string or buffer, bool found" P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1452091 Make raptor measurements and handlers more generic and test specific P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1452121 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 9920 - Add tests for return value of DOMTokenList's replace() method P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1452140 partial WPT lint doesn't work -- NEW No bug_mentor
1452976 JavaScript error: chrome://reftest/content/reftest.jsm, line 1552: NS_ERROR_NOT_AVAILABLE: Component returned failure code: 0x80040111 (NS_ERROR_NOT_AVAILABLE) [nsIPropertyBag2.getPropertyAsAString] -- NEW No bug_mentor
1453074 Reftest failures can be missed if the output is split across multiple lines -- NEW No bug_mentor
1453779 TypeError: rect is undefined, when using Selenium Actions and element is not displayed. P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1453832 Unit tests fail when DNS providers return an address for one that should be invalid. P3 UNCONFIRMED No bug_mentor
1453945 [mozprofile] Add Unicode support to "mozprofile.diff()" P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1454039 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 10463 - Revert "Reland: Use PostTask to schedule cross-process postMessage forwarding." P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1454070 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 10464 - Revert "Web Animations: Fix bugs in procedure to process a keyframes argument" P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1454265 OS.File.writeAtomic fails to perform write operation on mochitest-plain on linux64-jsdcov -- NEW No bug_mentor
1454926 Treat "ERROR: Potential deadlock detected:" output as a failure P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1454943 ..\testing\mozbase\mozrunner\tests\ [firefox] TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL if Unicode in profile name P5 NEW No bug_mentor
1455297 Stop depending on 'sleep' and arbitrary timeouts in mozbase tests P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1455309 test-verify should not try to run tests on configs/branches where they are not scheduled in taskcluster P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1455327 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 9036 - Fix #9012: Add an MP4 copy of images/pattern.png P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1455352 testing/mochitest/tests/python/ AttributeError | Unsuccessful task run with exit code: 1 completed in 844.954 seconds -- NEW No bug_mentor
1455403 Run test-coverage on stale tests -- NEW No bug_mentor
1455480 Assert we are not building the ccov build on inbound -- NEW No bug_mentor
1455501 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 10544 - [wptrunner] Re-enable secure WebSocket server P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1456059 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 10570 - [ServiceWorker] Let Client.url be the creation url of the window client P4 REOPENED No bug_mentor
1456086 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 10575 - Properly define the port for the wss:// protocol P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1456126 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 10579 - [Picture-in-Picture] Resolve promise when window is closed. P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1456270 Improve talos startup tests to collect more relevant numbers P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1456424 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 10594 - Move x-frame-options/ into content-security-policy/ P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1456511 Upstream commit b2a75639bd93809b0fb7d1be9393d18e7c85fd92 to web-platform-tests -- NEW No bug_mentor
1456622 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 10613 - Fix the import path of a handler in service-workers P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1456642 interaction.clickElement, when using seleniumClickElement, does not check if any of the modifiers key is pressed or not. P2 UNCONFIRMED No bug_mentor
1456729 tp5o scroll takes twice as long to run on windows 10 profiling P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1456856 Update macOS test environment to HighSierra (10.13) P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1457217 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 10659 - CSS Flex-box first letter test. P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1457219 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 10660 - Update expectation for promise resource tests P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1457424 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 10678 - Fetch: align IDL testing with other standards P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1457605 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 10696 - Revert "Move the config into its own class (#10231)" P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1457774 WebDriver:SendKeysParameters:ToJson `value` needs to be `text` per the w3c spec P3 UNCONFIRMED No bug_mentor
1458299 Automatically clean up expectation files -- NEW No bug_mentor
1458408 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 10747 - Testdriver API to get current window handle P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1458410 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 10748 - Testdriver API to get a list of window handles P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1458412 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 10749 - Testdriver API to get a list of window handles P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1458413 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 10750 - Testdriver API to maximize window P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1458415 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 10751 - Testdriver API to minimize window P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1458418 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 10752 - Testdriver API to switch to a window P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1458722 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 10802 - [infra] Extend CI script with debugging info P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1458834 Retrying a build takes ages -- NEW No bug_mentor
1459208 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 10850 - Separate out wpt-specific parts of config from wptserve P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1459223 pywebsocket logging doesn't go through mozlog -- NEW No bug_mentor
1459333 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 10855 - Update Firefox prefs path for upstream changes. P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1459651 mozinfo fields undefined in docs P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1459821 Cleanup functions should be executed in reverse order in all test harness -- NEW No bug_mentor
1459926 Add mozinfo field to skip tests on test-coverage-wpt -- NEW No bug_mentor
1460061 Determine if line hit counts should be considered when diffing baseline coverage from test coverage. -- NEW No bug_mentor
1460064 Optimize baseline and test coverage diffing for per-test-coverage. -- NEW No bug_mentor
1460193 Delayed Marionette initialization of about 5s after `marionette-startup-requested` P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1460333 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 10933 - Expose done promise on Test P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1460587 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 10948 - Avoid using diff to figure out files that changed in a revision. P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1460596 [gui] Ability to save bisection session & log -- NEW No bug_mentor
1460786 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 8748 - [testharness.js] Honor promises from cleanup fns P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1460901 ./mach reftest --verify doesn't work properly, ignores actual failures P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1461192 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 5413 - Cache Storage API tests: Fix WPT test bugs, remove redundant local copies P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1461201 Determine when uncovered files should be removed from test coverage reports. -- NEW No bug_mentor
1461395 cannot see output (stdout/stderr) from successful tests -- NEW No bug_mentor
1461606 Creating ServerSocket doesn't fail if port is bound by external application via multicast address P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1461809 test-verify - crash on shutdown appears to bleed into other tests P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1462007 Use base profiles from testing/profiles in marionette tests P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1462142 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 11037 - Explicitly mark "Timeouts in Tests" as deprecated P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1462183 Consider removing obj-firefox/* files from per-test coverage results -- NEW No bug_mentor
1462259 Set Timeouts doesn't raise an InvalidArgumentError for invalid timeout types P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1462371 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 11043 - [NOT READY FOR REVIEW, COMMIT, OR ANYTHING.] P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1462450 It would be nice to have about:support logged in an AWSY run P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1462651 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 11068 - Revert accidentally commited submodule change P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1462822 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 11080 - Allow testdriver to return values P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1463844 Lots of false positive test failures for reftests tests on Mac OS due to image differences -- NEW No bug_mentor
1463980 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 11132 - Remove support for inline text tracks P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1464137 Upstream commit fae06a27c30119754a4522f9ec21d254d34cfc80 to web-platform-tests -- NEW No bug_mentor
1464169 Upstream commit a89aed7f22d05d2f009e79daba44d825e8a7cc01 to web-platform-tests -- NEW No bug_mentor
1464237 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 11151 - Fix accessing serviceworker tests for .https.any.js files. P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1464302 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | css/vendor-imports/mozilla/mozilla-central-reftests/images3/object-position-svg-001e.html | Testing http://web-platform.test:8000/css/vendor-imports/mozilla/mozilla-central-reftests/images3/object-position-svg-001e.html P5 NEW No bug_mentor
1464628 specialpowersAPI _delayCallbackTwice is now broken P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1464899 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 11202 - [testdriver] Prevent protocol interference P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1464918 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 11205 - Add staticrange/OWNERS P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1464989 Marionette has to report startup crashes instead of failing with "Failure during harness execution" P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1465027 Map coverage information from generated source files to IDL/IPDL files that generated them -- NEW No bug_mentor
1465125 Point wptsync to an ateam papertrail log drain -- NEW No bug_mentor
1465145 bisecting API 11 fennec on API15 Android devices isn't working -- UNCONFIRMED No bug_mentor
1465381 Make use of nicer match bindings for references P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1465501 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 11250 - Revert #9887 P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1465961 TVw jobs don't seem to respect our per-platform test skipping -- NEW No bug_mentor
1466102 when there are bad conditions in a reftest.list file, we emit an error and wait for a timeout, this should terminate the browser/harness P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1466187 tv job appears to have non test leak/crash bleedthrough P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1466268 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 11310 - Nested worker plubming P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1466285 Upstream commit 8c926373039374cd1a47d92215e9efb4d5557983 to web-platform-tests -- NEW No bug_mentor
1466413 Update to build with 10.9 P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1466429 Make `mach wpt --pause-on-unexpected` prevent timeout out of the test run -- NEW No bug_mentor
1466780 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 11345 - Precompute reference pass conditions P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1467155 Fix CSP web platform test race conditions for error report checking P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1467304 Schedule Mac coverage build weekly -- NEW No bug_mentor
1467481 Intermittent There are specified suites that are incompatible with --artifact try syntax flag: gtest P5 NEW No bug_mentor
1467482 Intermittent There are specified suites that are incompatible with --artifact try syntax flag: cppunittest P5 NEW No bug_mentor
1467484 Intermittent There are specified suites that are incompatible with --artifact try syntax flag: jittest-chunked P5 NEW No bug_mentor
1467750 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 11404 - Make set-animation-play-state-to-paused-002 more robust P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1467757 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 11405 - Fix flakiness in test order of worker-dedicated.html P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1467785 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 11407 - Added tests for InputFile directly P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1468383 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 5525 - Add a few tests for whether CSS subresources are critical P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1468395 Perma-failing /html/semantics/forms/the-label-element/label-attributes.sub.html | A labelable element inside the shadow DOM. - document.getElementById(...).attachShadow is not a function P5 NEW No bug_mentor
1468920 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 11520 - DO NOT MERGE test needs-reviewers label P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1468971 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 11528 - Rename external/wpt/webrtc/RTCRtpParameters* tests to *.https.html. P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1469034 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 11533 - Include subset-tests.js correctly in encoding tests P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1469251 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 11544 - webkit: GTK port should enable acceptInsecureCerts capability P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1469547 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 11566 - service worker: skipWaiting() should resolve after activation. P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1469641 Tests are reported with paths relative to testing/web-platform/tests -- NEW No bug_mentor
1469752 WebDriverError misses optional "data" property P5 NEW No bug_mentor
1470120 Explore test mode for not restarting the browser on session deletion/creation P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1470443 Remove script sandboxing support P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1470495 Clean up obsolete branches and add some other ones -- NEW No bug_mentor
1470951 Intermittent REFTEST ERROR | None | application timed out after 370 seconds with no output P5 REOPENED No bug_mentor
1470976 New Session with body "{}" should assume default session config P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1470990 AWSY base case explicit and USS measurements are bimodal P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1471262 WebDriver:TakeScreenshot returns empty string P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1471538 event.synthesizeMouseAtPoint() should only call nsIDOMWindowUtils.sendMouseEvent() if there is a valid window handle P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1471572 Reset coverage counters before every test and dump them before shutdown in per-test coverage mode -- NEW No bug_mentor
1471577 Cleaner per-test coverage data -- NEW No bug_mentor
1471649 Talos test profiling doesn't profile threads in other processes P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1471717 Too many timestamps in linux and android unit test logs P3 REOPENED No bug_mentor
1471724 Ignore ASan shutdown hangs until we can eliminate them -- NEW No bug_mentor
1471839 Mochitest doesn't show JavaScript error messages and instead fail as timeout P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1472064 Diagnose and fix the cause of random ASan shutdown hangs P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1472171 Upload raw structured logs as artifacts from Python unit tests -- ASSIGNED No bug_mentor
1472258 [mozlog] It would be nice if mozlog provided a decorator that mach commands could use to add mozlog options. P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1472279 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 11734 - Lint that META.yml files exist P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1472478 Don't run ccov builds in beta simulations -- NEW No bug_mentor
1472527 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 11745 - Fix wptserve test_stash for Python 3 P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1472591 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 11747 - Py3 request P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1472655 Wait on the Firefox process when pausing wptrunner -- NEW No bug_mentor
1472700 Upstream commit a33b4bcf0a74497279cae6a3dbc61fa271051b28 to web-platform-tests -- NEW No bug_mentor
1473106 make adjustments to sheriffing/intermittent policies/process to account for modern trends and tools P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1473374 Hide dock icons when running ./mach xpcshell-test P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1473454 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 11795 - Update the UISecurity IDL file P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1473626 [meta] Use a code coverage build to find things running on timers that should be disabled during tests -- NEW No bug_mentor
1473661 if you run test-verify-backfill on a test-verify job it fails P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1473692 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 11810 - [WIP] Add browser_dm_token_storage_posix. P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1473701 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 11811 - webrtc: Fix bogus merge from #11789 P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1473773 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 11816 - Update the staticrange IDL file P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1473788 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 11818 - Updating OS identifier in WebDriver control+click tests P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1474054 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 11835 - Update the screen-capture IDL file P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1474287 Full error messages not logged in the console (mach + xpcshell) P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1474344 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 11856 - Update the payment-request IDL file P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1474463 Consider reporting missing wpt expected subtest results -- NEW No bug_mentor
1474497 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 11874 - Update the mediaont-api IDL file P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1474632 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 11885 - Remove CSS Speech tests P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1475131 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 11931 - Non protocol specific part of pointer actions in testdriver P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1475192 Make it possible to import modules from testing-common in reftests -- NEW No bug_mentor
1476187 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 12013 - WebDriver: fix expected key code for 'Unidentified' keys. P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1476316 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 12026 - Added Sec-Metadata test cases for all destination values. P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1476332 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 12027 - Origin Policy: Apply CSP of an active origin policy. P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1476545 [meta] Untested code found by the coverage crawler -- NEW No bug_mentor
1476668 Reset/dump counters for GPU/Media/etc. processes too -- NEW No bug_mentor
1476740 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 12055 - WebKit export of P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1476747 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 12056 - WebKit export of P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1476764 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 12057 - WebKit export of P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1477060 Support resetting/dumping coverage counters for wdtest tests in per-test mode -- NEW No bug_mentor
1477066 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 12070 - WebKit export of P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1477075 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 12071 - WebKit export of P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1477094 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 12072 - WebKit export of P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1477108 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 12074 - WebKit export of P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1477437 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 12110 - WebKit export of P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1477453 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 12114 - WebKit export of P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1477479 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 12119 - WebKit export of P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1477484 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 12120 - WebKit export of P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1477555 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 12125 - Use generic hasOwnProperty call for asserted objects P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1477781 Incorrect regression range points to wrong bug -- ASSIGNED No bug_mentor
1477784 "Bisection informations" should say "Bisection information" -- NEW No bug_mentor
1477901 run Servo crate unit tests somewhere P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1478147 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 12167 - WebKit export of P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1478151 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 12168 - WebKit export of P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1478161 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 12169 - WebKit export of P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1478217 Bisection stuck in infinite loop -- NEW No bug_mentor
1478287 Screenshot taken too early, preventing real screenshots from being taken? P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1478377 Running WPT in lldb does not work anymore -- NEW No bug_mentor
1478475 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 12188 - Removing code duplication between XR layout tests and wpt tests P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1478551 In bug 1475852, wpt sync bot re-added a file that was removed -- NEW No bug_mentor
1478966 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 12206 - Origin Policy: Use existing URLLoaderFactory. P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1479109 Add a baseline coverage test for each suite. -- NEW No bug_mentor
1479252 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 12220 - WebKit export of P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1479358 TEST Bug for Automated Intermittent-Failure Classification Tool P5 UNCONFIRMED No bug_mentor
1479442 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 12228 - Use a correct type check for manifest test items. P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1479590 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 12238 - DO NOT LAND: P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1480075 Should Assert.rejects reject or report a test error when the exception is incorrect P3 ASSIGNED No bug_mentor
1480124 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 12255 - Use testfile mtimes to prefilter files iterated over for the manifest update P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1480262 Reset coverage counters before running tests and dump them before shutting down the browser -- NEW No bug_mentor
1480295 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 12267 - [web-locks] Detect errors to avoid timeouts P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1480333 Upstream commit f8bfad6ea788186cbb322a899c7e39f6f900abe1 to web-platform-tests -- NEW No bug_mentor
1480337 [wdspec] Use a fixture for shared basic transport commands P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1480462 Merge --enable-coverage and --enable-java-coverage mozconfig options -- NEW No bug_mentor
1481191 web-platform-tests' failure summary should only show actual failures P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1481415 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 12337 - Add @suhasHere to screen-capture/META.yml P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1481444 Encode which versions of Firefox are compatible with geckodriver P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1481952 Mochitest and reftest selftests fail when running without a build P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1482308 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 12391 - Send SharedImage IPC with multi-flush P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1482400 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 12410 - Add test case for issue #12408 P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1483101 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 12459 - [wptserve] Limit number of additional subdomains P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1483333 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 12482 - Revert "Add some tests for the Wasm JS API; +bbouvier" P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1483532 WPT webdriver client fails to decode null body request if path is not absolute P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1483559 [wdspec] Add tests for GeckoExtensionCommand's P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1483883 Gradle command hangs when called from within a certain method. P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1483951 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 12530 - Move XR LayoutTests over to be WPTs P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1484269 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 12553 - Optimise the manifest update P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1484484 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 12560 - Use --no-download when uploading manifest from Travis P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1484531 mozregression cannot find/use OpenSSL ( -- UNCONFIRMED No bug_mentor
1484533 Provide virtualenv for cli -- UNCONFIRMED No bug_mentor
1484678 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 12568 - Test if speechSynthesis.speak() works with SSML P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1484716 Move code coverage artifact downloading logic to new in-tree python module -- NEW No bug_mentor
1485070 Cache a number of chunk mapping databases, not just the last used one -- NEW No bug_mentor
1485075 Consider more complex policies for 'mach try coverage' -- NEW No bug_mentor
1485338 Make XPath locator for WebDriver:FindElement and WebDriver:FindElements spec compliant P2 NEW No bug_mentor
1485527 Avoid generating temporary profile directories while running --run-until-failure mode -- NEW No bug_mentor
1485598 Intermittent /webdriver/tests/new_session/ | test_no_capabilites | test_desired - assert 500 == 400 P5 NEW No bug_mentor
1485627 Fix tests that are disabled in Gecko -- NEW No bug_mentor
1485794 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 12657 - Validate pull requests in TaskCluster P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1485822 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 12659 - Tmp P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1485981 Mozregression for x86 devices -- NEW No bug_mentor
1486893 Obtain v8 version so we can reference it in Perfherder P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1487074 Change reftest window size to 800x600 -- NEW No bug_mentor
1487151 Write generated gcda on a ram disk on taskcluster when ccov is enabled -- NEW No bug_mentor
1487262 mozregression only outputs the topmost commit in a push. -- NEW No bug_mentor
1487318 [meta] Reduce overhead of code coverage collection -- NEW No bug_mentor
1487319 Measure where a code coverage build is spending time -- NEW No bug_mentor
1487348 Measure current overhead of ccov builds -- NEW No bug_mentor
1487360 Use different GCOV_PREFIX for parallel tests for per-test coverage -- NEW No bug_mentor
1487378 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 12758 - Fix bugs in the network-error-logging lock handler. P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1487516 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 12767 - Capitalize WebdriverSpecTest => WebDriverSpecTest P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1488225 WebDriver:AddCookie fails for a singlepart domains P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1488311 Have lint check file hashes or remove the hashes from MANIFEST.json -- NEW No bug_mentor
1488407 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 12824 - Install nightly geckodriver when testing Firefox nightly. P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1488805 Include Firefox version details in geckodriver log P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1488837 Test fails with headless, passes without P3 UNCONFIRMED No bug_mentor
1488847 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 12852 - Revert "[Image Capture] Add focusDistance constraint." P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1488850 Test verification TV and TVw fail because of unknown test file paths -- NEW No bug_mentor
1488907 Unexplained long pause before launching a Firefox instance -- NEW No bug_mentor
1488959 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 12858 - [IntersectionObserver] Fix the concept of "tracking document" P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1489082 Investigate if GC running on timers is a problem for per-test coverage -- NEW No bug_mentor
1489130 Release geckodriver 1.0.0 P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1489191 "WebDriver:TakeScreenshot" for element doesn't take scroll position into account P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1489236 Consolidate --enable-coverage and --coverage-output-dir arguments for java coverage -- NEW No bug_mentor
1490013 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 12929 - Test: Run tools tests in Travis P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1490064 Investigate similar variability groupings to search for timers -- NEW No bug_mentor
1490085 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 5376 - Service worker: test valid mime types P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1490258 Remove moz:useNonSpecCompliantPointerOrigin P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1490268 WebDriver:ElementClick to use action primitives P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1490451 Add speedometer benchmark on raptor-browsertime for android google chrome P2 NEW No bug_mentor
1490474 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 12955 - [IntersectionObserver] Fix over-invalidations in LocalFrameView P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1490749 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 12973 - Work around lint failure. P4 REOPENED No bug_mentor
1491182 ./mach wpt-update should "hg add" new files -- NEW No bug_mentor
1491418 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 13010 - Disable anti-aliasing in Ahem P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1491573 Make raptor command line option for device serial more consistent with other harnesses P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1491839 Remove start-up check for e10s status P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1491971 Hangs in "WebDriver:FullscreenWindow" P3 REOPENED No bug_mentor
1492357 "WebDriver:TakeScreenshot" doens't throw "unable to capture screen" error if height or width of captured image is 0 P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1492642 The sync bot tries to merge a merged PR and creates noises in bug comment -- NEW No bug_mentor
1492869 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 13111 - Revert "Try to unlock the global lock in StructuredLogger after reloading logging" P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1493095 [meta] Separate out Marionette code to it's own crate and release it on -- NEW No bug_mentor
1493112 Remove moz:webdriverClick P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1493244 mozinfo in talos cannot pick up mozinfo.json P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1493291 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 13146 - Add more referrer-policy css-intergration tests P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1493307 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 13143 - Add more referrer-policy css-intergration tests P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1493363 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 13153 - [css-align] Import Mozilla tests from WPT {DUMMY PR} P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1493370 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 13155 - Revert "bindings: Implement timers with V8Function" P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1493477 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 13173 - {DUMMY PR- DO NOT MERGE} Add more referrer-policy css-intergration tests P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1493650 WebDriver:TakeScreenshot captures current frame instead of top-level browsing context P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1493796 [mozprocess] Allow to update process id on Windows if process has been restarted P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1493974 Remove 'run-on-projects' settings for *-ccov specific tests. -- NEW No bug_mentor
1494125 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 13208 - Update interfaces/wasm-web-api.idl P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1494208 Write better tests for screenshot commands P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1494260 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 13218 - Revert "Make wptrunner chrome always use the WebDriver executor" P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1494289 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 13221 - Simplify MultipartContent. P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1494569 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 13237 - Stop trying to decode cookies as ASCII. P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1494656 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 13242 - Testing no-op change in Please ignore, will delete. P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1494661 "WebDriver:ElementSendKeys" has to support "NULL" key for resetting modifier keys P2 NEW No bug_mentor
1494799 missing crash stacks for web platform tests -- NEW No bug_mentor
1494977 Hard to debug errors in the wpt reftest harness -- NEW No bug_mentor
1494979 Always run the wait-for-rendering logic in marionette reftest implementation -- NEW No bug_mentor
1495063 Always use WebElement abstraction for sending/receiving elements P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1495309 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 13272 - Fix #8581: add extra subdomains for cookie tests P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1495476 Remove legacy new session capabilities negotiation P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1495664 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 13304 - ServiceWorker: Add script_type field in ServiceWorkerDatabase in order to record a script type 'classic' or 'module'. P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1495942 Upstream commit fa95314b2d87293cbc150662dc5eaadd73624cf0 to web-platform-tests -- NEW No bug_mentor
1496174 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 13341 - Run Safari Technology Preview for PRs P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1496195 moz-wptsync-bot fails to create a github comment with html tag in commit message -- NEW No bug_mentor
1496277 [meta] Resolve differences between JSDCOV and JSVM data -- NEW No bug_mentor
1496285 Fix differences between JSDCOV and JSVM in coverage of XML files P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1496290 Need timestamps that the log was exactly output P2 NEW No bug_mentor
1496292 Some XML coverage might be missing in raw JSVM data P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1496323 `Element Send Keys` has to split the string into extended grapheme clusters P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1496620 Raw JSVM data does not have coverage for test file -- NEW No bug_mentor
1496683 "WebDriver:ElementClick" fails to click on elements inside a frame if outer element is transformed P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1496816 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 13394 - Test unicode: ABC~¤•★星🌟星★•¤~XYZ P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1497065 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 13409 - Remove runner_teardown message/method in TestRunner/Manager P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1497256 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 13424 - Limit the use of `sudo: required` to Travis jobs that need it P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1497666 browser_force_process_selector.js doesn't always receive 'ipc:content-created' topic -- NEW No bug_mentor
1497736 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 13443 - PaymentItem.type member was removed from the spec P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1497740 Intermittent task runs set as failures without obvious reason P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1498204 Create a script for releasing mozbase packages P3 NEW No bug_mentor
1498655 Intermittent " is not a function" failure in wptrunner (happened on moz-wptsync-bot run Firefox stability test) -- NEW No bug_mentor
1498738 Enable Screenshots for mozilla-central tests on macOS -- NEW No bug_mentor
1498880 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 13507 - Tao null opaque origin test P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1499034 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 13519 - Fix encoding/resources/two-boms-utf-16[be|le].html which were corrupted P4 NEW No bug_mentor
1499036 moz-wptsync-bot corrupted UTF-16 files when syncing wpt to upstream -- NEW No bug_mentor