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This is an old revision of our projects page and was moved off in October of 2013. It is kept only for reference.

Automation and Tools Projects

Our projects can be broken up as follows:

  • Performance - Projects surrounding measurement of performance
  • Web Tools - Projects to build web tools and web UIs for automation frameworks
  • Automation - Projects to automate some process or create automation frameworks
  • Tool Infrastructure - Tool "building blocks" from which we can make other tools

Please fill out this table with your best estimates for the projects you are involved in. An explanation of the fields:

  • Area - one of the four project areas
  • Project Name - the project name, and should be a wiki link to a project details page at Auto-tools/Projects/<projectname> (See Project Foo below for an example)
  • Owner - The one (or rarely, two) people that own this project.

We have our own template for new projects.

Quarterly Goals and Plans

We track our work on SmartSheet in one summary sheet and divided according to our current goals:

The Projects

General Tools and Automation Frameworks

Area Project Primary Owner
Performance Measurements Signal From Noise jmaher
Performance Measurements TJetpack jhammel
Performance Measurements Eideticker wlach
Performance Measurements Speed Test Framework mcote
Web Tools Datazilla jeads
Web Tools Spade (Mobile Evangelism Site-Scraper) ctalbert
Web Tools Bugzilla Pulse & Tool Integration glob
Web Tools MozTrap camd
Web Tools OrangeFactor edmorley
Web Tools Publicize ElasticSearch ekyle
Web Tools Bugzilla Change Notification Service mcote
Automation Mozmill 2.0 whimboo
Automation Robocop jmaher
Tool Infrastructure Mozbase wlach, jhammel
Tool Infrastructure Templeton (Web UX Platform) mcote
Tool Infrastructure Marionette jgriffin, mdas
Tool Infrastructure / SUTAgent mcote (C++), jmaher (Java)
Tool Infrastructure Autophone mcote
Tool Infrastructure Mozpool/Lifeguard mcote
Tool Infrastructure Pulse jgriffin
Tool Infrastructure Mochitest Bisector  ??
Tool Infrastructure Bisect In The Cloud dburns (AutomatedTester)
Community Powerball dburns/jmaher

Automation Development

Some of our projects can be accomplished in a short time while others will take longer, even several months. The prioritized projects reflect the most important projects in the current quarter and include the appropriate tasks which have to be fulfilled during that time. Other active projects have lower priority.

If you are interested in already finished projects, check our projects archive. We also have a some projects that we would like to do in the future!

Firefox UI Tests

Project Technologies Description
Firefox UI Tests Python, Javascript
Dashboard Javascript, HTML, CSS, AJAX, CouchDB Dashboard to visualize Mozmill test results from the automated test-runs and the Mozmill Crowd extension
Shared Modules Javascript Building and enhancing the API and shared modules for our Mozmill tests for Firefox

Other Projects

Project Technologies Description
Automation Training - Provide automation training to larger community through 4 automation training events
Add-ons CSS, Javascript, XML To help any team in the Mozilla project we work on several extensions.
Documentation Wiki Establish the team presence across websites (Wiki, MDN) and improve the documentation to increase collaboration with the test automation community
Infrastructure Puppet Building up and maintaining the infrastructure for automation tasks
Open Web Applications Javascript, Python Implemention of necessary APIs and support the addition of tests to execute automated tests for web apps in Firefox
TPS Javascript, Python Testing and Profiling tool for Sync
MTBF Javascript, Python, Bash Stability testing tool


\o/ Completed \o/

Big Dreams

A collection of cool projects that are larger in scope but really awesome ideas [Big Dreams]

On hold / Quasi-abandoned