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Current Manual Testing



Top 500 addons


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Talos Ts

Automated Testing


  • no plans to allow addons to 'call home' - we will still be working in the talos testing environment where we are proxied to localhost, so there will be no live web interaction
  • no current plans to interact with the addon (no clicks, no visiting specific pages)
    • this sort of perf test would have to be designed/built per-addon to get the most bang for the buck


  • integrate into buildbot and have run on production machines
    • how frequently?
    • which tests?
      • for now, we'll limit to clean ts starts with just the addon installed
    • where would the list of addons be maintained?
    • where do we download the addons from?
  • results reported as .csv files
    • where should these be sent?
    • do we want the data on the graph server?
    • how do we compare the results?

Information for Add-on Authors