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HTTP Record and Replay is a mechanism to enable us to replay the HTTP/JS traffic between a webserver and a client browser.

  • We need the ability to record and replay the sequence of content/scripts to capture hard to reproduce crashes
  • Provide a means for users to "capture" an invalid action/bug and serialize it into bugzilla


  • Capture the exact content/script transferring between the client and the server to create a replayable object of the page load and interaction from the client browser to the server


  • We need to define exactly what we will capture and replay, I don't think we can/need to capture everything.


  • None yet


  • TBD


  • TBD

Major Tasks

  • Investigate js bench to see how far that gets us toward this goal.
  • Design how much we need to capture
  • Ascertain how effective we'll be at using this to capture flash crashes (one of the primary use cases is to capture flash crashes caused by rotating banner ads).