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QA Automation Section

  • 2.0 work continuing apace
    • bug 639870: Discussion on managing multiple windows (Henrik)
    • bug 632451: Controller/elementslib refactor underway (Andrew/Geo)
  • News:
    • Restart test changes landed - restart tests can be one file now
    • Mozmill now has a unittester

Mozmill Core Section

  • Native Events status
  • Test/rewrite status (async tests?)
  • IOCompletion status
  • Triage of 2.0?/2.0+


  • class structure for control flow: bug 641615; currently, we have test setup and runner logic scattered in a few places. It would be good to unify most of this in a single class
    • ... however, does it matter? I was going to do this because MozMillAsyncTests were an object and I was going to unify the control flow; but there are currently no MozMillAsyncTests, so should we do this for 2.0? Or just clean up what's there?
    • similarly, should we eliminate MozMillAsyncTest? If not, we *should* do the above
    • and should we eliminate setupTest/teardownTest?