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QA Automation Section

  • There will be a v1.5.3 consisting of:
    • Jsbridge length fix: bug 643697
    • jetpack windows hang fix: bug ?
    • Compatibility prefs bump: bug 645234
    • Include Mozmill version in report bug 636746
    • Bump Mozmill version for trunk builds
  • No schedule yet, largely owing to higher priority android work taking precedence of primary mozmill release engineer.

Callouts from the 2.0 news

Core Harness Automation Section

  • TRIAGE!!! \o/ You know you love it!

Important Issues

  • Clint needs someone to take over porting the js bridge fix to master - an unforeseen android issue has come up and will take the rest of his time this week.
    • If someone is really daring, they can also port the jetpack mozrunner/mozprocess fix to master.
  • Might also look through Clint's reviews and delegate
  • Meeting with Jetpack contributor directly after Mozmill meeting to discuss how the two projects can more easily work together.

Meeting with Alex P

jetpack and mozmill

  • keep the commonjs module stuff common so that we can both use the same JS modules
  • they want to take the assert/expect modules and use those inside jetpack,
  • if you take logging modules into jetpack.
  • things we can take: window module, file module and expose to test writers
  • electrolysis armour.
  • to start with keep modules in sync with each other.
  • need to come up with a set of low level modules that we want to share
  • update mozmill commonjs module loader to the latest jetpack one.
  • let's write a script - that cherry picks the stuff we want from jetpack/m-c/and a hundred other places.