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QA Section

  • Meeting notes
    • Please ensure to update the meeting page with results of agenda items
  • Mozmill 1.5.4b3 release and connected concerns with bug 661408
    • Even Clint was aware that this patch will break our tests, the patch has been checked-in and even a new beta release went out - why that rush? We always have to fix our shared modules first before we can do those massive changes. At the moment users of the crowd extension will report failed results because they work on the latest Mozmill version
    • We absolutely need a clear release process which also gets obeyed - we can't release a new Mozmill version before a QA sign-off.

ATeam Section

Action Items

  • What is a realistic ETA for Mozmill 2.0?
    • There are still a couple of missing features which have not been implemented or ported yet
    • QA hasn't touched Mozmill 2 code yet - we have to talk about the test plan
    • How to offer Mozmill 2 on Pypi? Should it have another product name?