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  • Reviewed 1.4.1 status - seems to have hit an AMO bug
    • ctalbert to resubmit
  • strange jsbridge and ez_install issue
    • jhammel will look into it
    • might just re-write the docs to instruct people to use pip
  • Reviewed blocking 1.4.2+ bugs - harth already has a patch for one!
    • Others will be looking into them this week
    • ctalbert will look into bug 504440
  • Reviewed blocking 1.4.2? bugs
  • Jhammel and Harth have been looking at what a new and improved mozrunner might look like. So far they are finding some good refactoring points to make things simpler.
    • Jhammel has some ideas on better commandline handling, will send an email out.
  • Ahal has been investigating webdriver.
    • it's not as complete as we'd hoped.
    • he's trying to build it now and to see if we can get anything working at all
    • once we get it working the plan is to review the code line for a native event versus a non-native event to see how different the two systems actually are.
    • webdriver guys are in town next week, Ahal and Ctalbert might go meet up with them
  • Ctalbert has refactored our agendas and will have a more coherent plan for the meetings going forward.
    • He'll also look into Getting us target milestones for mozmill and for a "blocking flag"