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QA Requests/Feedback

  • Handling of unit tests for Mozmill (extension side)
  • Possibility to run memory checks along the test runs (see about:memory)
  • Final structure of Results Data project will be implemented later this month or early next month (in-time for 1.4.2)
  • Started the creation of the MozMill Crowd extension (ui ready, now back-end)
  • Do we have an ETA for Mozmill 1.4.2?
  • Issues
    • bug 571630 - Mozmill test-run mystically stops
    • bug 572143 - Shiretoko doesn't get opened in the foreground

Mozmill 1.4.2

  • Update on Mozrunner refactor
  • Update on webdriver
  • Update on modal dialog fixes.


Going forward with the plans on Mozmill Repo refactoring along the lines of the Github proposed workflow

Shooting for a 1.4.2 release in late July. Probably the last week of July.