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What is Powerball?

Powerball is a social experiment for getting more people involved with Mozilla by using games. Mozilla relies on its contributors but we, Mozilla, really need to build that out over the next while if we want to be able to be able to complete our projects.

Currently Powerball has had one iteration and it has been a really good learning experience. It was a spectacular fail but it has been a really positive experience. Gamers tend to have a very high failure rate, up to 80%, but it has meant that we have learnt from it.

Simple Premise: -

  • Mozilla is in an epic "battle" to keep the Web Open and we need everyone to help in the "fight".
    • Each area is in a quest to do ...
    • Mechanical Turk now turns in quest

We are going to be creating new experiments to see how we can get people involved!


Goal Status Owner
Complete Profile Page Started dburns
Define Metrics we need to capture Not Started